11 The Difference in Difficulty

    [Become a Swordsman! Complete!

    You have successfully completed all the requirements to obtaining the swordsman class. The village head is proud.

    Crazy Dog - 1/1

    Rabbits - 10/10

    Reward: the Swordsman Class]

    [Congratulations! You have obtained the class <Swordsman>! You are the first one to complete a class quest. Title <First> has been acquired. The function <titles> has been unlocked.]

    [Get Your First Class Quest! Complete!

    You have proved yourself worthy of receiving the guard captains teachings. Go back to the guard Zie and receive your reward.

    Class Quest completed - 1/1

    Reward: 20 exp and a great opportunity to learn swordsmanship from the captain of the guards.]

    Seojoon watched as the last particle of the bunny faded away before raising his eyebrows. "What are titles? Are they like achievements and awards? Show titles."



    Seojoon clicked on the title <First> and read the description that immediately popped up.

    [Title: <First>

    A unique title given to the first player to complete a class quest. All stats will rise by 2 points.]

    "Neat. Next would be my class information.... show class."

    [Class: Swordsman

    A class that increases the ability to wield a sword. All damage dealt with a sword or a sword skill will experience a 10% increase in damage.]

    "Now that I got my class, I really should go and learn swordsmanship. I wonder what kind of benefits it will give me."

    Seojoon sheathed his sword and ran back to the gates. The moment Zie saw him, he let out a smile. "Oi Seojoon! I see that you have completed your quest?"

    Seojoon tilted his head sideways. "How did you know?"

    "You just had that air about you you know? The air of a swordsman. I take it that you want to learn swordsmanship from the Captain?"

    Seojoon nodded his head. "Yes. Yes I do."

    "Great! Follow me. It's your turn to guard this time Mike. Don't you dare slack on me."

    "Yes yes, hurry up and disappear Zie."

    Zie took Seojoon alongside the wooden fence that guarded the village until they reached a cleared out area with weapons and a bunch of worn down scarecrows. In the midst of all of it was an old lady who was absolutely mutilating a scarecrow with her sword.

    Zie waited for a moment before calling out to the old lady.

    "Vice captain! Do you know where the captain is?"

    The old lady swung her sword around in a full circle before bringing it onto the poor scarecrow's neck. In an instant, the scarecrow's head was severed and fell to the floor in an explosion of straw. After wiping her sweat off, the old lady turned around to give Zie a smile. "That bastard is at home trying to berate his wife.... apparently she was found at the brothel playing with some pretty men."

    Zie sighed. "I swear to got that those two are perfectly matched for each other. They are practically identical. Do you know when the captain will be back?"

    The vice captain shrugged. "Sometime tomorrow. You know how long their fights usually go. Why, do you need that bastard for something?"

    "I was going to use a favor that I had saved from the captain. I want him to teach Seojoon the art of swordsmanship."

    The vice captain's eyes immediately sharpened as she observed Seojoon from head to toe before giving a satisfying nod. "He has a nice face, we should provide him at least the bare minimum of self defense less he gets forcibly taken by some lecherous noble lady.... you know what Zie, I'll teach him for you."

    "Wha- you want to teach him?"

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    Seojoon felt immediately that something was wrong. The way that Zie talked.... it was almost as if he was scared. "A-are you sure you want to teach vice captain? I-I don't think Seojoon is qualified to learn under your care."

    "Oh shut up Zie, you're not the one teaching him are you? Get the hell out of here and do your job correctly."

    "Y-yes ma'am."

    As Zie passed Seojoon to go back to the gate, Seojoon heard Zie whisper, "I'm really sorry man. It wasn't intentional."

    Concerned, Seojoon quickly faced the vice captain with wary eyes. Nothing about her seemed to indicate danger or require attention. She was just a simple old lady who was very physically active.

    [Survive the vice captain!

    Known for her demonic way for teaching, she is feared by almost every beginner swordsman. Survive for as long as you can and try not to die. It is recommended that you use all your points on vitality immediately.


    Survive for as long as you can

    Rewards: ???]

    Just as the quest popped up before Seojoon's eyes, the vice captain asked him a question. "Hey you, Seojoon was it? I haven't seen you around here.... did you just move in?"

    Seojoon shook his head warily. "No.... I'm an outsider."

    "Oh! You are an outsider? That's great news," she said with jubilation. "That means that you won't break even if I go too hard."

    "Excuse me?"

    "Draw your sword Seojoon, I'll carve the art of swordsmanship into your flesh. As many times necessary."

    Seojoon raised his sword tentatively and faced the vice commander.

    "That's more like it. Now all I want you to do, Seojoon, is to survive."

    "Yes ma'am-"

    Like a burst of wind, the vice captain's figure flickered and melted into the wind. Before he realized it, the vice captain was already directly in front of Seojoon with a devilish grin.

    Then, he felt a slight pain as her sword waved past his and pierced through his chest.

    [You have taken 2000 damage. Fatal hit. Health: 0/190]

    [You have died and lost a level]

    The world in front of Seojoon blacked out as he slowly broke into a multitude of light particles. The only thing that was in Seojoon's mind was-

    "I think this might be harder than earning my degree."
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