18 Stay away from him

    "Jie Jie you worked hard."

    Wu Jie Shi was startled to hear General Li's voice and in reflex, she took a step away from Li Zhiyue's arms. While Li Zhiyue did not said anything and just nod to Wu Feng as their gazes met.

    "thank you for accompanying my granddaughter this night."

    "it is my pleasure to spend time with Third Miss Wu. Grandpa"

    A maid approached them and whispered something on Wu Feng's ear and the maid went back to the house after.

    "Your wife and other sons are inside.let us go in and have some dinner. I am sure that you all did not ate during the party."

    "grandpa. How'-.."

    Wu Jie Shi stopped and wanted to say something to Wu Feng but did not pursue the matter. Wu Feng understood what Wu Jie Shi was worried about so he said.

    "Fin is asleep and he already ate a while ago." in a low voice that is enough for the two of them to hear each other.

    Wu Jie Shi smiled and silently followed after them. While Li Zhiyue was still observing Wu Jie Shi without knowing that his father was observing him too.

    The two elder was walking in front while Wu Jie Shi and Li Zhiyue was behind them while keeping a fair distance from the two elders.

    "old man. It seems like my son is still interested to Jie Jie."

    "i will not say anything for now but I need you to look up what happen when little Yue went to the US. I am not sure what happen to them and it is evident that your son had first saw Xiao Shi this night from his reaction earlier. I will not give my granddaughter to someone who isn't worthy of her. Even if that is your son Zue."

    "leave that to me old man. But I want to say this before anything. I will be glad if Jie Jie will be part of my family officially."

    In the living room, most of the Wu family elder was talking happily with Yang Xin. While in the other corner, Li Chengyu and Yunzhao were with Wu Fan and Wu Sie Kei. Li Chegyu was the first one who noticed General Li and the others to come in.

    After the formal greetings, Li Chengyu approached Wu Jie Sh.

    "hello Senior. I am Li Chengyu. Thank you for helping me back then in the university. It was a pity that you transferred before I had the chance to say my thanks. It's been six years already. Well, I am not sure if you remembered my name."

    Wu Jie Shi was in deep thinking. Trying to remember when and what happened.

    "Chengyu? ..... ah! The Motorbike guy!" Wu Jie Shi exclaimed and even pointed at Li Chengyu when she mentioned the motorbike.

    "hahaha yes the motorbike incident." Chengyu smiled shyly as Wu Jie Shi mentioned it.

    It seems like she did remembered my name.

    Chengyu thought to himself.

    Meanwhile, Yang Xin walked near them when she heard Wu Jie Shi mentioned about the incident.

    "motorbike? Why? What happened?"

    "oh it was nothing mother" Li Chengyu immediately stopped his mother for asking further but no to avail, Yang Xin faced Wu Jie Shi and asked her instead.

    "tell me dear. What about the motorbike" she said to Wu Jie Shi.

    "mother please it was embarrassing" Li Chengyu said as he slightly tug Yang Xin's shoulder. While still trying to stop his mother and gesturing to Wu Jie Shi not to tell his mother about it.

    "hahaha it was nothing major Mrs Li. It was in the university's gate. Chengyu here was somewhat busy with his phone while wearing his headphone and did not noticed the motorbike was fast approaching him. He was quite a distance from me and I doubt he could hear me. I was not a fast runner back then so I just threw my bag to his direction with all my force. Luckily I hit him and somehow he noticed the motorbike and he evaded on time." Wu Jie Shi said as she had not noticed Li Chengyu's gestures.

    Li Zhiyue frowned who was behind of Wu Jie Shi for the whole time as he witness how his younger brother acts in front of Wu Jie Shi. Without knowing why he was upset and before he know it, he grabbed Wu Jie Shi's arm and drag her away from the living room.

    "hey! Where are taking me? Stop! You are hurting me! Mr. Li!" Wu Jie Shi shouted to Li Zhiyue who was walking fast. It seems that Li Zhiyue could not hear what Wu Jie Shi had said.

    "i said it hurts! Let me go! Li Zhiyue!"

    Li Zhiyue walked past the main door and was still dragging Wu Jie Shi. As if he did not hear Wu Jie Shi's complaints. He walked fast to his car and opened the car's door. He looked at Wu Jie Shi and noticed that he was holding her hand to hard that it now had red marks. He calmed himself and want to say something but he stopped. Instead, he shoved Wu Jie Shi in the car and put the safety belt on her and closed the door after. He immediately turned to the driver seat and started the car's engine.

    "where are you taking me?" Wu Jie Shi said as she gently massage her swollen right arm. She glared at him. While Li Zhiyue droved fast.

    "stay away from him." Li Zhiyue said. His eyes are on the road with his irritated tone and expression.

    "him? Who?" Wu Jie Shi asked in confusion.

    "Li Chengyu. Stay away from him."

    Wu Jie Shi felt irritated from his irrational behavior.

    "why would I do that?" she asked in annoyance.

    "because I said so!"Li Zhiyue's voice raised a little and this made Wu Jie Shi felt irritated even more.

    "who are you to decide who I should be with ?"she asked as her voice raised too.

    Li Zhiyue did not said anything.

    Wu Jie Shi let out a sigh and closed her eyes for a minute.

    Wu Jie Shi calm down. You still have your son that needs you. No need to argue with this type of man.

    She said to herself.

    "stop the car. Let me out." she said in a calm manner.

    There is still no reply from Li Zhiyue.

    "I said stop the car." she said once again while containing her anger to rose again.

    Li Zhiyue locked the doors in the car from the driver's control. Parked the car near the beach. Since they unexpectedly travelled to far from the city.Wu Jie Shi unfastened her seat belt and tried to open the door but failed.

    "let me out Li Zhiyue."

    "stay away from him."

    Wu Jie Shi let out a breath and calmly turned to face Li Zhiyue and asked,

    "and why would I?"

    "because I don't like it." Li Zhiyue replied flatly.

    "why are you acting like that? Let me remind you. We are not close and we just met today. Is this how CEO Li should ac--"

    Li Zhiyue felt annoyed to her reasons and in a split second, he grabbed Wu Jie Shi's hand and put his left hand to her nape to pull her to him and kissed her just to shut her up. Li Zhiyue planned to give her a smack but the moment he tasted her, he seem can't get over it.
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