23 An Idea

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    Seojoon stared into the deep dark underbrush as he sat perfectly still, waiting for something that only he knew. Quiet seemed to encompass the entirety of the forest, with only an occasional bird call breaking the silence.

    After a long period of waiting, Seojoon's fingers let out a twitch. There was a flash of steel and a loud whimper as Seojoon erupted out of the bush he had been previously hiding in and cleaved his sword in an upward arc.

    A wolf head that had been cleanly severed went spinning through the air as several growls interrupted the calm forest as well as ear piercing howls.

    From behind a tree, a black figure lunged towards the exposed back of Seojoon, who immediately spun around and sliced into the shoulder of the figure.

    The wolf let out a whimper and tried to retreat, which Seojoon stopped by pushing the blade further it's body.

    Seeing how the blade was stuck in their dead friend, two other wolves leaped at Seojoon.

    "Lightning Flash."

    Before they could reach him, Seojoon's body flickered away from the wolf corpse and appeared directly behind the two wolves in mid air.

    "Forked Lightning."

    A spark danced across Seojoon's blade as he thrusted his blade into the closest wolf causing it to howl in pain. A large bolt than lashed out of the writhing wolf and hit the second wolf that was nearby.

    Noticing the last wolf running away terrified, Seojoon steadied his blade and aimed the point towards the wolf.

    "Piercing Light."

    Seojoon moves forward in an impossible speed and thrusted his sword forward impaling the wolf to his sword and onto a tree.

    Seojoon took a deep breath as he felt the wolf's struggles send vibrations through his sword before pulling his blade out and wiping it.

    The wolf finally went still.

    "Holy ** son!" Said a loud voice filled with surprise. "That was incredible!"

    "If mom knew that you curse in front of me in this game, you would get into so much trouble," said Seojoon with a cheeky grin as his father dropped down from a tree.

    "Don't mind that woman, let's talk about your skills. I've never seen skills like those before! They can't be the skills for a basic swordsman, right?" Said his father with an excited look after diminishing the threat of his mother.

    Seojoon frowned. "I really don't know. I'm pretty sure they are unique but.... show skills, detailed."


    <Basic Swordsmanship> Lvl 4 (Basic)


    Grants the ability to wield swords effectively

    Effects- 20% damage boost when attacking with swords.

    <Mana Control> Lvl 1 (Basic)


    Grants the ability to wield mana

    Effects- Mana imbedded attacks deal 10% more damage

    <Dismantle> Lvl 2 (Basic)

    Consumes 10 Stamina

    Grants the ability to dismantle monster loot and beasts.

    Effects- 20% boost in obtaining rare drops

    <First Bolt- Piercing Light> Lvl 3 (Unique)

    10 Stamina and 10 Mana Consumed

    A single thrust that seems to be unstoppable as lightning.

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    Effects- 30% armor penetration

    10 sec cool down

    <Second Bolt- Forked Lightning> Lvl 2 (Unique)

    20 Mana Consumed

    An attack that lashes out to the nearest enemy when striking a foe.

    Effects- deals 100% damage to a maximum of two objects in a 2 meter radius.

    30 sec cool down

    <Third Bolt- Lightning Flash> Lvl 2 (Unique)

    20 Stamina and 20 Mana Consumed

    A single burst of speed that makes you seem like a lightning bolt.

    Effects- can shift to any spot within a 2 meter radius. Cannot go through blocks.

    1 min cool down]

    Seojoon nodded his head. "My <Twelve Bolts> skills are unique."

    His father let out a whistle. "Did you obtain a hidden class already? Lucky you."

    "I don't have a hidden class though?"

    "Impossible! Unique skills don't come freely! Check again."his dad asked in shock.

    "Show status,"

    [Kim Seojoon (Bookworm Teacher)

    Class: Swordsman

    Lvl: 10 (466/1000)

    Health: 300/300

    Stamina: 120/150  Mana: 160/210

    <Attributes> <Skills> <Quests> <Titles>]

    "Yep," said Seojoon with a shrug. "My class is still a normal Swordsman."

    Seojoon's father let out a groan. "How the hell did you acquire so many unique skills when the game has only been released for a month or so?"

    Seojoon walked over to the dead wolf carcasses and took out a knife out and started to dismantle the wolf. "I only have three unique skills, nothing to get dramatic about."

    "I'm ranked third on the Level Leaderboards and yet I still have yet to get a single unique skill!" Said his father with a mixture of happiness, admiration and jealousy. "I can't believe you are this good at games and yet waste your time studying for school."

    "Hey, apologize to all the students who are unable to play games due to studying."

    Seojoon's father rolled his eyes. "Where did you even get the unique skills?"

    "I got them from my vice captain. I became her disciple of sorts."

    "Oh well, well done. I'll look forward to seeing you on the leaderboards soon enough. What did you get from dismantling the wolves?"


    [You have finished dismantling five wolves. You have obtained:

    2 wolf pelts

    4 wolf fangs]

    [Overall Exp gained from killing five wolves was 48]

    "-two pelts and 4 fangs."

    "Ahhh, that's unlucky. If we add onto the 4 pelts we already had and the 11 fangs, we get about...."

    "33 coppers. 15 coppers for the fangs and 18 coppers from the pelts."

    "Yes. Three coppers can feed a child for a week sparingly so that's eleven kids we can help." Said his dad in a calculative manner. "Wanna head back to the capital? I have a quest to finish and the time limit is coming fast."

    "Sure, I don't mind."

    His dad gave Seojoon a pat on the back and ruffled his hair. "I'll join you hunting sometime later. Once I hit level 20, I'll be able to hunt in higher area places without a problem and bring in a higher profit."

    "Meh, just do what you want."

    "How can I do that when my son cares so much about the children who suffer on the streets? Why don't you try giving players quests to help you.... out..."

    Seojoon and his father stared at each other in stupor before quickly dashing out of the forest and towards the capital.
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