33 CH 33: The Kings has new plans

    Lil didnt leave until the next day. We also didn't finish until the next day either. She didn't have duties, but she wanted new clothes on.

    Before she left, I gave her the gifts I had for her. Of course her favorite things was the book, and then the wine. She apologized for running away last time, but I let her know it was me who needed to apologize.

    She also talked to me about showing my light. I let her know I did it because it was her day. Also to apologize for being such an ass.

    The Angels were all talking about me. They were saying that my pseudonym was a good name. They all wanted to meet me, and get to know whom I was.

    I didn't think showing my light off would cause such a fuss. Mikhail is going to have to clean that one up.

    I dont know what he is going to say to get out of this one. They are going to want to come over to my patrols to see me. He is going to be pissed at me...

    I know yesterday was my first patrol, but it feels like today is the real patrol. Since my cave is directly underneath the corner I'm supposed to watch. I don't have to be up there the whole time.

    I will sit there most of the time I'm on duty. Wouldn't want to cause more fuss for my brother. He will really go off if I'm absent from my post too long.

    I wonder what kind of lessons they will be teaching at Lil's university today. It's the first day of classes as well. I hope the little bit of herbs we smoked will help her with effects from drinking.

    She said majority of the teachers there will be women. She doesn't want to discriminate against the males. She just wants women to take a more front line role in things.

    They must be some strong females if Lil has asked them for help. A university of female teachers, and male faculty members. I bet there are some jealous men over there right now...

    "Are you happy with your corner now my son?"

    The King's voice interrupted my thoughts.

    "You knew what you were doing old man. I don't even have to answer that question."

    I couldn't help, but to be happy He still wanted to speak to me.

    "Is it time for me to go on duty already?"

    He was gone, and I should have known He would be.

    "You could at least say farewell sometimes old man..."

    Still nothing back, and I'm ok with that. I guess He does it so I know He still has something to say to me. When I finally get to see the old man, I hope we can have an actual conversation for once.

    He probably has the best stories to tell. He is the oldest of us all. Just then I got a pain in my side, and it made me giggle.

    "Still creeping around old man?!"

    I didn't expect a response to that one. I just gathered all the things I needed for my watch later. Those two are always complaining about boredom on the wall.

    I just packed some writing materials, and my books. Besides my studies, and my friends I pretty much have nothing to do. Every so often I go on a hunt to keep myself entertained.

    I don't take their lives anymore though. I just hunt the creatures here for fun.  I think some of them like it as well.

    "How did you feel about the ceremony brother?"

    Should have known he was going to show up.

    "It was spectacular, and Lil was beautiful."

    We shook hands, and took a seat.

    "Come to get me for my patrol?"

    He shook his head.

    "Not yet, I just wanted to talk to you.  Father has asked me to hear your thoughts on something."

    The old man, and his friends surely have been asking my opinion a lot lately.

    "What's going on? Another raid plan, or something like that?"

    I couldn't imagine what The King would want my opinion about. Unless this has something to do with Lil.

    "He wants to know what you think about Heaven?"

    What the **?! He wants to know what I think about Heaven?

    "Doesn't He know what I think already?"

    He shrugged his shoulders.

    "I know, but He wants me to know. He said how you would feel being offered a title."

    Another title?

    "I thought He called me "Lord of the Wind" when He speaks about me."

    That's what the other kings say to me at least.

    "Yes, but He says this would be a formal title in Heaven. Which means He probably wants to give you a chance to get in."

    If He is offering that I have to take the offer. He might want something big in return for this though. I have to make sure this isn't one sided.

    "What is He asking me to do for this title?"

    He shrugged his shoulders again.

    "He has yet to say anything about that."

    Hmm, I guess He doesn't know what I will choose. I have been a bit doubtful lately.

    "What is this title, and what is the responsibility of the title."

    He stood up, and walked in front of me.

    "He says you will be Heavens first "Saint," and you will be given a title that signifies that."

    A saint? I would be the first one, that must be a part of His plan from the beginning.

    "What is a saint, and what is the title that comes with that?"

    I should know more before I agree.

    "I don't know what it is to be honest with you. I just know He said the title would be "Lucifer.""

    That's sounds more like a name to me. Why such a title just for me?

    "What's that mean?"

    He smiled back.

    "It means "He who harnesses light," and it would be your official title in Heaven."

    A title that sounds like a name, a new position in Heaven, and the title kind of goes along with my pseudonym. What to do with this situation?

    I know exactly what to do.

    "I will accept the offer, but only if I can negotiate differences in terms."

    "If I can use Lucifer as my name for now. Since The King has yet to give me a proper name."

    "Then I want to use saint as my title. This way you can announce me as "Lucifer the Saint of Heaven.""

    This will work out since no one knows I'm the fox demon really. I can become a completely new person for now.

    "This way I can maintain identity here, and in Heaven. When I need to go on covert missions. I can under the disguise of the fox demon."

    This will do perfectly if The King accepts my terms.

    "Father says He is fine with that if you will agree to one addition of His."

    Ok this is going well.

    "He wants you to be "Lucifer advisor to The King," and to use saint as your classification of creation."

    Why does He want me to do that?

    "He said that your not a Jin, or an Angel. He wants to classify you as a "Saint.""

    He is right about me being neither of these creations. I guess I can roll with this for now.

    "Ok I'm in, but we have to make a plan to do this without too many questions. Does Lil know about it yet?"

    He shook his head. That was good that she didn't know already.

    "We have to let her know as soon as possible. I know she can figure some type of plan to persuade the others."

    Mikhail agreed with me about telling her first. He said it was safer for the both of us if we did. I agreed with that...

    When I was on patrol all I did was study. I needed to be ready to play the part of an advisor to The King himself. That's probably not something that happens that often.

    Mikhail told me to give him a few days to get time to come back to see me. He said that he would tell Lil what day it was so that we could work on the plan.

    I'm going to be the one to tell her the good news though. I can't wait to see her face when she hears this. She, and Mikhail have done so much for me.

    Samael was wrong about The King. Even if this is His way of using me. I'm fine with that, He is slowly giving me the things I want.

    I don't care if He didn't. I have been able to learn so many new things because of Him. I met my brother, and my love because of Him. Even though He's pain in my ass sometimes.

    He can't be all that bad. I think He just wants to know you're prepared to recieve His gifts. That you've grown enough to represent Him in a way that He can appreciate.

    I guess I should start to develop some light based techniques. That way I can have a completely new persona in Heaven. I can use Lucifer until The King gives me a proper name.

    I hope I didn't stop him from giving me one when I chose to use that as my name for now. No way I did. He saw that one coming, and let me think I was a few steps ahead.

    When I think about it He has always been with me. If He can hear my thoughts, and sees what I have yet to do. Then he is the only one who really listens to me.

    He knows me better then anyone else does. If I think back I can probably find a few times He talked to me before I noticed it was someone else talking.

    It's not like He speaks out loud. He speaks directly to all of us in a different way. He only talks directly to very few people. He may not like the way some people think altogether.
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