14 Zhiyue 1

    >company name<

    Austin Howard

    Senior Distribution Engineer


    Zhiyue's hand shook upon seeing Austin's name in the card.

    Is it by coincidence or by luck? Father actually new her all along? She was in this country all along?

    "how did you know this person? Is he really that good?"

    Li Zuezhi's face bloomed in excitement.

    "i can guarantee that he is good. He is one of the US soldiers that came here. Together with his Uncle who's also a soldier."

    "He's a soldier?"

    "yes, you see...."

    Li Zuezhi blabbered excitedly as he mentioned about Wu Jie Shi's performance during the last mission. He praised her so much that even a blind could see how he adored Wu Jie Shi so much.

    Then, did you blocked your own information from me? Do you hate me that much? But you can't always hide yourself from me. Now that I found you, I will never let you go.

    "then I shall take your advice father. Thank you for your guidance. Now please let me excuse myself."

    Li Zhiyue exited the room with the business card in his hands. Leaving Li Zuezhi speechless with his son's actions.

    "What happen?"

    Wu residence,

    Wu Jie Shi entered the kitchen and noticed that almost everything was done. So she retreated and went to look for her grandfather.

    "maybe he is in the study?" she said.

    Along the way, Wu Jie Shi noticed a group of servants that was on the corner. She was wondering what had happened. So she walked towards them and asked the nearest maid

    "what happened?"

    The maid did not looked to Wu Jie Shi but she continued to peek in the window, the party will be held in the garden and some of the guest had already arrived.

    "You did not know him?" the maid asked enthusiastically.

    Wu Jie Shi did not know who the maid was referring to. So she took a peek outside and saw the Li family together with the Shan and Guan family.

    "Is that the Li family?" Wu Jie Shi said.

    "yes yes yes" the maid said while nodding happily.

    "i heard that second young master was currently in the list of the top most wanted husband to be. Also there is the young master CEO Li. I heard that his parents wants him to get married as most of his friends had married already."

    "there is such kind of a list? And how do you even know about that?" Wu Jie Shi asked as she knitted her brows.

    "of cour--" the maid stopped talking when she realized that the voice of the woman she was talking sounded like the third miss. The maid looked to her right and saw Wu Jie Shi.

    The maid bowed down in shock.

    "Third miss! I am sorry. I will go to my post now."

    Wu Jie Shi wanted to say something but the maid had already ran away. Wu Jie Shi look back to where the Li family is. At same time, Li Zhiyue glanced over at her side. Wu Jie Shi hid immediately upon noticing Li Zhiyue's line of sight.

    Wu Jie Shi's phone is ringing and she picked it up.

    [Austin I noticed some mice lurking around the area.]

    "how many"

    [less than a dozen]


    She hung up and walked away like nothing happened. She walked upstairs heading to her room and locked the door. She also closes the curtain in her window and pulled a brown briefcase under her bed.

    "alright. Now let us check your positions. Don't expect me to let you out scratch-free. While trespassing my turf"

    Using her spiderbot, Wu Jie Shi added some twist to the program and connect it to her phone.

    She walked out of her room in her off shoulder lace minidress 'endless rose' matching with her white stiletto and a phone in hand. Her hair was tied and formed into a rose. She applied a light make-up but it emphasizes the important feature of her face.

    "Third miss. Master has called for you."

    "lead the way"

    Everyone in the household was busy taking care for the guest. The guest' laughter can be heard even in the hallway. Some are trying to make a good impression to the Li family and some are wondering why the Li's are in the party.

    "Grandfather, I am here."

    Wu Feng was talking to Li Zuezhi and Li Zhiyue as Wu Jie Shi arrived.

    "OH! Xiao Shi you are here. Come! Come! Let me introduce you to Zue and his son, little Yue."

    Li Zuezhi smiled widely as he saw his best friend's daughter.

    "oh! Is this Jie Jie? You've grown more more like your mother. If Mo Fie was here, I am sure he will be proud of you."

    Wu Jie Shi covered her lips as she can't stop herself from smiling.

    "you flatter me to much Mr. Li."

    "no. No. Call me dad. It is much better that way. Hahaha."

    "oh! I'm afraid to call you that way Mr. Li"

    Wu Jie Shi smiled coyly.

    "i insist Jie Jie. I only have sons. Heavens did not bless me with a daughter but I would be delighted if you marry my son, Zhiyue"
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