8 Can I Read a Guide?

    "You back already?" Asked the second guard with a grin on his face.

    "Yes I have." Replied Seojoon with a small nod. "It was quite easy with your sword. Do you want it back?"

    The second guard shook his head and smiled. "You can keep it. I have a better one at home."

    "Thank you," said Seojoon accepting the sheath from the guard and sheathing his sword before giving a ninety degree bow. During the five minutes he spent hunting, he had learned just how lucky he was to have gotten the sword.

    Out of curiosity, he had tried punching a slime with his fists and came to the conclusion that no matter how hard he hit it, it would never deal more that 1 damage. To make matters even worse, if he didn't hit the slime with all his strength or did not hit it directly in the center, he would deal no damage at all.

    [Hunting Quest Complete

    You have not disappointed the guard and have achieved his quest safely and soundly. Although he is far from being impressed, he now holds you in a better light.

    Rabbits - 5/5

    Slimes - 5/5

    Reward: 50 exp, a chance to learn swordsmanship.]

    Seojoon raised his eyebrows when he read the rewards for completing the quest. 50 exp was not a small amount of exp at all. He could see why people were desperate for quests. 50 exp was worth 50 slimes and rabbits. Since most people didn't have a sword like him, they would need to grind at least an hour to get that much exp by hunting alone since each mob would take 2 minutes to kill.

    The second guard placed his arm around Seojoon's neck before giving him a sly grin. "Now that you completed my request, let me uphold my side of the promise."

    "Yes sir."

    "I like your spirit. Have you completed your Class Quest yet? The one you got from the village head?"

    Seojoon shook his head. "I haven't met the village head yet, there was too long of a line."

    The first guard sighed. "Makes sense. We just received an influx of outsiders in the past hour alone. The line must be insane as of the moment."

    "Yep, I heard that a lot of them have been fighting as well. Our men have arrested at least seven outsiders already. Well, go complete your Class Quest first and come back. If you decide to become a swordsman, I'll get the captain to teach you some techniques. He owes me a favor anyways."

    The first guard raised an eyebrow. "Why does he owe you a favor?"

    "I helped him out when he got caught going to a brothel by his wife."

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    [Get Your First Class Quest!

    The guard wishes to help you progress through the game smoothly. He has offered you a choice, become a swordsman and learn the art of swordsmanship or receive another prize.

    Class Quest - 0/1

    Reward: 20 exp and a reward that depends on your class.]

    Seojoon hesitated before nodding. "It will take me some time to complete though. I think the line got even longer...."

    The guards sighed in an understanding manner when the first guard suddenly widened his eyes. "Wait a moment, we can escort him to the front of the line can't we? The village head said to bring any extraordinary outsiders to him immediately!"

    "Yes, he said to bring someone extraordinary. Not, bring anyone we want."

    "But he is extraordinary! He is extraordinarily kind!"

    The second guard opened his mouth to argue before hesitating. "Hmmm.... seems like a good enough reason. You can go take him to the village head. I'll stay here and finish out guard duty."

    "Cool," said the first guard with a smile before turning around to face Seojoon. "What is your name? I don't recall you telling us what to call you by."

    "My name is Seojoon."

    "That's cool! You can call me Mike and the other guard is Zie. Let's get going shall we? The captain will get angry me if I don't get back here quick."

    The two of them left Zie at the gate to guard by himself and made their way back to the village center.

    Seojoon could see that the line had grown exponentially when compared to before. Even the amount of guards that glared at the rowdy players had increased as well.

    Mike gave the guards a wave, who responded by waving back, before promptly ignoring the entire line of annoyed players and guided Seojoon directly to the front.

    Immediately, Seojoon felt an incredible amount of bloodlust fall upon his back. When he turned around to determine what the cause of such bloodlust was, he was met with the wrathful eyes of all the players waiting in the line.

    Seojoon hesitated and wanted to go to the end of the line and wait but Mike pushed him from behind to keep him moving. When they reaches the door to the village head's house, Mike knocked three times and waited.

    After a moments pause, a player came out of the house with a satisfied look with a somewhat young man following right behind.

    The young man watched the player happily leave before turning his to give a smile to Mike and Seojoon. "Good afternoon Mike. Are you not on guard duty today?"

    "I am, Village Head," Replied Mike with a sigh. "And it's terrible. I've seen at least 5 outsiders attempt to kill a crazy dog and die."

    "What a pity. So I assume that the person standing next to you is someone you consider to be special?"


    "Very well then, come inside. And you, Mike, you should hurry up and go back to the gates. The captain will get angry if you are gone for too long."

    "Yes, village chief. I'll be going then. Good luck Seojoon."

    "Thank you."

    The young village head guided Seojoon into the house and offered him to sit before sitting down himself. After a moment of silence, the village head gave Seojoon a smile.

    "So, what do you need from me, sir Seojoon?"

    "I want to get a class quest please."

    The village head nodded his head in a knowingly manner. "I offer that quest to every outsider who visits my house. It is a simple matter to complete. Is there anything else you wish from me?"

    Seojoon was about to shake his head when he hesitated and thought of something to ask.

    "Can you help me understand what is going on? Is there like a guide that I can read?"
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