17 Lee Eun / Angelica Lee

    Four years ago.

    "Your project will be anything that is an IOT just make sure that it has a both hardware and software. Also you can make a profit from it. Submit a project proposal in an A4 size bondpaper. The proposals must be passed a week after next. It will be by pair and that would be all for today. Class adjourned."

    Austin kept her notebook to her bag and stood up. She was about to exit the room when someone called her name.

    "Austin Howard!"

    Austin turned around and saw an asian young lady that she believed that the lady is 20 to 22 years old. The lady was smiling so wide to Austin and waved her hand while running towards her.

    "hey I'm Angelica Lee. My Chinese name is Lee Eun. You're an asian right?"

    The lady named Angelica said while fixing her disordered clothes and reached out her hand as a sign of handshake. Austin took her hand and did a handshake with her.

    "Austin Howard"

    "wanna grab some lunch with me?" Angelica said.

    Austin looked at the time in her wrist watch and looked back at Angelica.

    "maybe later. It is still early for lunch and I still need to research for the project."

    Angelica's mouth formed an 'O' and nodded her head.

    "do you have a partner for the project?" Angelica asked and tilted her head while looking at Austin.


    Angelica smiled at Austin and raised her hand in the air and said in a loud voice,

    "Sir! May I nominate myself to be your partner?"

    "hey! What are you shouting for? Also put down your hand. You look like a fool."

    Angelica neglected what Austin said and smiled widely as she saw Austin's ears turned red.

    "so is that a yes? Or No?"

    "yes yes. Just put down your hand. Your embarrassing me here."

    Angelica just laughed at Austin's reaction but her eyes was looking at the crowd. Austin was looking at Angelica and noticed that she was looking at the crowd. Austin want to look at where she was looking but stopped and grabbed Angelica's hand to walk outside the building.

    Days become weeks and weeks become months and since then, they had always been together. Even the fate always brought them together because all of the class that Austin had enrolled, Angelica was in the same class.

    There was one time when both of them was walking towards the university's library, there was a group students chatting nearby.

    "Is what you said true?! why would my husband Austin paid attention to that slut?!! you are lying!"

    "yeah! That cannot be true at all!"

    "that was what they were sayin! ya shout'n at the wrong person. Besides everyone who had eyes can see. They are always been seen together."

    Austin and Angelica passed through them and paid no attention to what they have been talking about. But that was only what they've thought. No one knew that Angelica want to laugh out loud. She stopped herself until they were out of sight.


    "stop laughing Lee Eun"

    "*mimicking the woman*'why would my husband Austin' hahahaha ya! Xiao Shi I did not know that you're married already? When was the wedding and why you didn't even invited me?"

    Angelica laughed so much and even found a wall to support herself while her hands was on her stomach.

    "if I were really a man. I would probably just marry you." Austin said as she looked at Angelica seriously.

    Angelica immediately stopped laughing and straightened her back to regain her poise.

    Angelica made a fake cough.

    "Don't give me that look it gives me creeps."

    "why? You don't like it?" Austin said and looked straight at Angelica's eyes.

    "stop it Austin. I won't get seduced by that look of yours."

    "oh? Why? Most girls here love it."

    "i am not one of them okey?! I am loyal to my boyfriend."

    "oh you mean that coward?"

    "hey! He is not a coward!"

    "oh! Yeah my bad. He is not a coward since he has the guts to do 'that'"

    "what do you mean by 'that'? do you know something?"

    "i advise you to break up with him Lee Eun."

    "why would I? he is too good to me. Besides we loved each other."

    "say, did you cooked rice already?"

    "yeah. Why do you ask?"

    "woah. So straightforward. You did not even bother to act shy."

    "why bother anyway? So why do you ask?"

    "you used protection?"

    "yeah we always used condom every time."

    "so that means it hadn't happened once but many times already?"

    "nope just twice. Why?"


    "speaking of, I still can't forget the moment I realized you were a woman. I mean you hid it very well! I can't believe my eyes at first but you were really having your period that time. So I have no other choice but to believe you at that moment! Hahaha anyways. Until when would you live your life like a man?"

