14 Master and Studen

    Seojoon opened his eyes and gave a smile at the shocked Vice Captain. "How did I do?"

    Instead of receiving praise like he expected, he was observed with silence and shock.

    ".... you.... Seojoon. What did you do."


    Seojoon tilted his head sideways. "All I did was learn your swordsmanship.... wasn't that the point of you killing me over and over again?"

    The vice captain shook her head very quickly. "No no no. That isn't the point. I said I would teach you swordsmanship, but what you learned just now wasn't any normal swordsmanship. You took my <Twelve Bolts> skill. How?"

    "???" Seojoon was starting to get confused., "You showed me how the skill worked, so I copied what you did. It was basic reverse engineering. I saw the skill firsthand and analyzed the components before instructing my body to do the same. Isn't that how you learn skills?"

    They stared at each other for a moment before the vice captain let out a sigh. "You are a monster, you do realize that right?"

    "I'm a monster in bed, or at least, that's what my girlfriend says."

    Ex girlfriend, you mean- Said the part of Seojoon's brain that liked to inflict self pain.

    The vice captain let out a groan. "I was supposed to only teach you swordsmanship, damn. <Twelve Bolts> is supposed to be a secret family technique. My father must be teasing me up in heaven right now...."

    "So did I pass?" Asked Seojoon with a wry smile.

    "Passed? Hah! You definitely passed," said the Vice Captain with a bitter smile. "All you had to do was survive my training through the end yet you went beyond that and stole my skills god dammit."

    [Survive the vice captain!

    The Game designers are absolutely stunned. You have managed to stump even the demon trainer Estancia. Like what the **? How was this even possible? What kind of nerves do you have to die 69 times without giving up? Is something wrong with you? How do you complete a quest that shouldn't have been completed?


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    Survive for as long as you can - (time survived: never gave up)

    Rewards: (number of deaths * 10) exp, an one level increase in all skills learned from the Vice Captain.]

    [You have leveled up! Lvl 1 -> 2

    All stats have risen by one.]

    [You have leveled up! Lvl 2 -> 3

    All stats have risen by one.]

    [You have leveled up! Lvl 3 -> 4

    All stats have risen by one.]

    [Sword skill <First Bolt- Piercing Light> Lvl 1 -> Lvl 2]

    [Sword skill <Basic Swordsmanship> Lvl 1 -> Lvl 2]

    [Sword skill <Mana Control> Lvl 1 -> Lvl 2]

    Seojoon opened his eyes very widely. He died 69 times and in exchange for 690 exp.... Seojoon felt like it was a fair deal seeing as he was only level 2 when he began. And now....

    "Open status."

    [Kim Seojoon (Bookworm Teacher)

    Class: Swordsman

    Lvl: 4 (90/400)

    Health: 220/220

    Vitality: 95/95  Mana: 200/200

    <Attributes> <Skills> <Quests> <Titles>]

    "Open Attributes."


    Agility - 11  Dexterity - 8   Intelligence - 6   Strength - 9  Endurance - 14

    Attribute points - 10]

    He was way above where he had started.

    The vice captain let out another sigh. "Since you can use the first stage of <Twelve Bolts> successfully, I'm guessing that you also learned <Mana Control>?"

    Seojoon nodded. Not only did he learn it but it was already level 2.

    "The reason why I was surprised that you learned <Twelve Bolts> was due to the prerequisite of needing to know how to control mana. And knowing how to control mana is entirely different than learning how to swing a sword. You usually need a highly skilled magic swordsman or wizard to help you attain it."

    Seojoon let out a smirk. "So basically what you are saying is that I'm a genius?"

    "Hah, a Child of Heaven is what I would say." The Vice Captain sighed. "Well, since you have already stole my sword style, I'll take you on as my student...." the Vice Captain gave Seojoon a sad smile. The way her eyes glossed over made Seojoon feel as though the person she was seeing wasn't him but someone else. ".... I was in need of a heir anyways. And as you can probably tell, I'm a little past the age to be playing around with young men."

    Attempting to help her lighten the mood, Seojoon quickly shifted his mind away from her sad expression and gave a smirk. "Just a little? You are way past the age to play around."

    "Bah! Just because you are my disciple, it doesn't mean that you are allowed to talk back to me! Now get the hell over here. I need to beat my sword style into you. You might have learned one sword style, but you still have eleven others to learn."

    The Vice Captain places her arm around Seojoon's neck and pulled him in closer and ruffled his hair. Seojoon was immediately reminded of his grandmother and felt a little bit warm inside. All these AI's felt so real. It was as if he was talking to actual real live people's

    "By the way, if you want to be my disciple, you will have to join the village guards. At least until you reach Level 10."

    "I'm fine with that I guess." Said Seojoon with a shrug. "Do I get paid?"

    "Hell no. But you get money from dismantling and selling animal and monster drops."

    "Dismantling? How do dismantle animals? They just explode into light for me."

    "My my my, you have much to learn my child."

    Seojoon smiled as he walked down to the village with the Vice Captain right next to him. As if the world was matching its feelings with Seojoon, the sky started to glow an orange red as the sun slowly fell behind the horizon.

    [Vice Captain Estancia's affection towards you has risen incredibly. Vice Captain Estancia - Teacher.]
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