16 Happy

    "Fin say hello to grandpa Zue"

    Why would Feng introduce me to the child as his grandpa? Well it is not like I hate it and the thought of having a grandchild makes me the happiest man in the world. I have my own family and seeing my sons having their own family, feels like having a medal to me.

    Wu Fin tilted his head while looking at Wu Feng and Wu Feng smiled to the child while gesturing the child to say hello to the man sitting in front of them.

    Wu Fin turned his head facing Li Zuezhi who was shocked upon seeing Wu Fin's face.


    "what? Is that all you want to say to your grandson?"

    "i mean.. is what I am thinking really true?"

    "Zue am I a psychic to you?"

    "no... I mean. Is he really my grandson? But whose son? Neither of my son has a girlfriend and they barely go outside to mingle with their frien--- wait."

    Li Zuezhi stared at Wu Fin and Wu Fin stared back at him.

    He looks like Zhiyue. But how? Zhiyue did not have any woman in his life aside from my wife of course. He didn't even go to bars with his friend-- wait. Am I forgetting something?

    "kid. How old are you?"

    Wu Fin lifted his hands and folded his three fingers leaving his two fingers up.

    "two years old. Two-- when is his birthday?"

    "5 weeks from now"

    Li Zuezhi looked at Wu Feng who was quietly observing him.

    "is this the reason why you asked me about where my son is on three years ago? how could that be? He was just in US for three days and he was with the Gardner family"

    "so you think I was lying? The evidence is standing in front of you Zuezhi! What?! you want your son to turn his back without taking responsibility for what he had done?! your covering up for him?! Zuezhi! Your son impregnated my granddaughter at the age of 22!! no she was still 21 when that happened. She was still young!! I thought she will be safe in the US since she was hidden well but what happen?! your SON! YOUR SON did that to--"

    "hey hey calm down okey? Okey calm down old man."

    Wu Feng breath in and out to calm himself and suddenly felt that someone was tugging his shirt and saw his grandson gripping his coat. His eyes was wet and he was trembling a little.

    Zuezhi saw this too. So he lift Fin up and put him into his arms.

    "don't cry little guy grandpa is here. Great grandpa was not mad at you okey? He was mad at me. But we are not fighting okey? So don't cry now."

    I still can't believe that I am a grandfather now. I am happy yet angry at my son.

    General Li took some time before he calmed Wu Fin down and was now sleeping in General Li's arms.

    General Li carefully placed Wu Fin in the sofa without waking him up. Wu Feng put a blanket on Wu Fin and signaled General Li to follow him. They went to the other side of the room that had a long round table with the book shelf as a divider from where Wu Fin was sleeping.

    "since when did you knew that he is Zhiyue's son?" General Li asked as soon as he sit.

    "just a few minutes ago. From the time I saw your son." Wu Feng rasped.

    Is that why he was staring seriously at Zhiyue? I can tell that he is mad at Zhiyue. I am not an idiot. *sigh*

    "well they do looked a like."

    Silence filled the room and both of them were absorbed in their thoughts. When they suddenly heard Wu Fin murmuring

    "Daddy..daddy...mommy daddy"

    Wu Feng heaved a sigh of worry.

    "can't we arranged a marriage to them?" General Li asked.

    "I would like that but Xiao Shi won't like it. Besides I think she was aware that your son was the father of Fin. But I was wondering how it happened and why your son did not know of Fin's existence. Was it a one night stand? But I know my granddaughter was not that kind of person. Also she was busy finding out who killed her parents these days."


    "hey toned down your voice. Do you want Fin to woke up?"

    "no. I mean it wasn't an accident at all? They were really killed intentionally? But the car that was crashed to them had died too."

    "yes they did but I don't know how she found it. Few days ago she handed me a document. It was an autopsy report of the other party. They were drugged, drunk and was injured. Two bullets was in the driver's body and the car was malfunctioned."

    Wu Feng stood up and walked to the shelf to retrieved a folder and placed it in front of General Li.

    General opened the folder and read the contents.

    His hand formed a fist and his brows met. He was containing his anger.

    "is this the original documents?"

    "yes and the latter documents was the forged one which was what they had told us. The investigators only said that the car's brake was malfunctioned and nothing else. The most intriguing part was the driver's family had gone from an average family to a millionaire after it's death."

    "now that was something... uncalled for."

    They fell silent again.

    While in the garden, Wu Jie Shi and Li Zhiyue was busy sending off the guest. The servants begun cleaning the area and the rest of the Wu family retreated to their respective rooms.

    "Third Miss Wu. Thank you for inviting us here. We had fun and if you need something just call me. Here is my business card."

    Wu Jie Shi smiled and accepted the card.

    "the pleasure is mine Mrs Lee."

    Mrs Lee patted Wu Jie Shi's shoulder and said.

    "don't mind the critics they was only envious on how beautiful you are despite having a son. You are blessed for having one while others where not."

    "i thanked Mrs Lee for the words of wisdom. I do not regret anything. My son is my world. I cannot imagine life without him now."

    "that is good to hear. I shall now go."

    "please take care" Wu Jie Shi slightly bowed down and smiled to Mrs Lee.

    Wu Jie Shi and Li Zhiyue was still standing outside the gate until they could no longer see Mrs. Lee's car.

    "She was so kind" Wu Jie Shi said to break the silence.

    "She had three sons and one daughter. She treated them fairly too. They were not like the typical rich spoiled brats." Li Zhiyue replied.

    "she raised them well. Who is his eldest?"

    "if I am not wrong her name is Lee Eun but I heard she goes by the name angelica in the US."

    Wu Jie Shi was startled when she heard Lee Eun's name.

    Lee Eun.

    "let's go inside." Li zhiyue sad and pulled Wu Jie Shi near him.

    Wu Jie Shi did not said anything and was still in deep thoughts.

    General Li and Wu Feng saw this scene and looked at each other.

    "maybe we should give it a try then." Wu Feng said to General Li.
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