    "i don't know"

    "well, I wonder what kind of a man you would be married to."

    "i doubt that would happen in my life."

    "hey! Who knows right? You can't tell. No one can"

    A year later, on Wu Jie Shie's sixth month. In Howard's residence.

    Angelica pressed the intercom and a maid opened invited her in the residence. Also escorted her to Austin's room.

    "Miss. Miss Lee is here to visit you"

    "let her in" a voice replied from inside the room. The maid opened the door for Angelica and left afterwards. Angelica went in the room and found no one.

    Maybe she's in the bathroom.

    Angelica thought.

    "hey! Austin! What happen? You were absent for months! I just heard today that you filed a leave from the university! Are you okey? Why did you not tell me anythi---"

    Angelica was too shocked to see Austin came out from the bathroom wearing a maternal clothes whose baby bump was already big.

    "you....your Austin...not right?"

    "hey what's wrong? Too shock to see me out of my male disguise for the first time and your unable to fix your grammar now?"

    "yah! You're really Austin?!!"

    Austin chuckled at Angelica's remark.

    "the one and only"

    "what...how...when and why are you pregnant? And who?!!!?"

    "sit down first and relax okey?"

    "how will I be relax? I mean who's the awesome guy that melt your heart and cooked the rice with you?"

    Austin sat down in the sofa and massage her temple.

    "can't you just pretend that your slightly worried about me? Also i only knew his name is Chris and nothing else."



    {AN: OA means Over reActing}

    "Can't you just stick to one? A while ago you said to pretend that I am worried to you and now your saying that I am overreacting?"

    "whatever you say Lee Eun."

    Since that day, Angelica was visiting Wu Jie Shi every weekends. Until her due date.

    After few months of her labor, Wu Jie Shi slowly went back to her old days but not completely since she has a pumpkin to feed on. The Howard family advised Wu Jie Shi to breastfeed her baby and not to depend on powdered milk. A year later, Alex(Wu Fin-Wu Jie Shi's baby) learned how to stand and can speak a few words.

    "Austin. You can go now. Emmilia is here. She said she well babysit Alex today."

    "thank you Uncle."

    "don't say it. Besides, Alex is not like the other kids. He is a behaved child. A good child. You are lucky to have him as your son. But this few days, he is always saying 'daddy'. I won't ask you anything about his dad but do you plan to raise him by yourself? His father has the right to know of Alex's existence. Don't rob him his right Austin."

    Wu Jie Shi look down to her feet. She did not said anything. So Jonathan Howard patted her head.

    "don't worry. We are here for you. I was just reminding you. But whatever your choice is. We will accept it. Just don't rush things. There is always a time for everything."

    Wu Jie Shi lifted her head and nodded her head and smiled to Jonathan Howard.

    "i'll be off then, Uncle"

    "be safe"

    Since then, Wu Jie Shi studied hard and to pick up things fast and took many exams to skip a year and to graduate on time. Wu Jie Shi focused on hacking and AI development. With that, she had know about what actually happened that night and who 'Chris' was.

    "so he is a Chinese."

    Two years later, Wu Jie Shi coped up with the time that she had left and graduated on the same year with Angelica.

    "I didn't really expect that you are a genius."

    "i am not. I just studied hard."

    "shame on us who studied hard but only got an average grade."

    "hey I do not mean anything okey?"

    "hahaha just kidding. So where were you after this?"

    "i will enter the army to assist uncle Jonathan but I will still keep my current job. I already informed them about me entering the army but they won't let me leave so I will still be working in there until I finished my training in the army and if we don't have any mission. How about you?"

    "Well I will be staying here for a while and find a temporary job. My boyfriend and I was planning for our engagement party. Don't worry I will surely invite you"

    Wu Jie Shi wants to say something but she kept it to herself instead.

    Maybe I will just need to look for a solid evidence first before telling her.

    She thought.

    "i will wait for it then."

    Few days later, Wu Jie Shi was inside in her room and Fin was asleep in his crib. Wu Jie Shi was infront of her computer typing something while the printer beside her was printing the documents about Angelica's five years -boyfriend Fred Lester.

