9 CH 9: I need answers!

    It's been awhile since I heard The King. The royal has not shown himself to again. I haven't made any prayers since then either.

    I have been fighting with the Devils a lot more. I don't like how they do things in the market. Taking thing from the traders there without giving them anything in return.

    The dagger is too easy to use now. I feel like I need something stronger now. The other item is just as easy. They do work extremely well together. It wasn't hard to get use to them.

    My wings have grown almost three times their last size. I'm even starting to get high enough to fly almost. I never did it so when I get up there I just spread them.

    It makes me come down slower. It also makes hitting the land softer. The more I fight, they bigger they get. Righteousness does a lot for you if you grow it right.

    Dont get too far ahead of myself. Keep my focus on protecting, and keeping the laws. Only fight the Devils, and hunt the smaller beings that run lose. Always give a fair trade seems to be part of it too.

    In the market I tried to trade something of less value. My wings wouldn't move until I went back to the trader, and offered him more. Good thing i figured that out.

    The King doesn't talk to me anymore, but He sure knows how to teach me what not to do. He must have really good eyes, and perfect hearing. He can really hear my mind.

    No point in trying to stop my mind. He already knows what is in it. Plus He can see what has yet to be seen. That guy is somehow on top of everything going on.

    I shouldn't spend too much time on this. He is probably being creepy again listening to my mind right now. That's kind of annoying knowing that He can just listen to what He wants.

    I have to figure out a way to get the royal to show himself. He is the one I can actually speak with. He is the one who can answer my questions.

    Prayer is what made him show himself before. That is probably the best way to get him out. I'm not sure what to do.

    He did say that I learned a better way to make a prayer. So on my knees is a start. He also said the first time that I was asking someone I couldn't see to do something for me.

    I must have to ask The King for something when I'm on my knees. What do I ask for so that the royal is sent to me?

    I was afraid of that Devil the first time, but I'm not afraid now. Same thing for the second time. He did say that he was watching me the second time.

    He was watching the first time too. He had to know I was afraid of fading away. That won't do me any good.

    I already have good items to survive. I have almost done enough trading to get a space in the market. Which is hard if your not from the tribes.

    I'm not from the tribes, but since I can stop the Devils. They are treating me better in the market.

    Should I pick a fight with one of the Devil tribes chiefs? No, that would be stupid, and I think The King would do something to me for that.

    Yeah, He would definitely do something to me. That's off the list.

    I know something I haven't tried yet! I'm going to go to one of the gates. The beings that come from the lake always go there. They get to talk to the Angels that are watching the gates.

    I'm sure how that works still though. They are all kinds of beings, and so different from each other. Some of them have wings, and some tails. There are some that have both. They never come off as being smart at all.

    They stare at me until I say something to them. Then I kind of get this feeling that they want to know where to go. I send them to the gate each time. So why not go there myself.

    It's going to be a bit before I get to one from here. Which is funny, because I haven't been in my area much since I saw him.

    With a few good steps, and some push from my wings. I was there faster then I assumed.

    "I want to speak to the royal!" I yelled at the gate when I arrived.

    Out came two Angels just like they do when I send the Lost souls here. I knew I would get someone to hear me.

    "You are not permitted to pass this gateway." The said at the same time.

    What the ** was that? How did they speak at the same time like that?

    "I'm not asking to pass asshole. I'm asking to speak to the royal." I responded to them.

    "If you wish to speak to a royal. Then you must know the royals name." The one said as he faced me.

    "Even if you know their name. You may still not be able to speak to them." The other one said.

    "Outsiders aren't permitted pass us unless they are delivering items that The King's Angel's have ordered."

    They were back to talking at the same time again. I have no clue what they are talking about. I don't know what a name is, and I surely dont know the royals name.

    Now I have to find out his name to speak to him, and that might not even work. I should have tried to make a prayer first.

    "What is a name, and what do I need to do to speak to him?"

    They turned around, and went back into the gate. They didn't even answer my question. Someone is going to answer my **ing questions.

    "Hey royal asshole! You didn't tell me your name. Are you afraid of letting me know it?!"

    He has a big chip on his shoulder. I bet that gets him to come out.

    There was this odd feeling all of a sudden. I couldn't move, but it wasn't like what The King did. I was afraid to move, and see what was behind me. I don't know what this energy is, but it has a small bit of the royals aura to it.

    Is this what it feels like to be around a pissed off royal. This is way different then when the Devils get pissed.

    "Do you wish to fade from this realm young one?" He said from behind me.

    "I can make that happen if that is what you wish!"

    I might have gone too far this time. I hope i can get out of this without fading away.

    I turned around, and his face was enough to put me on my knees.

    "I just wanted to ask some questions that's all."

    He reached his hand down to me when i did that.

    "You should not pray to anyone other then my Father. It's not good for you." He said with his normal aura and face.

    "Stand up, my name is Mikhail, and a name is what you call someone. It helps you remember who they are. Do you not have a name?"

    No one has ever called me anything that I liked hearing. So I dont think I want to answer that.

    "No, I didnt know you could be called by just one thing. The tribesmen all call me different things."

    Maybe I should find a name of my own. It would be nice to have something to call myself.

    "Does your name mean something? How did you get it?"

    If i can learn more about names i can find a good one. Then i can have something to tell the traders at the market. They might stop calling me all the other names.

    "Mikhail means "One who is like God," and I was given it by my Father. God is another name used in the realms for The King."

    "All of the ones chosen to be under my Father have his name in their names. It is what He calls a "birth right.""

    The King is also know as "God," and His name is in the name of all that He chooses to be under Him. I wonder what that means.

    "If you want to know more about what we do beyond the wall. You should start by listening to the caravans that walk the wall from time to time."

    "They are monks that spread my Fathers word outside the wall." He said before jumping back over the wall.

    Always leaving me with more questions. Angel's definitely have the ability to piss you off while helping you out. Then again they could just be doing this to me.

    What are these caravans he is talking about? I don't see anyone walking around spreading anything, but destruction. I get the feeling I'm not going to get any rest for awhile. I have to hunt for caravans.

    I don't know where to start my hunt. He said they walk the wall to spread The Kings word. That must mean they come out close to the wall, and teach the beings outside the wall things.

    This must be how everyone outside the wall gets smarter. I have to find one of these caravans.

    My area is near the wall, but I never seen one. They must not go that far over. That would be a good place to start since they dont go there, and if i reach it again. I will know i have to go back the other way.

    There are gates, and I'm sure there are battlefields too. I have to be careful around the battlefields, but the gates might not be a problem.

    If I can find one, maybe I can follow it around for awhile. Then I could learn a lot from them before they go back.

    I don't have to wait for the royal, or The King now. I can grow on my own again. This is the way I like things.

    I headed for to my area to prepare for my hunt. I was going to need some things in order to survive. I dont know all the areas out here yet. I can't understand the books well. I don't know what they say about the other areas.
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