17 A Perfect Offer

    Araka turned off the camera, fully satisfied with what she had accomplished. She had conveyed the game update without any mistakes, none at all.

    "It was one hundred percent perfect!" She unintentionally spoke out aloud.

    A boy to the side of her let out a snicker. "Unless you count the time you tripped and fell out of the camera frame."

    Araka blushed and gave a pout at Cross, "You are such a bully sometimes you know? A mood killer. Party pooper."

    "Unbiased fact provider." Said Cross with a shrug. "So now that you gave the update for the game, how are you gonna address the mistake made by the Game Developer team? I mean, Seojoon isn't an INPC is he?"

    Araka sighed. "Nope, he definitely isn't a randomly generated INPC. We've double-checked it twenty-one times. He is absolutely most definitely a player."

    Cross let out a groan. "I told the stupid dev team to not release any information about the stuff they aren't too sure about. Now we landed ourselves in this stupid mess. We can't tell the public that there was a mistake and Seojoon isn't an NPC. We would be making a fool out of our dev team."

    "But we can't just let the idea of Seojoon being an NPC continue to spread," said Araka hotly. "That would be bad and irresponsible."

    "We could steal Seojoon's account and make it into a real NPC." Said Cross with a shrug. "No one will know the difference."

    Araka gave Cross a disbelieving stare. ".... that's even worse than leaving this situation alone! That will only create more problems in the long run!"

    Cross sighed. "Then let's proclaim that Seojoon is, in fact, an NPC that was designed after the player in real life."

    "What? I no understand?"

    Cross flicked Araka on the head causing her to wince and pout.

    "We proclaim to the world that Seojoon is an NPC based off of a real-life person, and give Seojoon some hush money."

    "Ooh! Let's also make it so that Seojoon can give quests and stuff! A player who is an NPC.... such an interesting concept! I love it!"

    "What? Wait, no. That wasn't what I was trying to say-"

    "You are the best!" Araka gave Cross a big hug- or tried to before she caught her foot on the table leg and tripped.

    Cross watched Araka on the floor with a pitying look.

    ".... do you want me to enroll you in some ballet lessons? It might improve your gracefulness and help mitigate the number of times you trip by quite a bit."

    ".... shut up Cross. I don't want to hear you speak again."

    "Shame," Cross shrugged before grabbing a black coat and a pair of sunglasses. "Hurry up and get ready, Araka. We have a player who needs our explanation and hush money."

    "Yes! We need to meet the NPC player! Let's go~!"

    "Time to go full edgy."


    Seojoon slowly sipped his coffee without a worry in the world as he was mercilessly attacked by all three of his family members.

    "Kim Seojoon, tell me now. Did you sign some suspicious contract with some weird old hag? I told you to never sell your face as a product."

    "Noona, I never sold my face."


    "Rachel, shut the hell up," said his mother with a frown. "You are causing a loud ruckus. And this is a great thing, isn't it? My beloved son is finally going to become famous."


    "Stop being such a brocon Rachel. You should be proud that your brother got on TV." Said his father while giving a pat on Seojoon's back. "He is finally breaking out of his cocoon of studying and entering into the outside world of politics and fame."


    Seojoon took another sip of his coffee wondering when he would be able to escape. Just then, the doorbell rang.

    "I'll go get it," Seojoon said seeing his chance, and immediately dashed to the door and opened it. At the door were two people, a boy and a girl wearing black coats and black sunglasses.

    "Excuse me, is this the home of Kim Seojoon? We are from the Design Team of Rising Worlds and we would like to talk to Mr. Kim."

    Seojoon gave himself a bitter smile. Out of the pan and into the fire.

    "Seojoon doesn't live here-"

    "Who is at the door Seojoon-ah~ is it the delivery man?"

    The boy with sunglasses raised an eyebrow at Seojoon and smirked. "Mr. Kim was it?"

    ".... you got the wrong person. Goodbye-"

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    "You really do want to talk with us, Mr. Kim." Said the boy. "We have an offer that you possibly can not refuse."

    Seojoon furrowed his brow in suspicion. "And what would that offer be?"

    Before the boy could answer, the girl who had been silent until now quickly answered for him.

    "Would you like to work with our design team in Rising Worlds?"

    "Huh?" Said Seojoon.

    "Sigh," sighed Cross.

    "Who is at the door, Seojoon-ah," said his mom. "Why is it taking so long?"
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