24 Lee Eun

    Guan Zihao noticed a crowd outside the preschool, which could be the butlers or the parents of the students.

    Within the crowd, Zihao noticed a familiar figure which made her stand up and run outside.

    Shan Mei and Wu Kie was surprised to Guan Zihao's sudden actions and decided to split up. Shan Mei fetch Wu Fin and took him to the Wu's while Wu Kie followed Guan Zihao.

    Wu's residence....

    Upon entering the house, Wu Fin noticed his great-grandfather in the living room with a newspaper in hand. He ran towards the old man and clumsily climb on the couch to sit beside him. Wu Feng dotingly smiled at the little kid wanting to help him but chose not to as he don't want to be ignored by the little fella after helping him in the past and remembered what the little fella told him with a puffed cheek.

    "I want to do it on my own! Or else I won't be a man at all!"

    Wu Feng noticed Shan Mei walking towards him. He frowned a little and chuckled upon noticing that the lady was alone knowing that she was with Wu Kie and Guan Zihao.

    "oh! Little Mei. Why are you alone? where is my grandson and little Zi? They finally went to have a date huuh? Will I be expecting a great-granddaughter then?"

    Shan Mei was lost for words and she unconsciously scratch her nape lightly. Wu Feng noticed Shan Mei's action and laughed heartily.

    "i guess I was wrong then."

    "uhmmm Grandpa Feng. Where is Xiao Shi?"


    "Grandpa Feng?"

    The silence went for a while and Shan Mei sat at the couch facing the old man. Wu Feng took a deep breath and decided to tell Shan Mei on what he knows.

    "Grandpa Feng. Why do you think that Li guy suddenly grabbed Xiao Shi?"

    "I do not know"

    Stevan faced Lee Eun that was fuming in anger to masked her embarrassment and mixed emotions.

    "your welcome and so could you please lower down your voice even though this is a soundproof apartment, your voice is hurting my ears. Don't you have any conscience on a handsome guy like me to suffer such pain~~?"

    "geh! ...handsome? Who? Where? Why can't I see anyone?" Lee Eun confidently retorted.

    "che! What a bummer." Stevan mumbled on his breath. He turned around and continued to prepare dinner.

    Lee Eun was silent for the whole time while she sat in the kitchen's counter and staring at Stevan's back.

    He's capable in cooking too huh? i remember JingShi was also a good cook. Speaking of, they look kind of similar....? Is he perhaps a relative? But I doubt it since he said that his name is Stevan Howard. Howard huh? And his mom is JingShi? Maybe JingShi adopted him in the US? But I haven't heard anything about this.

    While being in a deep thought, Stevan finished preparing the food. He took a seat in front of Lee Eun.

    He wave a hand in front of her, but she ignored him... or more like she haven't noticed it at all.

    "hey Lady Angelica? Hey~~~~~" Stevan said while continued to wave his hand in front of her.

    "oh! What?"

    "let us eat."

    "oh~~ by the way can I go out now? Since everything is settled right? Those guys won't find me anymore right?"

    Stevan paused momentarily before he continue to eat. Lee Eun was wondering what was going on. She wanted to ask him on what was going on or if he knew what those guys are up to, but in the end, she choose to wait for him to tell her himself.

    Well, at the very least I am safe with him than being outside. Besides my family was not aware of me being here in the city. I wonder how they were? I have not contacted them ever since I had discovered that Fred was cheating on me. My brothers once warned me about him but I did not listen to them. Instead I went to the states with him. Leaving my family without contacting them. I wonder if they could forgive me but I am scared to face them. More like I am embarrassed and I was being immature and irrational.

    "i cannot give you a definite answer for now. But this is all I could say, You are safer beside me since we do not know who and what they are after. I already sent a message to mom. If everything went well, she would be here by 9 in the morning."

    "huh? Why 9?"

    "considering the distance, and other circumstances on her end she would be here by that time or more later."

    "aahh.. I see.. oh! Before I forgot, I goes with the name Lee Eun. Angelica is my english name. I shall be in your care."

    "same here."


    "Hailee incoming"

    Huh? Hailee? Who's that? And who's talking? Someone else is here?

    Lee Eun was curious as to why Stevan hurriedly left the kitchen as soon as he heard a woman's voice mentioning 'Hailee'. She stood up and followed after Stevan. Upon entering the living room, Lee Eun noticed Stevan busying himself infront of the laptop.

