24 Quest Abuse

    "You!" A man in a soldier uniform stopped a girl in the middle of the street. "You come over here for a minute!"

    A girl with light blue hair stopped in place immediately and glanced at the man in front of her with a flustered expression. "W-w-what does the great Seojoon-sama wish to have from me?"

    Seojoon raised an eyebrow before murmuring to himself, "Sama? Ah, she must be Japanese...."

    "Excuse me?"

    "Never mind. I have a question for you. Are you willing to help homeless children at the church?"

    "I-I would love too!" Said the girl eagerly.

    However, Seojoon could tell that she hadn't received a quest from her expression. This meant that he couldn't give out quests at any given time. Since a direct question didn't work, Seojoon went with plan B.

    "Ahhhh, the children are so poor and helpless. It pains me to see them starve out on the streets and beg for food everyday."

    "I-I agree!"

    Tch, still a failure. An indirect request didn't work as well. Seojoon moved on to plan C. The indirect yet direct request.

    "If you go to the church, you will find out that it accepts donations. These donations go into feeding the homeless adults and children's that beg on the streets. Please. Can you go over there and...."

    "Donate?" Finished the girl.

    "Yes, please donate."

    However, once again, Seojoon knew that he had failed once more. Instead of getting elated at receiving a quest, the girl only gazed at Seojoon with curiosity and a hunt of admiration. Frustrated, Seojoon sat down on the side of the road and let out a heavy sigh.

    At this point, Seojoon gave up on abusing the quest giving function he had as an NPC. Although he would be able to help a lot by exterminating the wolf population, he was still a little let down at the fact that he would not be able to get other players to help the children.

    "Are you okay?"

    The girl he was talking too had sat next to him at one point and was now giving Seojoon a concerned look.

    Seojoon gave her a wry grin. "I'm perfectly fine. I just feel a little defeated right now. Nothing to big."

    "May I ask why, Seojoon-sama?"

    "Well you see-" said Seojoon as he stared into the streets of the capital. Even as he sat there with the girl, he could spot a few children begging for food and get ignored. "I want to help these homeless kids and provide them with food. And it saddens me to think about how there are so many people walking around yet nobody even tries to help them."

    Seojoon let out a bitter laugh. "I guess no one would want to help dirty homeless children like them. What would they gain from it? Nothing."

    The girl hesitated for a moment before speaking. "May I ask why you are so desperate on helping these children?"

    Seojoon hesitated. Why indeed did he care so much about helping the children? Why did it affect him so much? This was only a game after all. Was it because he had been a teacher in his previous life? Was his teacher self uncomfortable with seeing children in pain? No. It wasn't just because of that.

    ".... a while ago, I saw a little boy begging for food," Seojoon said while gazing up into the sky. "He just suddenly appeared out of nowhere, blocking us from walking forward any further. We gave him a couple of coins to go feed himself and expected him to leave immediately when the boy continued to stay."

    "Was the amount of money that you gave him not enough?"

    Seojoon shook his head. "It was enough for one little boy, but the little boy didn't want to take care of himself only. You see, far away hidden in a dark alleyway were two little girls, even younger than the little boy in front of me. The little boy didn't want to take care of himself only but also his younger sisters."

    Seojoon looked down from the sky and stared into the girl's eyes.

    "In what civilized society should a little child take on the role of an adult? What would happen if we continued to ignore the child's plea for help?"

    What would happen was obvious. They would die.

    Seojoon closed his eyes for a moment before getting up from the floor and did a couple of light stretches before addressing the girl.

    ".... If you don't want to waste your money on helping the children, you don't have to. I won't force you to. I understand what I'm doing is most likely futile and pointless. Sorry for wasting your time."

    The girl shook her head.

    "Oh no, I would love to help. I.... I feel a personal connection with the children who are suffering right now. Even if you didn't ask, I would still help them. I understand how hard it is."

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    Seojoon gave a small chuckle. "Thank you for your kindness and for talking with me. I'll take my leave now. It was a meaningful talk that we had going on between us."

    "...I am honored. Please have a good night Seojoon-sama."

    Seojoon nodded and made his way to the inn and logged off. He would continue in the morning after a good night sleep.
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