13 First Bolt- Piercing Ligh

    [You have taken 2000 damage. Fatal hit. Health: 0/220]

    [You have died.]

    [As you are level one, you have not lost a level.]

    [You have gained insight for the sword art <Twelve Bolts>.

    <Twelve Bolts> - 99%]

    [You will respawn in thirty seconds.]


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    [Your soul has been summoned back to the over world. Automatic respawn has been canceled. Respawning now.]

    The moment the colors of the world appeared before his eyes, Seojoon, drew his sword and held it in front of his chest. There was a loud clang as Seojoon was forced to tumble back several meters.

    The Vice Captain rested her sword onto her shoulder and gave a laugh. "I have to say, Seojoon. You have the biggest balls of any man or woman I've seen. I don't think many people can stand being killed over and over again like you have.... how many times has it been? Sixty? Seventy?"

    Seojoon gave the Vice Captain a wry smile. "This is my sixty eighth death. You could say that I'm a little stubborn."

    [Vice Captain Estancia is in awe of your resolve. Vice Captain Estancia - admiration.]

    "I wonder where your determination comes from. No normal upbringing would give birth to someone as unique as you."

    Seojoon smirked. His determination was one of the strongest points about him. No other person in the world would be crazy enough to commit to memory every single assignment and question he had taken in his life. It was the power of the former number one student in the world.

    "You have gotten faster," the Vice Captain said with a grin. "You are becoming more nimble as well."

    "Thank you."

    "Your strength has gone up quite a bit as well."

    "It was all thanks to you."

    One thing that Seojoon discovered was that his attribute stats would increase sometimes when he completed a difficult task.



    Agility - 9   Dexterity - 6   Intelligence - 4   Strength - 7  Endurance - 12

    Attribute points - 0]

    He had gained 2 points of agility and dexterity as well as a 1 point increase in strength. His endurance, on the other hand, increased by a shocking three attribute points.

    The vice captain took her sword off her shoulder before pointing it towards Seojoon with both hands on the hilt. "Are you ready for another round, Seojoon?"

    "I'm ready as I'll ever be." Seojoon quickly guarded his front and prepared for the eminent attack.

    Although the vice captain was going easy on him, he understood that part very well as she lowered her speed to match his, she was still very deadly. One hit was all it took for him to go from max health to zero. If he was lucky, he would dodge a fatal blow and survive with one health and lose an arm or leg.

    Seojoon opened his eyes widely as he observed the vice captain for even the slightest indication that she was about to attack. However, like always, she seemed to be as unreadable as a rock. Seojoon watched her instantly blink towards his direction at an incredible speed and thrust towards his heart.

    Without a split hesitation, Seojoon took a step back and tilted his body sideways. He felt a small pain in his left arm and let out a wince.

    He watched as his arm spun around in the sky and shattered into light particles and let out a sigh.

    [You have taken 2000 damage. As it was not a fatal hit, you will not die. Health: 1/220]

    Seojoon has survived again. How lucky he was indeed.

    Seojoon glared at his remaining hand with an annoyed expression.  He was only 1 percent away from obtaining the skill yet he knew that it would not be easy. It took him five deaths alone to upgrade the percentage from 98% to 99%. How many more deaths would he need to get it to 100%? Maybe there was a secret?

    Seojoon narrowed his eyes as he stared at the relaxed vice captain who had calmly walked back to her original spot. "Have you collected your resolve, Seojoon."

    "Yes. Yes I have."

    "Then prepare yourself."

    From what he had experienced so far, <Twelve bolts> was not a singular skill, but a multitude of skills. Although the vice captain. Had only shown him her lightning fast thrust repeatedly, he guessed that it was safe to assume that there were eleven other techniques other than her thrust. Something he noticed about the thrust was that it was always a linear movement. Although it's speed was unparalleled, it could not change directions mid way. As long as he could move away from its original path, he would be able to survive. However, Seojoon had no idea how the Vice Captain accelerated so quickly in a single instant. It was the last mystery that he had about <Twelve Bolts>.

    Then, he saw it. Just as the Vice Captain was about to flicker, he saw a wisp of blue light spark around her body. Instinctively, Seojoon realized that this was the missing piece to learning the skill.

    Without a second thought, Seojoon raised his blade towards the vice captain and watched as the whole world suddenly slowed down. Although he was aware of everything going around him, he was unable to control his movements at all. While he was still in the slowed down world of his own, he could see the vice captain making her way towards him at a quick pace. However, there was a very important difference in the situation now. He was able to see where from where she was heading.

    Seojoon felt a blue veil of energy surround him as he shot towards the vice captain with a thrust of his own. For a moment there, the tips of their blades collided with each other stoping them both from advancing when Seojoon's one arm gave in to the power of Vice Captain's two arms and was deflected out of the way. He felt a sharp stinging sensation in his left chest and watched as the world went black.

    [You have taken 2000 damage. Fatal hit. Health: 0/220]

    [You have died.]

    [As you are level one, you have not lost a level.]

    [You have gained insight for the sword art <Twelve Bolts>.

    <Twelve Bolts> - 100%]

    [You have gained the sword style <Twelve Bolts.]

    [You have learned the sword skill <First Bolt- Piercing Light> Lvl 1]

    [You have learned Basic Swordsmanship Lvl 1]

    [You have learned the skill Mana Control Lvl 1]

    Seojoon gave the darkness an exhilarated laugh. He had done it.
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