24 CH 24: Poetry in motion

    After my conversation was over with my uncle. He gave me two more books to study. One from a king who taught philosophy, and one from a king who taught poetry.

    He said that they too wanted me to study their teachings. So that I could give them my feedback one day. I still have yet to give the healer my thoughts on his teachings.

    The philosopher taught that the apple falls threw the realms. During its process it also goes threw the abyss. While in the abyss it decays down to it's core.

    It then goes threw the next realm collecting the properties of that realm. Rebuilding itself using the precious properties in combination with the new realms properties.

    It will continue that process over and over again. Then it will fall with in the garden of eden to be harvested.

    The garden of eden is The King's sacred garden. This is a place where entirely new beings are placed at first. Then they are transferred to the preferred realm.

    One of which The King chooses for the beings He creates. The apple will help them build structured properties of the preferred realm.

    The apples design is to promote the best qualities for each realm. This way the beings that are placed have the best chances of survival.

    This is one of the beliefs with in that kings book. He had plenty more philosophical information in his book. Much of it had to do with the behaviour of the realm around us.

    How it effects our own behavioural actions, and emotions. He taught about how to maintain a balance with these kind of things.

    It was much like the philosophy of the monks. Except theirs taught the opposite of his books. Theirs taught more about our behaviors with in the realm effecting the behaviors of the realm itself.

    The healers book taught about how we use these things to heal ourselves, and others. It was clear to see the intertwining between the teachings.

    The King's book taught a piece of all the others. It was of a more general outlook to each teaching. It left room for growth, and room for change.

    The book on poetry taught the use of words to build expressions. Using your words to cause the listeners, and/or the readers to have visions of your stories. Also to gain emotions from them.

    It said that poetry did not need to just be a series of rhymes. It was a way to use your word play in a manner that is poetic. One that promotes emotional connection to your audiences.

    I studied the book on poetry very often. It had some interesting stories. The poems in that book touched my core. They resonate with my own past, and my feelings.

    I wanted to be able to write good poems of my own. This way I could show the king how much I enjoyed his teachings. I wanted to build great philosophies to present to the other king. I'm not too good at the healing techniques, but I do want to discuss my thoughts with that king as well.

    I believe my first poem went something like this...

    If the equation of two is one plus one-

    The equation of one must be one plus none-

    If that is to be true-

    Then the equation of me doesn't include you-

    If my equity has no value to gain as self-

    Then you must be my wealth-

    If that is to be true-

    Then what I value must be you-

    If I am the wind, then you are the air-

    For without you, I can blow nowhere-

    If I'm am not to blow-

    Then by myself, my wind can not grow-

    If you will always be my air-

    Then I can blow anywhere-

    If that can be true-

    Then I don't want to blow anywhere without you-

    If we are that which composes the sky-

    Then we are true, our union is not a lie-

    If that is what is our truth-

    Then let us not seperate, nor run loose-

    You are that which I breathe-

    That which I need-

    I am your protector, always taking the lead-

    Making sure you are safe, and that you do not bleed-

    I thought it was a bit under par, but Lil fell in love wit it. She said she wanted to add it to her collection. Of course i couldn't say no after seeing how happy she was with it.

    I knew she loved poetry, and books just as much as me. She was a scholar, and a pretty good teacher. There weren't too many differences between the two of us.

    She was strong, and independent. Never backing down from anyone who challenged her beliefs. She also never turned down a fight, unless it was a dire situation.

    I was independent, and yielding to any foe. Constantly standing up for anyone, or anything that was looked down on. Together I'm sure we could take on mostly any opponent. Both on the battlefield, and on the debate stage.

    She was more diplomatic then I was for sure. I liked a more direct approach, and a more aggressive strategy. She preferred to push herself forward using her mental strength.

    Mikhail told me stories of her protest in Heaven. He said that she was always taking a stand on women doing more. Not just to the men, but also to the women.

    Telling them not to just treat easy in the safety of men. That they should grow their own abilities, and learn to protect themselves. I don't know what the roles are like in Heaven, but if she is doing so much. Then she must have a good reason.

    I don't see her causing any fuss for nothing. She wasn't the type to do things like that.

    I continued to work on my poems, and she collected quite a few of them for herself. She wanted to make a book of my poems to keep in her library. I bet she has thousands of books in that library.

    I have collected four books of my own so far. One from each of the kings I have met. Then I have The King's book itself, but I dont have one from my uncle yet.

    I guess he figured it was no point since he pretty much is teaching me that himself. He does teach me a lot of things when we meet. His philosophy is one of compassion, and things like empathy for others.

    So if you count what he has taught me as a book. I have a total of five books now. Each of the books is filled with plenty to study. Plus each time I read them over I learn something new from them.

    Sometimes I think that they are still growing, and they update themselves. Well maybe not themselves, because the craftsmen are in my bag working all the time. I wonder if those guys get any sleep in there. Do they even have to sleep?...

    I am starting to see what my uncle meant by complimenting my air. She looks so happy when she is with me. We fight from time to time about our beliefs. I love every single debate we have no matter how heated it gets.

    I don't think I would like her anymore if she wasn't so strong. I haven't met many females other then her. I sometimes thinks she has put a warning out to any females in Heaven. I also think sometimes she is the one who started the "Sorceress" stories.

    Either way it's fine with me. I don't want any other females to try either. I'm happy with my headache just they way she is. She isn't really a headache, I just say that cause she challenges my thoughts.

    I also am fine with it, because I'm certain if they tried to. She would have their heads without hesitation. I would hate to see her become a fallen. If she did I still would love her though.

    I just hope if that happens, she doesn't completely lose herself before I can find her. That, or she comes straight to me after it.

    I don't know what happens to an Angel when they fall. If they lose themselves before, during, or after the fall. What if they dont lose themselves at all? That might explain how they are planning, and building societies out here.

    I know that too much time out here changes someone. That's why Lil, and Mikhail don't stay for long periods of time. I look like the Angels do but I have some signs of life outside the wall.

    My calfs are a growing fur on them, and my ear have developed some changes as well. The rest of me seems fine for now. I'm pretty sure I'm this way due to double nature.

    I learned I wasn't the first one with a double nature. Just most others still have a stronger side that usually takes over. My nature is equally balanced, and in harmony with itself.

    When it comes to the behaviour of the Jin. I'm only destructive against those who oppose the balance that The King wants. It's like it's a part of my very being. I dont care much for doing good, or bad.

    I just want to maintain the balance of all thing no matter what I need to do. I learned from my uncle that both of my natures can be used for good deeds. He said it was one of the principles of light, and dark.

    There is no light that does not cast a shadow. There is no darkness that has no light to it. For there can't be one without the other. Yet darkness can overwhelm the light if allowed to run rampant.

    The light can overcome the darkness, but there will always be shadows near by. So one should use their shadow to learn of their own darkness. So that they can better understand the light that they have.

    Understanding where your light comes from. Is to understand your own darkness. That darkness is present because light is shining somewhere. When darkness exist with no light, all hope is lost.

    There will be nothing to guide us then. There will also be nothing to help the dark ones either. All things will perish if that ever happens. So there always needs to be balance. Learning to balance yourself is useful.

    It will teach you that your darkness can become strength. That your light can be a weakness. You will learn to control yourself better when you master these things.

    I'm not good at his teachings naturally, but I am learning. I kind of like being a wild card in all of this. Plus I don't like for people to tell me what to do. If The King ask me to do things for Him. Then I'm not going to let anyone force me to do anything.
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