19 Austin?

    Li Zhiyue felt annoyed to Wu Jie Shi's reasoning and within a split second, he grabbed Wu Jie Shi's hand to pull her near him and put his left hand to her nape. He kissed her just because he wanted her to shut up but Li Zhiyue did not expect himself to deepened the supposed to be a light kiss. Instead he pinch Wu Jie Shi's jaws that enabled him to enter Wu Jie Shi's mouth.

    Wu Jie Shi was not able to react on time but after she felt Li Zhiyue's tongue encircling her tongue, she bit Li Zhiyue's tongue. She then pushed Li Zhiyue away.

    "hey, I did not expect that you are such a tigress." Li Zhiyue said and wiped his mouth with his thumb without breaking his eye contact with Wu Jie Shi.

    Argh why are you looking at me like that?

    Wu Jie Shi said in her mind.

    "i did not expect that you are such a rogue." Wu Jie Shi retorted.

    Li Zhiyue chuckled. He no longer said anything and just stared at her instead.

    After God knows how long, Wu Jie Shi could no longer stand Li Zhiyue's stares. She took out her smartphone and noticed that there was no signal at all and the time was already twenty-two (ten pm).

    "Mr. Li let us go back. It's almost midnight."


    Li Zhiyue started the engine. They are about to turn but the car's engine suddenly died. Li Zhiyue furrowed his brows and started the engine again but it died again.

    "what happen?" Wu Jie Shi asked.

    "i don't know." Li Zhiyue replied.

    "maybe something happen to the starter motor or maybe the spark plug since it won't start. let me have a look first." Wu Jie Shi said and opened the door which Li Zhiyue had unlocked before Wu Jie Shi was about to touch the door.

    "you knew something with the cars?" Li Zhiyue asked. He stepped out of the car too and walked towards Wu Jie Shi who casually opened the car's engine cover. Wu Jie Shi took out her smartphone and turned on the flashlight from it.

    "just a little. I don't know why but it was part of our curriculum. Well at the very least, it comes handy at some point." Wu Jie Shi said as she leaned forward to have a better view of the engine.

    After a while, Wu Jie Shi looked at Li Zhiyue.

    "Do you have some tools with you? Also does your smartphone life's just fine?(she was referring to the phone's battery life)"

    "i have tools. It's at the back but my phone had ten percent remaining. I forgot to charge it this afternoon." Li Zhiyue replied.

    "what a bad news." Wu Jie Shi said as her phone suddenly turned off. Leaving the street light nearby as their source of light.

    "why?" Li Zhiyue asked.

    "i can't see clearly. My just died and your phone was about to die as well." Wu Jie Shi said flatly.

    "what a way of saying it." Li Zhiyue looked around and noticed that about two hundred meters from where they are, there was an inn with a huge signage saying 'Red String Hotel'.

    "grab your things let's walk. There is an hotel nearby." Li Zhiyue said as he went in the car and took his wallet.

    "let's go." Wu Jie Shi said as she was already standing near the headlight on the right side of the car.

    Li Zhiyue was taken back as he was surprised that Wu Jie Shi was fine with that idea.

    "what are you looking at? Let's go. I am tired. My feet hurts." Wu Jie Shi said annoyingly and placed her right hand on her waist as she was trying to intimidate Li Zhiyue.

    Li Zhiyue locked the door securely and walks toward Wu Jie Shi after.

    "are you sure you will walk to the hotel wearing with that shoes of yours? The hotel was quite a distance away from here though." Li Zhiyue said as he looked at Wu Jie Shi from her shoes to her eyes.

    "what choice do I have? I don't have any spare shoes and someone just suddenly grabbed me out of nowhere and god knows what he was thinking." Wu Jie Shi said. She turned around and started walking towards the hotel.

    Li Zhiyue heaved a sigh before following Wu Jie Shi behind. Li Zhiyue stared at Wu Jie Shi's back.

    She really don't seem to have a child. Her body was quite ...seductive in my eyes. It would be much better if no one had seen her though, except me of course. If one day, I will get to know who's that bastard that had run away from his responsibility, I'm gonna punch him hard. Well, I'm gonna say my thanks to him too. I still had a chance to make him mine. He better stay hidden or I won't know what will I do to that bastard.

    Li Zhiyue thought to himself. He noticed that Wu Jie Shi stopped walking and squatted to massage her legs.

    It is obvious that she was in pain but she still won't ask for help.

    Li Zhiyue thought to himself.

    "might as well do it than asking." Li Zhiyue said in a low tone that only himself could hear.

    Li Zhiyue walked near to Wu Jie Shi and scoop her up and placed his hand under Wu Jie Shi's knees and around her back. Carrying her like a like a bride.

    "hey! What are you doing?!" Wu Jie Shi said in a surprised tone.

    "carrying my wife since her feet hurts." Li Zhiyue replied calmly.

    Meanwhile in Li's household,

    General Li and his family except Li Zhiyue arrived home. Yang Xin went in their room directly while General Li was smiling like he had won the war. Li Chengyu and Yunzhao went to their respective rooms.

    Good Good. I now have a grandson. They would no longer have any effect on me hahahaha.

    General Li thought smugly. (he was referring to his friends displaying public affection towards their grandchildren which caused General Li to be envious.)

    "now is not the time for me to be happy! They must be together first and give lots of grandchildren! Hahahaha"

    General Li stood up and went to their room only to find out that his wife was looking through the pile of document she had in her table.

    "what are you doing? Can't that wait for tomorrow? Get some sleep now. Continue what you were doing tomorrow. You're no longer young to stay awake so late."

    General Li said as he went in to the bathroom and came after washing up and had already worn his pajamas. Yang Xin said "yes I will sleep now. I'm just looking for something. I'll be done real quick."

    General Li went to bed first and sleep after he leave a message to Wu Feng about his matchmaking plan for Wu Jie Shi and Li Zhiyue.

    "where was it? Did I really left it in the office? But I remember I was reading it in here."

    Yang Xin said as she continued to run through the pile of documents in her table. She was looking for the complied report about Wu Jie Shi's situation in the US and how Wu Jie Shi and Li Zhiyue met.

    "It would be no good if Zuezhi found it." Yang Xin murmured through her breath.

    Around midnight, Yang Xin gave up as she still could not find the document. So she went up to wash herself and went to sleep.

    The next day, as usual, General Li woke up first and gone out for his daily jogging.

    On 5:45 am, General Li went back and took a bath. After dressing up, Yang Xin was still asleep. General Li walked towards Yang Xin to wake her up, when he noticed a compiled paper under Yang Xin's table. He picked it first and was about to place it above the table when he noticed Austin's picture in the paper.

    "Austin?" General Li asked.
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