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    "wear this"

    Stevan threw a bag to Lee Eun which she was able to catch in time.

    "what is this?" She asked as she grope the bag and was about to open it.

    "open it up idiot"

    Lee Eun gritted her teeth to control her anger and took a very deep breath before opening the bag.

    She saw a ...,


    Sport harness...

    Stick Clip...

    "hey. are you planning on jumping down from here?"

    "what? Are you chickening out?" Stevan gave a smug grin and condensing look to Lee Eun, which made her fuse broke.

    "what? Who's scared? I'm not. What the heck are you looking at you damn brat. Go find your mama and hide in her armpit!"

    After their short episode of clashing, nonsense words, they finally settled and they wore the equipment that Stevan had prepared.

    "are you sure this is safe? Maybe I won't die in their hands if I stay but will die in yours instead."

    Not that I mind die with a handsome young lad though...

    Lee Eun thought.

    Stevan pulled the roped to insure that it is properly installed with the quickdraw. He turned to face Lee Eun and pulled her to his side. Lee Eun let out a strange yelp as she was surprised with Stevan's action. Stevan was now in Lee Eun's back while Stevan's hand were placed around her waist.

    Stevan whispered to Lee Eun's right ear.

    "Don't worry. I'll make sure that your body will be buried intact."

    Lee Eun gritted her teeth and repeatedly said 'his Xiao Shi's son.his Xiao Shi's son.his Xiao Shi's son.' like a mantra to calm her nerves.

    Maybe I will die from high blood first than falling in the building.

    "i recommend for you not to look down."

    Lee Eun look up to his eyes or more like glared at him.

    "where do you want me to look then?"

    Lee Eun ask unconsciously.

    Stevan smirked and said. "You can look in my handsome face. I could guarantee that you will be more fine and at ease." he then winked at her.

    Lee Eun could not respond immediately because Stevan lifted her and jumped down.

    Lee Eun was in his left hand while his right hand, gripped at the rope.

    Lee Eun was shocked and the moment she felt they were falling, both of her hands found its way to Stevan's neck and hugged him tightly.

    "are you sure that woman is here?" Li Zhiyue asked.

    "that's what she said"

    Both of them got off the car and Li Zhiyue handed his car keys to the valet. They both entered the hotel afterwards.

    Wu JingShi dialed Lee Eun's number.

    After a while, the call got through.

    [hey Xiao Shi! How long will you make me wait huh?]

    Wu JingShi frowned as she detected something was amiss in Lee Eun's voice and her surroundings seems suspicious.

    "i'm in the lobby. Which room?"

    [o- oooh! Hahaha okey okey that's good. I'm in the room 806. Faster I'm hungry]

    The call was then ended.

    Wu JingShi glanced at Li Zhiyue who's staring at her all this time. She strode towards him and stop until they were 6 centimeters apart.

    "Do you know how to fight?" Wu JingShi asked seriously.

    "i know a few moves."

    "then you'll be fine."

    Wu JingShi turned her back and walked towards the elevator. Li Zhiyue followed after her.

    It was silent inside the elevator, the other people was busy minding their own business while Wu JingShi was contemplating on Lee Eun's sudden request in meeting in the hotel.

    Before arriving in the 8th floor, other people begun to get off the elevator. Which made Wu JingShi think suspiciously.

    Was it a coincidence?......Or not?

    Somewhere in chaoyang district, Lee Eun was sleeping comfortably. In the living room, Stevan was cleaning his gun while trying to send a cryptic code to Wu JingShi's AI[Artificial Intelligence] channel, Hailee.

    After a countless of trial and error, Stevan was able to break down the wall and successfully send the message to Wu JingShi.

    "aarrghhh genius people give other people a chance to walk in." he said as he laid back in the couch.

    "i wonder how long would I get scolded if mom knew I was in this city, aaaaaahhhh I wish grandpa Jonathan would be there."

    Stevan stood up and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner when he heard an ear breaking scream and he almost dropped the plate he was holding. A while later he saw a figure walking or more like feet stomping towards him.


    "it's my honor in saving a damsel in distress...... not. Will you shut up and give a peace of mind? Before I change my mind in cooking a food for you too"


    In a cake shop near the private preschool that Wu Fin attended, Shan Mei, Guan Zihao and Wu Kie was killing the time while waiting for Wu Fin's class to end.

    "ever since the party ended, I haven't seen Xiao Shi. Even Fin missed her already. Do you guys have any idea where she is?" Shan Mei said as she finished her second slice of the chocolate moose cake.

    "She haven't contacted me either. How about you two?" Guan Zihao replied and glanced to Wu Kei who's this whole time. Which made the ladies to suspect that there is something wrong within the Wu family.

    "hey! Zihao said that you'll go on a date later." Shan Mei waved her hand in front of Wu Kie.

    Startled by the word 'date', Wu Kie answered "gladly" by reflex, which made Shan Mei laugh loudly and Guan Zihao's ears were bright red.

    It took him time to realize what had happen and his face turned red down to his neck.

    "hahaha myghaaad Wu Kie!! that reaction was worth for a month! Hahaha I better tell brother Fan about this later " Shan Mei said as she wipe the tears as she was laughing to tears.
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