3 CH 3: The border inciden

    We reached the tribal areas before encountering any Angels or Devils. In a short while we will be back to the market, and I can get an idea of the value of my bag.

    They have been staring at the dagger I got from the Angel. I guess they dont usually bother with the weapons of an Angel. In fear that they might come looking for it when they patrol the tribal areas. They also come to the market to obtain items from the Demonic ones.

    I decided to ask the chief why everyone was so focused on the dagger. He said that none of them can carry one.

    Sometimes when they touch them they feel discomfort all over their bodies. So it was strange to see someone from our side of the wall carrying one. Especially since I was not a Devil, or anything like the other Demonic tribes.

    When he said that I looked down at the sword in shock that it had that much Angelic essence on it. It did not seem to be that different to me, but I guess having some light allows me to have different uses.

    As I looked down, I noticed that the bag had shrunk in size since we entered the tribal area. Is this bag infused directly with the cosmic energy that governs the realms? It made itself portable to my size entirely, and its weight has also decreased.

    I'm certain however that the items I placed in it may have been altered in size upon placing them. I assumed that was the energy it possesses, but it can make itself smaller?

    "I see you noticed the change finally." said the chief. "It has the energy of "The Creator" on it. that means it was forged in one of His workshops. It will obey the laws of the realms just as we must."

    That is how the chief began his teachings to me on the law of the realms. I already figured that there was laws, or something keeping things in place. I just never figured out that it was a system of sorts.

    The chief taught me that there is a nature to all things.

    "This nature guides you towards what it is you're best at doing. This is how things are within the realms, and have always been."

    "Angels protect the Kings realm, and Devils try to expand the darkness of the Jin realm."

    "The King's realm is a special place for the light to exist, and the Jin realm is for the darkness to exist. They have always been conflicting, and it's just the way things have to be."

    Is how the chief simplified the story for me. He said that no one knew why it was this way, but it was this way.

    Moments after that conversation a Devil appeared in front of us.

    "One of your tribe has what is mine. Give it to me, and I will not destroy your party members. If you refuse, I will destroy all of you, and claim all that is yours as my own."

    The chief said this is what the Devil was saying to us, and that he would find out what it was the Devil was seeking.

    "He is looking for a staff that has been infused with the energy of his tribe, and is only useful to them. I think we should give it to him, as we are in a safe area for spoils."

    "He is offering us a way to benefit even in loss. Whoever has the staff please come forward!"

    The chief ordered us, as he was negotiating the terms with the Devil.

    Since I was the one he was probably looking for, being as though I pick up that staff. I knew the energy was odd coming off of it, and it makes sense since it is a tribal staff.

    So tribal essence can be infused with items so that they can only be used by ones who have such an essence.

    Even though that's true, there are rules, no laws in place that say he must purchase this item from us. If I give it up I'm breaking the laws of the realms, but if I don't. I may be breaking the terms of this negotiation. Then again if this is a negotiation like the ones I see at the market.

    Placing a price on the item could become a part of the negotiating process. I'm the one that found, and removed this item from the battlefield area. So it should be my choice how to dispose of the item.

    "Law of the realms says that you're supposed to trade us something for the item once it leaves the battlefield. That's why the scavenger tribesmen act so fast to recover them."

    "They need these items to survive, and to keep the market going."

    "The market keeps your wars supplied, and keeps you stocked. What are you offering me other then my life, to get this staff?"

    That was my reply, and the chief seemed to be terrified of my choice. I assumed the Devil needed him to say what I said in their language. Though from the look of rage on his face.

    I think he understands exactly what I said, and does not like it one bit. He wasnt one of the larger Devils, so I wasn't to afraid of him. I have had a few issues with those of his size, and come out of it pretty well.

    I never had a weapon before that was sturdy, and I now have this Angelic dagger. Which in my hands is more like a sword, and it can damage the flesh of dark natured beings just by touching it.

    I may have a better chance at victory with this sword, but I have never used one like it. I hope I can negotiate this situation in a way that no one gets hurt. This is the first time anyone has asked me to do something other then go away, or die.

    He approached me in a very aggressive manner, and confronted me.

    "Handover the staff little one, you are not a Demonic one, or a Devil. You carry Angelic weapons, and have tiny wings like they do. You are not their tribesmen, and if they leave you to me I will spare them."

    He said this to me in the language of the Demonic ones.

    As soon as he finished his words, the tribesmen all began to enter the market area. Before walking away the chief asked me to just hand it over, and leave without a fight. For some reason I could not just let him get away with breaking the law.

