10 Enjoying something other than a book

    Seojoon walked past the crowd of players virtually unhindered. After seeing the first guy get decapitated, no one wanted to end up with the same fate.

    Seojoon gave a glance at the sword that was nestled on his hip. Without the sword, he reckoned that he would have been pummeled to death by a mob. But the most important thing was that he had succeeded in obtaining his class quest.

    "Show quests."


    <Become a Swordsman!> (0/1 crazy dog  0/10 rabbits)

    <Get Your First Class Quest!> (0/1 class quests completed)]

    Once he killed a crazy dog and ten rabbits, he would finish two quests in one go and would be able to learn swordsmanship.

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    As he approached the gates again, he saw Mike and Zie guarding the gate as usual. "Yo, did you get the class quest?"

    "Yep, thanks to you, I didn't have to wait in line."

    "It was nothing. So what did you decide on becoming?"

    "I'm becoming a swordsman."

    Zie nodded his head in approval. "Smart choice. Now you will be able to learn from the captain after you finish your quest and gain a class."

    Seojoon waved goodbye at the soldiers and made his way outside the gate when he paused and turned around. "Do you happen to know where I can find Cr-"

    "You can find a crazy dog after killing a few rabbits. They are attracted to the blood you see," quickly answered Mike before Seojoon could finish his sentence.

    "How did you-"

    "Know? Well both Mike and I have taken the swordsman class quest already. Now hurry up and go kill them beasts. The rabbits will be easy and once again watch out for crazy dogs."

    Seojoon bowed and headed off into the field. Almost instantly, he saw a rabbit dart past his legs and run away. Without wasting a moment, Seojoon immediately chased after it. The rabbits had a horrible health pool and would die after one full swing from his sword, however, the problem was that they were very fast. Due to their fast agility, they were able to outrun and outmaneuver Seojoon and the countless of other players on the field. Seojoon even considered the rabbits to be more of a pain than the slimes.

    However, now that he had increased his agility, he was able to catch the rabbits with ease. Seojoon grabbed the struggling rabbit before drawing his sword and running it through the rabbit. The tiny little creature let out a soft whimper before exploding into light.

    One down, nine to go.

    After slaying his seventh rabbit, Seojoon heard a low snarl. Before he could react however, he felt a dull sense of pain in his leg and fell down.

    When Seojoon recovered from the shock, he saw that there was a big gray animal sinking its jaws into his calf. It looked like a stray German Shepard that hadn't been cleaned in ages and when Seojoon stared into the animals eyes, there was a crazed look to them, making them seem feral and insane.

    Crazed dog.... what a fitting name.

    Before the crazy dog could do more damage, Seojoon kicked the dog in the snout, forcing it off his leg and quickly got back up.


    [You have lost 30 health. Health: 90/120]

    [Your leg has been attacked, your agility will temporarily decrease by 50%]

    Seojoon's eyes went wide with shock. A single bite from the dog shaved away a fifth of his total health and even slowed him down. If he did not pay attention to the dog's attacks, he would die.

    Seojoon raised his sword and pointed it towards the dog and heightened his guard toward the dog. The two of them then did a stare down as they each waited for the other person to move.

    The dog was the first one to break the standstill as it lunged towards Seojoon's throat. He hastily raised his sword to intercept the dog when the dog suddenly ducked beneath his blade and tore into his side.

    [You have lost 40 health. Health: 50/120]

    This time, instead of kicking the dog away, Seojoon grabbed his sword with both hands and drove it downwards into the dog who was still biting down onto the side of his stomach.

    The blade struck true this time and penetrated through the back of the dog, causing it to let out a quick yelp. before going limp.

    [-50. Fatal Hit! You have killed a Crazy Dog.

    +5 exp]

    After the dog had exploded into light, Seojoon fell onto the floor while breathing heavily. After a moment or so, he broke out into laughter. "I just almost died."

    The thrill of fighting against the crazy dog was so exhilarating that Seojoon could still see the crazy eyes of the dog even after it had perished. His heart was beating at an incredible pace and he felt alive. Although it was a relatively short battle, it was still immensely satisfying.

    It was almost comparable to when he finished a particularly good book series such as Harry Potter or Eragon. In fact, the only reason why he enjoyed reading books so much in the first place was because of the feeling he got when he got engrossed into the story. The feeling when he became the character and could imagine and see the magical world in the characters eyes. To visualize an entire battle,

    However, in the game, he did not need to imagine.

    If he become stronger.... would he be able to experience even more thrilling battles?

    Seojoon closed his eyes as he could almost see himself in a battle, slaying down monsters with a swing of his blade. A feeling of ecstasy washed over him and got him to stand up and open his eyes. His eyes immediately zeroed in on a lonely defenseless rabbit a few meters away from him.

    ".... let's finish this quest quickly. I can't wait to learn swordsmanship."

    Seojoon raised his sword and charged at the little rabbit with a wild smile on his face. For the first time in a while, he was enjoying something other than a book.
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