18 Ch 18: The tale of the Foxx

    With my new idea in play. I stood up straight, tightened my grip on my dagger, and calmed my mind. This dance will balance the elements of my fighting knowledge. Defense will be its core strategy, and swift precise attacks its sub core.

    The defense should be structured around fluid, yet soft movement. While the precision of my technique. Should focus on only attacking when vitals are exposed.

    Once vulnerable, attacking will be chosen with caution, and at least three moves plqnned in advance. That will allow the defensive side to remain fluid, without causing unnecessary risk to the user.

    It will also allow the defensive side to make at least two moves of planning between attacks. That means I must be able to read at least 5 moves in advance in order to attack.

    Piercing strikes, and jabbing blows will be the attack form. Its structure will be in hitting the center of the vitals. Cutting off their flow, and damaging them beyond repair.

    I'm not too strong when it comes to brute force. However the speed I apply to my strikes. Gives way to it's own force due to massive initial acceleration.

    If I can focus that force into a needling effect. I should be able to deal more structural damage.

    At this time I was avoiding the attacks coming my way. I was using my area of sense to feel out the flow of movements.

    If I reduce my area to about 5 feet in radius. It's field of sensitivity is almost on par with spatial control. When it comes to predicting movements that is.

    I found my opening, and I went for it. Direct hit on all the first three blows, and correct reading of the returning moves.

    I began to dance a little with my feet. Causing the small dust, and rubble beneath me to move in the same direction.

    It looked as if the different elements around me was dancing with me. Soon the wind itself was moving with my feet.

    I harnessed the air from below me with my wings. Leaving them limber, and nimble. The air around them started to gather the air.

    When my wings gathered the air. I used it to add sharpness to my strikes. The air became one with my dagger.

    Strike to the shoulder, strike to the arm, strike to the lower abdomen, and spin to the right 360°. Avoid the left over head strike coming downward.

    Avoid the right hand striking from the side by a backwards step to it's right. A fighter avoids the blow coming from one hand by dodging to that side. Dodging to the opposite side, can set you up for the strike from that side.

    Blow to the center plate of the sternum. Blow to the upper thigh, and a finishing blow to throat. Severing the head from the body.

    Even the blood that came from each strike was engulfed in my wind. It danced with it, and made trails in the air out of blood.

    I continued to dance like that until I had taken care of over 100 Demonic, and 40 Devils. It happened in about 2 and a half minutes time. I didn't have to use my sense of dominance during my attack.

    I didn't notice much before, but my feet have grown quite far since my first pair of shoes. I recieved another pair from a scavenging expedition a while back. They belonged to an Angel who had lost in a war.

    I think I might even be able to use spatial control now without my wings. Well I travel larger distances with them. So I mean I will not have to use them to activate the ability anymore.

    That will be very helpful when fighting multiple opponents over ten in number. I won't have to use so much of my energy now. I'm going to work on that, and my new technique.

    The remaining Angels whom had not fallen on the battlefield started to walk over to me when I finished my dance. They were in an uproar, and in a rush to get to me. Could this be what the old man wanted?

    They were asking so many questions at once. I had to tell them to calm down a bit. I'm only one person, and my ears started to hurt.

    They wanted to know where I learned my fighting skills from. They didn't know there was an Angel living on the outside of the wall they said. I had to tell them I appear to be like them, but at the same time I am not.

    Of course they wanted to know why, and what I am. I didn't know what to say about that part. I'm not sure what it is that I am yet. I told them I am a rare Jin since I have always been in the land of the Jin.

    Not sure if that was true or not. It just felt like a good idea at the time. No need on making things more difficult for myself.

    "Don't you guys have to go back to Heaven, or something?" I asked sarcastically."

    That's when the female archer from earlier spoke.

    "Do all rare Jin fight like you? Did a Fallen Angel teach you how to fight?"

    She had a direct approach, but a inoffensive tone to her voice. I wasn't sure what to make of her questioning. Was she alarmed, or fascinated by me.

    I didn't have much experience with females. Well at least I don't think I did. I'm not sure which demons are male, or female yet. I haven't been beyond the wall before either.

    "None that I know of fight like me, and I learned from someone who is not a Jin."

    Why do I sound like a child right now?! My voice isn't typically this shakey. What is this feeling of anxiety?

    "Do all female Angels show spite to those who save them?" Still with a shakey voice.

    That seemed to tick her off pretty well.

    "I don't know if you noticed, but I was able to kill my enemies without being near them."

    "I didn't even need to smell their scents. Unlike yourself, whom is covered in blood. Such a waste of good talents "rare Jin!""

    She said with such ferocity in her aura. Still while saying it in a gracefulness that made me stop to think. Did I just make an enemy just now? I saw how she used that bow. This ones gracefulness is dangerous!

    She took off for the gate by herself. I think I might have made an enemy out of her. I hope I see her again so I can apologize.

    "Mr. Rare Jin!" One of the Angels called out.

    "Thank you for helping us today. Your fighting skill are amazing! Now I can tell everybody I saw the Fox Demon in action!"

    What's with them and that classification of me? I'm not a damn demon for crying out loud.

    "You're welcome, but if you tell anyone what I look like I will find you. Allow them to think I am a "Fox Demon," and that I am a threat."

    They all looked confused.

    "If they are not willing to come outside to see me for themselves. They shouldn't worry about what I look like.

    "If they do not want to come talk to me. They do not need to know what kind of person I am."

    They all agreed to the terms, and said that they liked the idea. They understood that I wanted them to learn about me on their own. If they want to have preconceived notions about who, and what I am. Then let them have their beliefs of me.

    I don't really care about what is thought of me. I was always alone, and the first one to speak to me was Mikhail. Then his Father came to me, and those were my first two friends.

    From what Mikhail taught me about family bonds. It's more like Mikhail became my brother, and The King became my Father as well. I knew that if anyone really cared for me. It was those two with out a doubt.

    Before leaving they told me they would go back, and tell the people of Heaven what they saw. They said they would tell them the Foxx came, and laid down The King's law. That He taught them repentance in The King's name.

    They all agreed to call it "The Foxx's Tale." A tale of "The Demon of Repentance!"
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