21 Father and Son

    Seojoon sighed as his phone vibrated inside his pocket again for the hundredth time.

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    "How do I disable notifications alerts that come from Socichat, noona."

    "Just turn on do not disturb. That should solve everything."

    Seojoon took out his phone and did as his sister advised before letting out a weary sigh. The reason for his unending alerts was due to another video conference that Cross made regarding him.

    Seojoon cut apart his steak as his ears unintentionally caught on to what was playing on the TV.

    "-it has been revealed that the NPC Seojoon is actually a new type of NPC called a player NPC. An NPC that is commandeered by a player."

    His father let out a chuckle as he stared at the TV just like everyone else in the restaurant. "My boy sure has gotten famous recently.... just the other day, my boss asked me to get a signature for his daughter. I'm getting a promotion soon."

    "Is that so darling? I'm so happy for you~ let's go somewhere expensive on our anniversary shall we~"

    "Of course my dearest wifey~," said his father before giving his son a pat on the back. "Seojoon really is my golden goose. Ever since he wanted to start playing games, good things have started to happen one after the other."

    "Papa, buy me a new phone for raising Seojoon to become such a good boy-"

    His mother and father snorted before giving his sister a look of disdain. "What bull** is coming out of your mouth? All you did was laze around and act selfishly."

    "But mom, I was a good example for him wasn't I?"

    "A good example of what not to become."

    "That's still a good example."

    "Not a good example that I want to reward. Hurry up and eat your meal quietly. It's unbecoming of a person to eat with your mouth open."


    Seojoon slowly chewed on the square bit of steak in his mouth as he ignored his family and listened carefully to Cross, who was explaining stuff to the reporter.

    "-you see Poppy, what Seojoon is, what he represents is a brand new path in virtual gaming and gaming career. Instead of using AI's as INPC's, we can use actual people to serve in as an NPC's."

    Poppy tilted her head sideways in a confused manner. "Wouldn't this be more costly to hire people than to create INPC's?"

    "Not at all," said Cross with a smug smile that Seojoon was starting to really hate. "You see, the person who plays the character Seojoon is actually not receiving any salary or payment."

    Poppy widened her eyes in shock. "You are not paying the player for Seojoon any money? Isn't that illegal?"

    Cross nodded his head understandingly. "Indeed, it should be illegal however, instead of Seojoon working for us, it is more similar to Seojoon volunteering for us. We offered him money but he refused."

    Poppy gave Cross a look of disbelief. "And why is that Mr. Cross? Why did he deny the money?"

    Cross let out a smirk. "You see, Seojoon is a man who loves a challenge. When we offered him to become an NPC, he said that he would do it for free."

    "Doesn't the ability to become an NPC give you an unprecedented edge over all other gamers?"

    Cross vehemently shook his head. "Not at all, in fact, it provides a better edge for everyone except for Seojoon."

    "And why is that?"

    "You see, Seojoon can hand out quests to others and help them level faster and but he cannot give quests to himself. Thus, he is a player that is only able to benefit others."

    Poppy let out an amazed look. "So basically, Seojoon's player is playing the game in hard mode?"

    "Yes," said Cross with a smug grin. "Seojoon is playing in hard mode."

    Poppy glanced over her notes for a few seconds before turning her gaze back to Cross. "The final question that I have for today is, is the character of Seojoon a replica of the player of Seojoon?"

    Cross paused and thought about his answer before giving an evil smirk. He then stared directly into the camera and Seojoon could swear that Cross was staring right at him.

    "Poppy, in the end, everything in my game is nothing but a replica of reality. Seojoon included."

    "Do you mean that the player of Seojoon looks different in reality?" Asked Poppy with a somewhat let down expression.

    Cross nodded his head, causing Poppy to let out an even more disappointed look.

    "Poppy, the replica in Rising Worlds is incomparable to the person in real life. There is only so much we can replicate Seojoon into the virtual world."

    "Wait! Does that mean the player for Seojoon is, even handsomer in real life-"

    Cross waved at the camera in a teasing manner. "That concludes today's report. Thank you for listening. Please follow to Seojoon's Socichat account called Kim_Seojoon! Please don't forget that it's the one with the verified checkmark. Thank you~"

    Seojoon glared at the tv as the channel switched. He could already feel the unending alerts that were going to assault his phone.

    "I'm happy that our son agrees to come out to eat dinner with us.... what a wonderful change."

    Seojoon rolled his eyes. "Don't exaggerate dad. I would eat dinner and breakfast with you guys most of the time."

    "But whenever we went out to eat, you would always decline to say that you had to study."

    "If only Rachel had two percent of your studious energy, I wouldn't have to worry about her future life...."

    "Mom! I'm only failing one class!"

    "And with Seojoon's two percent, you would be passing them all with B pluses."


    Seojoon quietly finished his plate before widening his eyes in realization.

    "Hey dad."

    "What is it son?"

    "I just arrived at the Empire's capital. Do you wanna help me around and you know, give me some tips?" Asked Seojoon hesitantly.

    "...." his father spaced out for a moment before a single tear escaped his eye. ".... I would love to. Let's do it after we get home."

    "Oop, Seojoon, you made you father all happy again." His mother sighed.

    Seeing this opportunity, his sister placed her arms around his dad and asked in her best cutesy voice that made Seojoon and his mother cringe.

    "Papa~ can I get a new phone~"

    "Of course my dear Rachel!"

    "You father has once again fallen for your sister's trap hasn't he Seojoon-ah."

    "It seems so umma."
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