15 Seojoon’s Rise

    Three guards were at the gate of the village watching a crowd of people enter and a hoard of people exit. Two of the guards had bored expressions on their faces as they fiddled with their swords while the last guard was quietly reading a book that was in his hand.

    A young girl pushed her way through the crowd and made her way to the three guards. With a flushed expression, she called out to the guards in a very adorable manner. "U-um, excuse me?"

    One of the bored guards sighed before snapping his fingers. "Oi Seojoon, it's another outsider girl. You handle it."

    The guard who was reading a book lifted his head up and gave the girl a smile. "Hello, how may I help you?"

    The little girl froze up and her face started to turn incredibly red as she faced the smiling guard before bursting into an explosion of words. "Oh my gosh oh my gosh! You are as hot as my friend said you were! I'm so glad that I'm I spawned in this village!"

    "Ahahaha...." Seojoon laughed wryly.

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    "Do you mind if I take a screenshot with you? Oh wait, NPC's don't know what that term means.... erm, do you mind if I stand really close to you and smile as we both stare into a certain point in space?"

    Seojoon shrugged. "I don't mind at all."

    "Honestly," said Zie while shaking his head. "Why these outsider girls all say the same thing to Seojoon is a complete mystery. Ain't it Mike."

    "Woes of having an above average face my friend," said Mike as he lazily watched Seojoon stare into blank space with the outsider girl. "Imagine if you ended up with a beautiful lady like the captain's wife?"l

    "Imagine if you landed yourself with a handsome man like the captain. Two people, both equally unfaithful yet above average in looks, bonded forever in the restricting contract called marriage. Fitting for people like them. As for Seojoon...."

    They watched as Seojoon waved the outsider girl away with heavy looks.

    ".... Oi Zie, let's make sure to protect this kid from bad women."


    "What are you two talking about?" Seojoon said, as he came back to the gate while giving Zie and Mike a suspecting look. "Are you talking behind my back?"

    "It's nothing you should worry about." Said Zie with a warm smile. "Someone like you who can survive the vice captain's training doesn't need to worry about trivial things."

    "But I didn't survive. I died 420 times over the period of this week."

    "Surviving her training doesn't mean you never died. Surviving her training means coming back for more."

    "Whatever you say."

    Seojoon sat back down and opened his book once again as Zie and Mike once more stared at the crowd with bored looks.

    As the sun began to set, Seojoon snapped his book shut and got up. "It's about time for me to go, have fun you two."

    "Lucky son of a bitch. Why don't I get my night shifts off," complained Zie. "It gets so cold during night these days."

    "Maybe you should ask the Vice Captain for training, she might give you the same preferential treatment then." Said Seojoon teasingly.

    "Hello no. Night shift is like dreaming compared to her. Plus, I can't respawn like you do you cheating outsider."

    "Can't help you then. Good luck have fun, Mike."

    "You too, Seojoon."

    Seojoon waved at the grumpy Zie and friendly Mike before heading back into the village. He continued to walk in a straight line until he came upon the village center.

    He went up to the village heads home and knocked twice. The door opened after a few seconds and the village head popped his head out with a smile. "Back again? Are you finished with that book I gave you?"

    Seojoon nodded his head before handing the book over to the village head. "It was a great read, thank you."

    "What a pity it is that you are not a mage. With the amount of time you spend reading, your Intelligence stat must be over the roof. Are you sure you don't want to reconsider on becoming a mage?" Asked them Village head with sparkling eyes.

    "I'll pass up on your offer. Being a swordsman is more exciting for me right now." Seojoon politely refused.

    "What a shame," said the village head who was obviously very dissatisfied, "at least I have hope when you become Lvl 20 and are allowed to have your second class. I can convince you then to become a mage and take you on as my disciple."

    "Hahaha.... I'll be off then."

    "Goodnight Seojoon."

    "Goodnight to you too sir. Logout."

    Seojoon felt his eyelids get heavier and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he was in his capsule. Seojoon clicked a button to the side which opened the lid and slowly got out. Seojoon watched the glaring light coming out from the window and did a couple of stretches before making his way to the kitchen.

    "-the new recently released game, Rising Worlds, is taking a storm in the hearts of all ages-"

    "Good morning Mom," Seojoon said as he drowned out the voice of the television. "What's for breakfast?"

    "My breakfast specialty, fried eggs with a serving of crispy non oily bacon with kimchi fried rice. I have to show your father not to get too cocky."

    "-the most stunning aspects of the game are its stunning visual aspects as well as the very realistic gameplay-"

    "Where is Dad?" Asked as Seojoon sat down at the table and took a sip of coffee that had been prepared for him in a mug.

    "He'll be down in a few minutes. He is still in the shower I think."

    "And sis?"

    "Still recovering from her hangover from last night. Honestly, that child. What am I going to do with her."

    "MY SON!"

    Seojoon's father came barging into the kitchen with a bright expression.

    "How it the game going for you so far?"

    "It's going great Dad." Seojoon said before biting down on a piece of bacon.

    "Are you out of the beginners village yet? Dad will carry you when you leave the village and come to the Empire's capital! I'm Lvl 16."

    "I'm only Lvl 9, but I'm almost close to 10. I'll see you then Dad."

    "-in the game, there seems to be an increasingly viral trend going on lately about this one NPC character, can we have the dev's opinions on this matter-"

    "Good morning lil Seojoon, how was the game? Want me to play with you?" Said his sister, Rachel, as she walked in while rubbing her eyes. As always, she was wearing very revealing clothes.

    "Oi, Rachel. I thought I told you to wear clothes didn't I?"

    "Come on mom, it's my house as well. Give me some freedom for a change."

    "The only freedom you get, is the freedom to choose whether to obey or starve. Change. Now."

    "Ughhh- Wait." His sister paused mid sentence as her eyes went wide with shock as she stared at the television. "Isn't that Seojoon on the news?"

    Everyone's heads quickly whipped to face the direction of the TV as they all stood still and watched.

    A picture of Seojoon wearing armor while smiling next to a girl covered about half the screen. On the other half was a pretty reporter and one of the leading game developers speaking to each other.

    "-this NPC called Seojoon, he seems to be an exclusive character in one specific village, is he not?"

    The game dev nodded his head with a smile. "Every village has very slight differences. Just like how there are many different villages to prevent overcrowding, each village has a different story line from each other. Using the technology of AI adaptation, we managed to structure our game world similarly to real life. The NPC's are born and created, as well as grow without human intervention. All we have to do is introduce important quest essential characters at certain points in time. Everything else is taken care of by the algorithms and AI's."

    "So are you implying that this NPC Seojoon is a quest essential character?"

    I cannot say." Said the game dev with a shrug. "The quests are handled by the design team."

    "Then can you explain the almost perfect looks that the NPC Seojoon holds?"

    "A lucky roll on the random generation probably? I don't really know. Once again, you will have to speak to the designer team. Will that be all?"

    "Yes, thank you for your time. This is Poppy Smoria ending today's morning report. How will Rising Worlds continue to develop in the future? Who is this mysteriously handsome NPC called Seojoon and what role will he play in the soon to be revealed Main Quest Scenario? Remember, this weeks theme is Virtual Reality Games and stay tuned to Pew news to be continually updated on new information. Thank you and have a good day."

    Holy **.
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