    "who's voice was that earlier?" Lee Eun asked Stevan as she occupied the seat in front of where Stevan was seated.

    "Hailee Connected" the voice once again resounded but this time, Lee Eun was certain that the voice came from the laptop.


    Lee Eun was about to ask but a voice the she was familiar of over the years. Before she could even think of anything, she push Stevan aside and sit where Stevan once seated. In front of her was the woman who was the reason she came back to this country. The woman in front was seemingly fine and her tears started to flow.

    "Xiao Shiiiiii~~~~~~~ waaahhh!!!! I am sho gwad your swaaaafeeee!!!! huhuhuhuhuhu"

    Lee Eun started bawling out that made Stevan and Wu JingShi dumbfounded.

    "hey Lee Eun. As you can see I am fine so please stop crying ok? Fin just fell asleep. You don't want him to hear you crying right?"

    Wu JingShi tried to appease her which results to Lee Eun trying to hold her voice as she was afraid of waking Wu Fin. Stevan approached Lee Eun and gently nudge her aside and faced Wu JingShi.

    "Hi mom."

    "hoooohhh what do you think you are doing here Stevan Howard?"

    "hehe it just happen that way though. By the way, I was hanging out in UC. There I noticed that someone posted a hiring notice to take this woman and you. I believe that the picture they used was on your graduation party. Both you was chatting in the highway. The background was a restaurant and I once remembered you saying you went to that restaurant for the graduation party. So I tailed them and waited for a timing to snuck in."

    "ohooooooooh? But that did not explain as to why you are in the country. Don't you think?"

    "*sigh* ...  Mom .... the truth is, I was with Denver. When I mentioned that you were transferred here in China, he said that his childhood friend lived in this city so I told him that you are in this City too. He pestered me to bring him here."

    "Denver? ...  Denver Mc Claire?"


    "and so? Where is he? And whose house were you?"

    "he lived next door. This is my apartment. Denver bought it."

    "give me the address. I'll be there tomorrow. Don't go out."

    "yes mom."

    "Xiao Shi"

    Lee Eun sat beside Stevan with her red swollen eyes staring worriedly at Wu JingShi. She had a lot to ask to her but she did not know where to start.

    "Lee Eun.. rest up for now. You must be tired because of your flight and also today's circumstances. We will talk tomorrow. Okey?"

    "hmmm. I will wait for you here. Be safe Xiao Shi"

    "here drink some water and rest up."

    Lee Eun took the glass of water from Stevan and took a sip. Stevan looked at her as she was staring at the glass of water that she was holding. After a while, she lift up and looked directly at Stevan's eyes. She smiled at him but there was sadness, guilt and worry in her eyes. Stevan was confused but he did not showed it in his face.

    "Thank you for saving me Stevan."

    Stevan smiled a little and said, "your welcome"

    Lee Eun stood up and stretched her hand out to the air.

    "aahh!!! it's good to be alive. Now then!" she glanced to Stevan grinned widely. "do you want to continue eating?"

    "No. I am done eating. If you want to continue to eat, go and rest after your finish. I'll do the cleaning later I am done with this."

    Lee Eun nod her head and started to walk towards the kitchen but she suddenly stopped walking and turned around.

    "hey. Where will you be sleeping? I noticed that you only had one room."

    "oh? I'll sleep here.. I'll fetch some comforter in the closet later"

    "is that so...? okey then"

    Wu's residence....

    The maid named Felis knocked on the door three times and opened the door after she heard the person inside gave his permission. She walked inside and bowed her head.

    "Master Feng. Third Miss has arrived."


    "She said she already ate outside."

    "with who?"

    "the guards stationed in the gate said third miss came with First Young Master Zhiyue."

    "you may go"

    Felis bowed her head once again and left the room.

    Wu Feng was in deep thought that he did not noticed the time as he was staring at the family picture in his hand that was taken nine years ago. In the picture, Wu Feng was sitting in between his two daughter in-law. In his left side, sat Tang Xie while holding a 2 year old Wu JingShi and beside her was Wu Jingyao, 6 years old, who smiled so widely while holding Wu JingShi's small hands. In Wu Feng's right side was Yu Lianne. Beside her was the 7 year old Wu Fan and 6 year old Wu Kei. At their back, both of Wu Feng's son was standing side by side.

    Wu Feng had two sons, Wu Jingrei and Wu Tian.

    "Xie, Jingrei"



    Wu JingShi pushed open the door and slipped in her head. Wu Feng immediately hid the picture in his drawer.
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