12 Yang Xin 2

    Wu residence...

    " I heard that your cousins and ladies from the Shan and Guang family are investigating about what had happened six years ago. Are you aware about it? Or are you with them?"

    Wu Feng said with a hint of authority in his voice as he stared at Wu Jie Shi. Wu Jie Shi maintained her calm expression in front of the Family Head.

    "Just recently grandfather. Around the day I first met them after all this years"

    The old man relaxed in his seat after what he had heard from the reply of his granddaughter and heaved a sigh of relief.

    "what should I do? I can't prevent them from doing that but I am also afraid that they may bring harm to themselves in the future. I can't let any of you go die in front of me again."

    Wu Feng slammed his table hard remembering the tragedy that had happened six years ago. His eyes were filled of grief and anger. Wu Jie Shi was standing in front of the old man still looking calm but her eyes shown a hint of happiness that her grandfather still wants to protect them after all that had happened six years ago.

    "Don't worry grandfather I've got this one in the bag."

    Wu Feng looked up to meet his granddaughter's eyes, both eyebrows' creased.

    "what do you mean by that?"

    Wu Jie Shi fell silent for a moment and was contemplating if she can tell her grandfather about it. When her phone suddenly rang. She dug into her pant's pocket for her phone and saw that it was Jonathan Howard who called. She looked at her grandfather and said.

    "Grandfather. Would you mind if i pick this up first?"

    "Go on. It may be of importance."

    Wu Jie Shi smiled and picked up the call.

    "Hello Uncle Jonathan"  Wu Jie Shi answered in english.

    [good thing you made me monitor your Aunt.]

    "huh? Why? What happened?"

    [your Aunt may be in danger]

    "WHAT?!!! how did that happened?! Uncle send me the details"

    Wu Jie Shi ended the call and turned to Wu Feng.

    "Grandfather please do me a favor. Please be safe and increase the security specially before and during the party. I need to go somewhere. It'll be quick I promise."

    "where are you going? It is your party"

    "don't worry grandfather. I will be on time okey?"

    Wu Jie Shi run out of the residence and immediately hopped in the car and started the engine.

    She received a notification indicating that it was from Jonathan Howard. She glanced and noticed the words 'Wanling Tea House 2 pm'.

    She was still unclear of the situation and Jonathan Howard's words just keep on repeating on her head so she does not have any choice but to speed up to Wanling Tea House. The said tea house was quite a distance from Wu residence and the time was already 1:32 pm. She was nervous.

    1: 38 pm

    1:43 pm



    Four minutes...

    Thank God. Klein Howard always drag me to join car racing.

    Wu Jie Shi thought as she parked her car from a distance and changed her clothes and put up a make up to alter her face. She pushed a button and revealed a ten different kind of hand guns and knives.

    Oh I think I have needles here somewhere it may be handy along the way.

    she said.

    Wu Jie Shi picked up two handguns- Colt Mustang Pocketlite and Kahr PM9 and put it in her concealed carry holster at her waist and the needles in her armband.

    She walked out of her car with her black shoulder bag. She wore a denim short and Black Multi Mini Floral Cap Sleeve Woven Blouse with a grey heather patch pocket coat.

    She entered the tea house and choose the table that had a clear view of the surroundings and to the entrance. She opened her phone and tracked the location of Yang Xin. A little while later, she could now see that Yang Xin is nearing the tea house. She sigh in relief that she made it on time.Wu Jie Shie then hacked to the tea house's database to know where the reserved room is and noticed that there is a reservation under her name.

    "Well well what do we have here? It seems like you finally come out of your nest. How brave of you to use someone else name. My My~~  It would be rude of me if I would just ignore you aye?"

    Wu Jie Shi then checked the cctv if someone is in the room.

    Yang Xin parked her car along the car space provided by the tea house. She breathed in and out to calm her mind and went off the car with pouch in hand only. She looked at the tea house with a mixed emotions inside.

    "Is it really fine to meet them? I don't have any presents with me. Should I buy one first?Will my grandson like me? what if he hates me? what should i do? "

    Yang Xin paced back and forth in front of her car and Wu Jie Shi who saw everything did not know if she would laugh or cry .

    "what is on her mind?"

    Her phone receive a message from Jonathan Howard.

    After she read the whole content, her expression darkened and her hand curled into a fist.

    "This Damn ** of a person. what do they want? Using my name isn't enough and now you want to use my son ..... our son too?!!"
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