20 Hide it from me

    The morning light touches Wu Jie Shi's face.

    "arrggghh. The light..." Wu Jie Shi grumbled and turn around. A hand suddenly grabbed Wu Jie Shi's waist and pulled her in. Wu Jie Shi furrowed her eyebrows. She grabbed the hand and twist it.

    "aaahhhh!!!! what are you doing?! let go! That hurts my wife!" Li Zhiyue screamed in pain as he struggled out from Wu Jie Shi's clutched and his drowsiness was long gone.

    "ommo!" Wu Jie Shi was shocked to see Li Zhiyue whose been held down by her. Wu Jie Shi released Li Zhiyue and stood up while glaring at him.

    "why are we in the same room?" Wu Jie Shi asked.

    "you can't remember?" Li Zhiyue replied.


    Wu Jie Shi was interrupted when her smartphone was ringing.

    "we are not done yet." Wu Jie Shi said to Li Zhiyue and gone to answer the call.

    Li Zhiyue stood up and picked his shirt and put it on


    [Xiao Shi!!! where are you? I demand you to pick me up here in the airport right now]

    "Lee Eun?"

    [yah! Are you going to do it? Or to do it?]

    "was there even an option?"

    [none hahahaha]

    "alright then. Where are you now?"

    [at the airport. I'll give you two hours. You must be here after two hours or else...,]

    "or else what? Are you threatening me Lee Eun?"

    [yup. I am babyeee!!!]

    "yaa----  did she just hung up on me? Woah!" Wu Jie Shi exclaimed while looking at her phone but she was also smiling.

    "Lee Eun? You know her?" Li Zhiyue asked Wu Jie Shi while adjusting the comforter on his body while laying in the bed. Wu Jie Shi turned her attention to him and furrowed her eyebrows.

    "Get up. You're dropping me by the airport." Wu Jie Shi said and headed to the bathroom to freshen up.

    "who's coming?" Li Zhiyue knitted his brows as he asked.

    "my lover"

    Wu Jie Shi did not know that her careless remark would always be the main issue that Li Zhiyue would throw at her whenever he was sulking.

    "you are not going anywhere" Li Zhiyue said as his face turned grim.

    "hey! What's with the expression dude. You and I just met yesterday and I was like, I do not know you at all. So don't ya look at me like that." Wu Jie Shi cringe and took a step back away from Li Zhiyue.

    "whatever. I am not taking you anywhere."

    "fine! Then I am going alone!"

    Wu Jie Shi took her things and gone out of the room.

    A minute after Wu Jie Shi left, Li Zhiyue immediately stood up and clothed himself and prepared to leave. As he don't want Wu Jie Shi to leave and meet another person.

    Li Zhiyue chased after Wu Jie Shi. He grabbed her arm as he caught her before going in the elevator.

    "Do you really need to go?" Li Zhiyue asked her as he was anxious.

    What is he playing at? It is not like we are together. His acting like I am going to let him wear a green hat.

    Wu Jie Shi thought. She masked her feelings and faced Li Zhiyue with a cold front.

    "what are you implying at? Can't I go see my best friend? Who are you to stop me?"

    Li Zhiyue was stunned as he heard what she had said.

    Yes. Who am I to stop her? Why am I like this in the first place? It is not like we are lovers or whatnot.

    Li Zhiyue reasoned to himself. He sighed and loosen his grip to Wu Jie Shi's arms. He entered the elevator.

    "fine. I will take you there. I am not that irresponsible enough to let you leave on your own. Since I was the one who dragged you here."

    Wu Jie Shi and Li Zhiyue walked together out of the hotel to where they had left Li Zhiyue's car.

    "give me five minutes." Li Zhiyue said as he curled his sleeves up.

    "let me help you." Wu Jie Shi walk towards the tool box that Li Zhiyue took out from his trunk.

    Wu Jie Shi shocked Li Zhiyue as she just took two minutes to identify the problem with the car and fortunately, Li Zhiyue forgot to give the spark plug that his secretary had bought yesterday. Wu Jie Shi was able to replace it all by herself making Li Zhiyue wonder if he was a man or not. How could a woman know this too? He thought to himself.

    Li Zhiyue stared at Wu Jie Shi with bewilderment.

    Does girls always looked so sexy when they wiped their sweats on their forehead?

    Li's household....

    The atmosphere in the room dropped significantly and it was so silent that one could hear a drop of needle on the floor.

    Yang Xin did not dare to look at Li Zuezhi. While General Li was reading the document about Wu Jie Shi's life in the US.

    An hour had passed and no one said anything. While General Li was staring at Wu Fin's pictures.

    "when did you knew about?" General asked softly while his voice was trembling. He was suppressing his anger towards his own son upon knowing what happen and excitement that Wu Jie Shi was Austin. Yang Xin lowered her head and did not said anything.

    "why did you hide it from me?" General Li asked again.
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