9 Who wants to be Next?

    The village head tilted his head sideways with a puzzled expression. "Is this your first time acting as an outsider?"

    "Excuse me?"

    [Is this your first time playing a game?]

    "Ah yes, this is my first time.... being an outsider."

    "I see, well that explains a lot about your confusion. To start things off, why don't you say status for me?"


    Immediately, a transparent two dimensional box appeared right before his eyes.

    [Kim Seojoon (Bookworm Teacher)

    Class: none

    Lvl: 1 (60/100)

    Health: 100/100

    Vitality: 50/50  Mana: 50/50

    <Attributes> <Skills> <Quests>]

    Seojoon furrowed his brows and started to bite his thumb as he went deep into thought. "I'm guessing that.... health represents the amount of hits I can take?"


    "Is vitality.... my endurance? How long I can keep up strenuous activities?"


    "And if I am correct, mana helps me determine how many more spells I can use?"


    Seojoon frowned. "So what happens if I lose all my health? I suppose that I die and come back to life?"

    "That is correct."

    "What if my life is at 1? Will I die if I take a single hit? Or will I require a fatal blow to die? It does not make sense after all if I die after getting lightly smacked on the hand."

    The village head let out a grin. "You are absolutely correct. Are you sure this is your first time as an outsider? You seem to understand how things work even without my help."

    Seojoon shrugged. "It's basic logical reasoning. I apply the terms that I'm already familiar with to the current situation and make an educated guess. Besides, I never knew that seeing your status was a possible thing."

    Seojoon squinted his eyes as he analyzed the status screen for any other information he could obtain.

    "I'm guessing that my skills tab contains skills that I have learned? As for this attribute tab.... show attributes."


    Agility - 1   Dexterity - 1   Intelligence - 1   Strength - 1   Endurance - 1

    Attribute points - 5]

    Seojoon frowned once again before looking up at the village head. "I can understand what the general use of my attributes are but what exactly do they correlate to? Agility probably refers to my speed? But does that factor into my linear speed or into my angular speed? Or maybe both? Strength is obviously my strength but what kind of strength? Will my strength increase my speed or unaffected it? More power should mean more bursts of speed, but the faster I strike, the stronger my blow becomes. I'm guessing that dexterity is referring to my flexibility? Or maybe the control I have over my body? Intelligence has to do with increasing my mental strength and if I refer to most fantasy magic books, more mental strength means a higher capacity for magic so I'm guessing this attribute affects my mana capacity? Endurance most probably refers to my vitality but then again it could also affect my health.... is that correct village head?"

    Seeing Seojoon expectantly stare him, the village head wore a wry smile on his face. "It sounds about correct. Better than any example I could've came up with."

    "Thank you, village head. I'm guessing that the attribution points can be allocated to one of my five basic stats to give myself a power gain?"

    "It is indeed so, but once you allocate them, you will not be able to take them back."

    Seojoon nodded his head in satisfaction. This was almost exactly like contracted investments, something that he could understand.

    "From what I've experienced so far, quests are like extra credit assignments right? Not necessary but very beneficial."

    "Erm, I don't really understand your comparisons-"

    "It's ok village head. You have cleared up things for me greatly." Seojoon gave a deep bow as he expressed his gratitude. He finally understood how the game worked. Classes would most likely be something akin to professions in the real world. He enjoyed how much inferring he had to do to understand the game. It was like solving a puzzle or a really tricky passage analysis.

    The village head shrugged his shoulders. "If you don't have anymore questions, do you want to obtain your class quest?"

    Seojoon nodded. "Yes please. That would be great."

    The village head's eyes immediately sharpened as a slight grin slowly creeped up his face. "What do you wish to be? A warrior? A swordsman? A ranger? Or a mage??

    Seojoon hesitated. He honestly did not know which class to go. A warrior would most likely be a class that would have a high health pool while rangers would be damage dealers with high dexterity. Mages were obviously high damage dealers while swordsmen could be a mix between a warrior and ranger.

    Seojoon's mind flickered to his current quest. If he chose to become a swordsman... would getting a chance to learn swordsmanship benefit him?

    ".... I wish to become a swordsman."

    The village head nodded his head as he gave a quick glance at the sword on Seojoon's hip. "Makes sense I guess. Well then receive your first class quest sir Seojoon. You must head out and slay ten rabbits and one crazy dog. Once you do, the goddess shall grant you your class."

    [Become a Swordsman!

    The village head wishes to test your resolve before the asking the goddess to grant you your class.

    Crazy Dog - 0/1

    Rabbits - 0/10

    Reward: the Swordsman Class]

    Seojoon nodded his head in satisfaction before standing up from his chair. "Thank you very much. I shall now take my leave."

    "Good luck to you sir Seojoon's make sure not to die. I will enjoy watching your progress."

    "You are too kind."

    Seojoon made his way outside of the house before letting out a weary sigh. Although expected the scene, the eyes of a hundred angry players was still something that he couldn't ignore.

    "Oi you mother **ing line cheater. Do you wanna die? Can't you wait in line like a normal **ing person?" Asked the nearest person with a demon like glare.

    Seojoon shrugged. "There was nothing I could do. The guard wanted to move me to the front and I can't exactly ignore him can I?"

    "Fuck! Why is he so arrogant?"

    "Let's kill him until he never gets on this game."

    "Line cutters don't need to be treated like humans!"

    Seojoon sighed before massaging his neck. Seojoon watched the angry players with alert eyes. "I guess I should assign my attribute points now while I still can. How do I assign points again?"

    [Say the stat you wish to increase as well as the number of times.]

    "Thank you. Strength 2, Agility 3."

    [Strength + 2

    Strength -> 3]

    [Agility + 3

    Agility -> 4]

    Seojoon felt around his cervical spine before furrowing his brows. "I wonder if human anatomy applies in the games as well?"

    His entire surroundings erupted as multiple players charged at Seojoon. Just as the nearest player got within striking distance with Seojoon, Seojoon drew his sword and sliced it towards the players neck.

    [Player Lonely Monkey has shown aggression towards you. You will not be penalized for retaliating.]

    [-100. Critical Hit! Fatal Hit! You have killed a player.

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    +50 exp]

    [You have leveled up!

    Lvl 1 -> 2

    All stats have risen by one.]

    He felt some resistance as his sword hit the cervical spine, but ultimately, he was able to cut through.

    The player's head span around in the air as his head and his body slowly dissolved into light particles.

    Everyone who was about to rush Seojoon paused immediately and blankly stared at the now dead player's particles.

    "Damn, it's harder to control a sword than I thought. I was aiming for in between the vertebrae. Oh well."

    Seojoon swung his sword around in the air before pointing at the crowd. A small cheeky grin started to creep up the corners of his cheeks as he said his next words.

    "Who wants to be next?"
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