19 The True Beginning

    [Strength has increased by 1.]

    [16 -> 17]


    [Kim Seojoon (Bookworm Teacher)

    Class: none

    Lvl: 10 (0/1000)

    Health: 300/300

    Stamina: 150/150  Mana: 210/210

    <Attributes> <Skills> <Quests> <Titles>]



    Agility - 18  Dexterity - 17  Intelligence - 21   Strength - 17  Endurance - 20

    Attribute points - 40]

    Seojoon looked over his status screen for a short moment before finally letting go of his sword. The straw dummy soldier in front of him was all but demolished.

    The recent update to the game received a lot of praise and hate at the same time. The first change was how the attribute system affected the player's stats. Every point of endurance would add 10 points to the original base health of 100. Vitality became Stamina and would increase by 5 per attribute point starting at 50. Mana was 10 times intelligence and the amount of damage he could deal was equal to his points in strength as well as the attack value of his weapon.

    (A/N: Sorry for the info dump.)

    But as for the change that Seojoon cared most about, it was him becoming an official NPC.

    "Mr. Seojoon!" Said a random player who had been waiting for Seojoon to finish his sword swings. "How can I become a strong swordsman?"

    Seojoon shrugged. "Hit the scarecrow a hundred times.... you should start to get a feel for your sword after you complete it-"


    Seojoon watched as the player let out a loud cry and started to mercilessly attack a scarecrow.

    While the game was shut down due to its update, Seojoon decided to do a bit of light reading and read a couple of Rpg and system type novels. In his previous life, he never really had any interest in reading those types of novels, but he quite fairly enjoyed them. He had finished TKA, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, and a couple of other novels in a matter of two days. It was the best light reading session he had in a long time.

    Another thing that changed for Seojoon was that he now had to log out in a bed or an inn. It was not very troubling and instead made everything about the game a tad bit more real. He also got to know the innkeeper very well, a very good man.

    Seojoon did a couple of stretches to recover his stamina before making his way back to the village center.

    "Hello Seojoon, are you done with your daily training already?" Asked the lady who sold flowers.

    "Yes I am, thank you for asking."

    "Come by my shop at night, Sonny. I'll give you a free meal." Called out the owner of the only diner in the village.

    "That would be great, thank you."

    "It's nothing to thank me for."

    Seojoon didn't know when but he had stopped considering the villagers as NPCs but as real living people. Even the villagers started to stop referring to him as an outsider but as Seojoon.


    The crisp sound of a bell drifted into the air as Seojoon opened the door to the bakery and smiled as the familiar scent of recently baked bread tickled his nose.

    "Hello Seojoon, how was training?" Asked Amy with a smile.

    "It was nice, the Vice-Captain said to train by myself again today so it was relatively relaxing. By the way Amy, can I have a-"

    "You want your usual Honey Glazed Toast with a side of warm milk correct?" Amy interrupted as she already started to head into the kitchen to prepare his plate.

    Seojoon let out a chuckle. "You know me too well, Amy."

    "You've been asking for the same breakfast for the past two weeks."

    "What if I changed it one day? Just to throw you off?"

    "Har har har, very funny. Wait two minutes, the milk takes a bit of time to warm up."

    "Yes, ma'am."

    Just as Amy brought out a plate of toast and warm milk, the bell rang and an old lady wearing armor came in.

    "Nice to see you Vice-Captain."

    "Nice to see you too, Amy. I expected you would be here, Seojoon."

    Seojoon took a bite of honey glazed toast and let out a happy moan before addressing the Vice-Captain. "Amy, I swear to the heavens this is always sooo good."

    "Thanks," Amy replies with a cheeky grin. "I expect a big tip this time."

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    "You deserve it. Do you need something from me Vice Captain?"

    Estancia nodded. "I believe that it is time for you to go to the capital. I have taught you enough for now."

    "Is that so?" Said Seojoon with a shrug. "I don't really care if I stay here though."

    "I heard that the capital has a decently sized library-"

    "When do you want me to leave?" Said Seojoon with a sparkle in his eyes.

    The vice-captain sighed and shook her head. "What is it with you and books? Are they that interesting?"

    "It's wonderful." Replied Seojoon with a dreamy look. "All of the stories, fantasy tales, epics, and history notes, are all very interesting."

    "You finished the Village head's personal library in a week. That's not what you would expect from a swordsman. How high is your intelligence anyways?"


    "God, I wonder why you chose to become a swordsman instead of a magician. I feel as though you would've become a splendid mage."

    "I felt like learning swordsmanship. How much for the meal Amy? Is it still 10 coppers?"

    "14. I'll take the extra four as a tip."


    Seojoon placed 14 copper coins onto the counter before heading out. The vice-captain followed after Seojoon quickly as well.

    "Hey Seojoon, I have a friend over at the Empire's capital. He's a mercenary and will take good care of you. Don't worry."

    "That's nice to hear. Anything I should watch out for?"

    "Be wary of the nobles. Some of them are good and righteous but others...."

    "Gotcha. I'll head out right now then, see ya Vice-Captain."

    The vice-captain patted Seojoon on the back and laughed. "See you soon Seojoon, I might go visit the capital sometime as well."

    Seojoon waved goodbye at the villagers he passed and made his way all the way to the village gate in that manner. At the gates were Zie and Mike, guarding as usual.

    "Leaving so soon Seojoon?"

    "I'm gonna miss you, buddy. I had a good time spending time with you."

    "Thanks, I promise I'll come back sometime."

    "If you want to go to the capital, go straight in that direction-"

    "I know where to go, I read the map on one of the village head's books." Seojoon gave a final wave at Zie, Mike, and the Vice-Captain, before heading out into the plains.

    It was now the true start of his adventure.

    [Book 1 End]
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