20 The Dark Star

    The world was still and dark, not a soul was to be seen. Everyone had already fallen soundly asleep, placing their trust into the soldiers that would watch over the silent night.

    "Cover his mouth," whispered a cold voice that radiated power.

    Three men immediately jumped out from the shadows and grabbed one of the soldiers, making him incapable of escaping or calling out for help. At the soldier's feet lay two other soldiers, who had already been dispatched of. Their blood decorated the golden blades of the unknown assailants.

    The quietly muffled groans from the detained soldier softly penetrated the night air like an ephemeral dream.

    "Place a sound barrier around us."

    "Yes sir."

    A thin film enveloped the five of them like a bubble and the cold voice once more called out to his subjects.

    "Let him speak."

    One of the three men removed their hands away from the soldier's mouth who immediately began to speak.

    "What do you want. Why are you doing this."

    The cold voice let out a chuckle. "Will you not threaten us? Reveal to us how great the Empire's soldiers are and how the nobles will eradicate us all for once?"

    The soldier spat onto the ground. "Tell me why you are going to kill me. At least then I will be able to curse you when I meet my maker."

    The cold voice let out a smirk. "I like how brave you are. The empire's royal guardsmen sure are a different breed than the normal soldiers that we have killed."

    The royal guardsman let out a bitter laugh. "So you are the cause for the recent multiple deaths of our soldiers. Filthy traitors."

    "Cut off his hand," said the voice coldly.

    There was a flash of gold as one of the three men severed the guardsman's hand from the arm.

    The guard let out a scream that revealed the pain he was feeling, yet when he raised his head once more, his eyes still showed how defiant he was. "Filthy rebels. You stand no chance. Our king and our god will not stand by as you terrorize our Empire-"

    "Take off his leg, he bores me."

    The Guard let out another scream as his right leg fell to the floor. Red water now seeped into the cracks in between the cobblestone road. The moonlight reflected off of the red dyed stone, casting their surroundings in an eerie silvery red.

    The cold voice waited for a moment as the guard gasped for air before asking a question.

    "Where is the Light of the Sun?"

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    The guard let out a spiteful laugh. "You will never get it."

    "Pain will loosen the lips of anyone. We just have to figure out where it will cut deepest."

    "The information you seek is an information I cannot provide." Said the Guard with a smug smile. "We only know that it exists."

    "Lies. Tell me the truth."

    "They never told us," said the guard with a smug look. "In case we would be tortured by idiots like you. We only serve to protect."

    The cold voice let out a sigh. "Is he telling the truth?"

    "It seems that he is not deceiving us, master."

    "Then kill him, he has lost his value to us."

    The guard let out a wild laugh. "Search as you will, you will never find the light. You will never replace our sun."

    "Who said we wanted to replace the sun?" Said the cold voice with a laugh. "We will build upon its foundation, change it. We will turn it black."

    The guard went pale. "Wait, you can't mean-"

    Under the silvery light, the voice let out a smile. "We will taint the sun in black. For we are.... the Dark Star."

    "You mustn't-"

    Before the guard could finish his sentence, a final flash of gold decapitated his head.

    "Let's go... the Light of the Sun must be in our hands if we wish to achieve our goal."

    "Yes sir."

    "As you wish master."


    The cold voice hesitated before staring up into the sky. "We will take this tainted white and purify it into black. Now find me what I desire."

    The three men nodded before each of them disappeared into separate dark alleys. The man with the cold voice took out an locket from his pocket and opened it. On it was a picture of a young blonde lady with a young boy and girl.

    "Just you wait," said the man with a soft voice. "I will fix this kingdom for you."

    The man closed the locket before flickering away under the moonlit sky.


    Estancia sighed as she took a break from the letter she was writing. She was never one for such eloquent activities. What she did best was when she was on the battlefield or teaching.

    The corners of her mouth slowly lifted upwards as she reminisced about the old days where she used to train the knights at the capital. Now, she had weakened with age and had passed on her mantle to the curious little boy with an attitude that was stubborn but cute.

    She knew that Seojoon would soon become a famous person, even more than she was in her prime. She could rest easy knowing that she could trust his blade.

    Estancia have a quick glance at a picture frame to the left of her desk and placed her pen down. In the picture was a young version of her and a small little cheerful boy.

    The smile disappeared from her face and her expression became dark. She had a son once,  a son that she had inevitably lost to a group of rebels that used to plague the streets of the Empire's capital.

    They had long since been exterminated, but her son would never come back.

    Estancia shifted her gaze from the photo to the night sky where the moon flowed in a silvery sheen.

    Her son was nothing like Seojoon. Seojoon was stubborn while her son gave up easily. Seojoon had a talent for learning her sword while her son had become a mage. But one thing they had in common was that they both brought joy into her heart.

    Estancia chuckled to herself in a self derisive way before picking up her pen.

    "It seems that old age has finally caught up to me. Look at me, the former Sword Saint becoming sentimental from an old memory."

    Estancia wrote down the final sentence on her letter and gave it a quick read.

    -take care of the boy and don't go easy on him. He is a lot more stronger and stubborn than you would expect. He is my disciple after all. Take good care and don't exert yourself. We aren't young anymore after all.



    Satisfied with what she had written, Estancia folded her letter up and placed it into an envelope. In the morning, a messenger would take her letter and take it to the capital. But for now, Estancia grabbed a bottle of wine from underneath her desk and popped it open. She took a swing of the wine straight from the bottle before once more staring into the night sky.

    Although she hated the pain her memories brought her, she couldn't bring herself to forget them. It was who she was and what she had learned.

    As Estancia stared into the night sky, tears started to form in between her eyes. She would never make the same mistake again.

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