    The document contains the bank account of Fred Lester and the shops, hotels and restaurants that he had went to with Angelica and also with some other girls on different days. Each hotel and restaurant for each woman that he had been with. It includes the time and date also a screenshot from the cctv footage was attached to each his activities.

    A knock was heard from the outside and out of habit, Wu Jie Shi opened the door and saw Angelica with her was sullen from crying for God knows how long. Wu Jie Shi was shocked to see Angelica in her current state so she pulled her in the room and let her sit in the sofa. Consoled her and called a maid to bring a water for Angelica.

    "Xiao Shi *crying* he tricked me *hiccup**crying* he tricked me"

    Wu Jie Shi did not said anything. Instead she caress Angelica's back to comfort her a little and then she noticed that Fin was awake but he did not cry instead he was staring at Angelica who is crying at Wu Jie Shi's arms. Fin's expression was a little bit funny. Fin expression changes from time to time as he stared at the crying Angelica. At first he looked like a possessive boyfriend that is angry that someone he own was hugging someone else and the second it is like he was looking at Angelica with sympathy.

    Haha what's with this kid? He can't possibly understand what was going on right? I mean he was just a two years old kid.

    Wu Jie Shi laugh and Angelica heard it.

    "hey how could you laugh at me at a time like this? Can't you pretend that your worried about me?"

    Angelica said and she wiped her tears away.

    "wait. Why does that sound like deva ju?"

    "ask your self and look at Fin. He wakes up from your crying"


    Angelica turned around and saw Fin was looking at her with his head tilting to his right and his expression was wondering what happen to Angelica.

    "oh my!"

    Angelica stood up and walked towards Fin.

    "Auntie is so bad right. Auntie woke pumpkin up. Auntie is sorry okey? Auntie won't do it again."

    Angelica lifted Fin up and put him in her arms. Fin reach out his tiny hands to touch Angelica's tears and wiped it away.

    "Auntie don't cry. Mom and auntie mine"

    Wu Jie Shi and Lee Eun got stunned at what Fin had said.

    Lee Eun laughed and Wu Jie Shi just smiled.

    "Yes yes Auntie and Mom is yours. Auntie won't cry now."

    "what do you want to do now?" Wu Jie Shi asked.

    "no one would believe what I had just said. So in order to break up with him, I need a solid evidence against him."

    Wu Jie Shi stood up and walked towards the printer and picked up the stacked documents. She then handed it to Lee Eun and picked up Wu Fin from Lee Eun's arms.

    Lee Eun received the documents while staring confusedly at Wu Jie Shi.

    "what is this?"

    "just read it. It may be helpful to you."

    Lee Eun started reading the first page and her eyes widen in shock. She lift up her head to look at Wu Jie Shi.

    "since when did you know?"

    "since the first time you introduced me to your 'loyal boyfriend'. I was curious on what kind of man he is but I did not expect him to be that kind of.. you know what I mean now. I was planning to tell you but I need an evidence so I dig some and then got some."

    Wu Jie Shi smiled and then look down.

    It is not a good idea to smiled now. Are you stupid Wu Jie Shi?

    Wu Jie Shi said to herself.

    Lee Eun could not help herself but to heaved a sigh and approached Wu Jie Shi. She lifted Wu Jie Shi's face and looked at her eyes.

    "silly girl. Did you think I will get angry? I am fine now. Thanks to you and pumpkin. I am lucky that I have you guys in my life. Thank you so much and with this evidence that I have in my hand, I will try and ask a lawyer if I could do something about it. I will extort money from him as much as possible. Hahaha who did he think he is? Spending my money for him to enjoy it with his sluts?! hah! He dared to do that? Then I will let him pay me back my money!"

    Wu Jie Shi smiled at what she said. She then put Fin back to his crib and hugged Lee Eun.

    Wu Jie Shi released Lee Eun from her and let her sit in the sofa.

    "by the way I was planning to go back in china."


    "ahuh. After my training. Just call me if you are in the country."

    "sure. Then the next time we see each other will be in china. I will miss you Xiao Shi."

    "i will too."
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