    So I decided to stand my ground, and take on the Devil. I was getting tired of having to lose to those beings all the time. There is a law in place, but it is only really enforced on the battlefield.

    Nothing ever really happens outside the areas around the gates into Heaven. I was not about to just hand over what was now mine by the law of the realms. Now that I have a better understanding of the law.

    I know what I can do within it, and what I can't.  Plus, it answers some of my questions as to why I have some of the thoughts i have.

    When they were all beyond the border of the market area he came at me. It was so fast, but I'm used to fast get away. I was able to avoid his first few attacks by dodging them.

    However the next few would have hit me if I didn't have this sword. At first the sword was heavy, and every swing was almost a fight itself. As I continued to use it though, it became lighter as well. I guess I'm getting use to this as fast as I do most things.

    He is strong, fast, but mostly offensive like the rest. I'm not really that offensive due to lack of supplies, but this sword is almost doing the work for me. It responds to me better then I do, and it's as if I can feel its experience.

    I can't land anything to get him to back off, and that's a problem. My ability with this weapon is very low, and I'm not sure if he is coming at me full steam.

    An opening in his defense, lower left side, back legs. Contact, and a direct hit to both back legs. When turned back to assess the damage he was curled over.

    His energy began to draw in the shadows themselves, and it made my skin tighten. I think I may have really pissed him off now. He then stood, and drew the weapon he had behind his back. He's coming at me for real now.

    There isn't much distance between me and the mark are. If I can get back that way fast enough I may be able to get away from him. I can't take my eyes off of him though.

    He was already fast before this, but now he hasn't moved. Yet I can still see that he is serious, and that doesn't seem like it favors me. Here he comes, I lost him for a second, but I caught sight.

    Just in time to block the hit, it wasn't a direct hit because of that, but my side is in so much pain. Good thing he knocked me closer to the border with that one, or i would be in worse trouble.

    He wants the staff, but I think it's too late to just hand it over without being destroyed in the process. I can't use the damn thing anyway, and besides that he can sniff is out somehow. Must be the tribal energy he was speaking about.

    Since reasoning with this thing is out of the question, and his speed is growing. I don't think I can run away from him much longer. He is also closing my paths I make towards the border to the market.

    Even in a state of rage he can read my movements? No he must be following the flow of energy coming from that staff. The bag must not be able to hide it from him either.

    If I use that to get a distance between me, and him. Maybe I really can get away, but that's if he isn't reading my movements. I reached in the bag and pulled out the staff.

    He got faster at that moment, and I knew I was right. He had a bloodlust for me because I was in possession of the staff. I got to a high point, and jumped using my wings to push me further.

    I wasn't able to use them to actually fly however. They were to small for that, but they were still useful. When I reached a good height, I throw the staff in the opposite direction of border. He began to head that way, and I the other way.

    I did not expect him to be so fast to recover it, nor did I expect him to still have a want for my head. I was getting close to the border, and I felt his bloodlust gaining it's way to my location.

    I learned how to use my wings with my steps in quick situations. This way I could use minimal force on both part, and still cover larger distances. A skill that is coming in handy right at this moment.

    As I got closer to the border, he got closer to me, and I could start to see something at the border. Getting closer I noticed it was not something, but someone.

    At this speed i should be able to blow right past it, but that's not the problem. What if whoever that is, has come with this one behind me? Then I will have two Devils chasing me in the market, and I'm sure they're not going to like that.

    They already don't like me much around here as it is, and now this. Still I have to take this chance at survival, I will enter the market, and quickly find a way to exit it in a different place. Then with any luck I can make it back to my area without being followed anymore.

    When I got close enough to the one standing at the border. I began to see it was an Angel, and he also looked pissed. He grabbed me so easily from out of the air.

    It almost felt like everything in existence stopped at that moment.

    "I have some questions for you, and I will ask them in just a moment."

    The Angel said to me as I finally was able to look him in the face.

    "Do not move from this spot, or I will find you!" He commanded, when he put me down, and started to walk in the Devils direction.

    "This one is a being protected under the law of the realms. If you have what you wanted, and the offer of his life was on the table. You must obey the King's laws, and leave him be to his life."

    He shouted at the Devil, but he was still coming at us. The Angel dropped his shield, took a stance, and with one punch he sent the Devil backwards.

    Had to have knocked him back a few yards, and it looks like he isn't getting back up.

    "Now back to you, you're coming with me, and you do not have a choice."
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