16 Rising Worlds Update Announcemen

    "Hello everyone, this is Araka, the Head of Game Design, speaking."

    A girl with long white hair tied into a ponytail looked into the camera with a wide smile. She seemed to have a bright and cheerful personality but most of all, she seemed to be young. Very young.

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    "Recently we've been getting a lot of complaints from the gamers about when will the main storyline begin.... it has been about a week since the game has been launched so we believe it is finally time to release the first main quest chain! But!-"

    Araka gave a small devilish smile before continuing her sentence.

    "-We have decided to give you, the gamers a chance to choose which storyline you wish to begin with."

    Araka held up one slender finger.

    "Option number 1 is called [The Blackening Sun]!"

    Araka then raised another finger to make two.

    "Option number 2 is called [The Misty Veiled Night]!"

    Araka raised her ring finger as the smile on her face grew even deeper.

    "Last but not any less interesting is option 3, [The Awakening Light!]!"

    As she was getting all hyped up, Araka tripped and fell out of the camera's vision. After a few seconds of muffled sounds, Araka came back into the camera with flushed cheeks.

    "ANYWAYS! The game will be going through some bug fixes, and some aesthetic improvements.... some of you people complained about how choppy our in-game messages look correct? All of those will be fixed!"

    Araka gave a deep bow at her invisible audience. "Thank you for all the support and please continue to support this game (A/N: my book) and don't forget to leave a like on the option you like the most. Please do not spam your own [option 1] comment and like the comment that our beloved storyline writer, CrossArk, will be leaving~"

    A boy leaned in from the edge of the camera's vision.

    "Yo. I swear this ain't a shameless self-insert."

    "Anyways, that's it for today! We will look forward to seeing you gamers tomorrow! Enjoy and have a happy time choosing your poll!"

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