26 God of Luck

    The old nun let out a chuckle at the sight in front of her. She saw a young man accepting coins from random passerby's and giving perfect ninety degree bows.

    How much wealth he had accumulated was a mystery to the old nun but she did not frankly care all that much. For she had now become well aquatinted with the boy and knew that he would bring no harm.

    After the crowd of money providing people had all left, the boy carried a hefty bag toward the church with a satisfied look on his face. \"Good morning Mother Minerva. I've collected all the donations for today. Do you want me to go to the bank and store them like usual or should I take a few coins to buy some food?\"

    \"I would love it if you got some coins and went shopping, you can deposit the rest at the bank.\"

    \"Alrighty, I'll be back quick enough.\"

    Mother Minerva let out a wry chuckle. \"I feel bad for wasting your time on aiding us with our troubles. Thank you so much Seojoon.\"

    Seojoon let out a bright laugh. \"No need to thank me Mother Minerva, I am just doing what I want, besides, I got permission from my higher ups. Although I'll have to go after noon, I can help you during the mornings. After I'm gone, the children are more then adept enough to accepts donations in my place.\"

    \"You are a kind soul,\" said Mother Minerva with a sad smile. \"If only the nobles has your personality.... all of these children would have no need suffer.\"

    Seojoon followed her sigh and placed the bag of money on the floor. \"What can we say Mother Minerva, people always care about themselves before anything. That or their loved ones and close family members. Such a shame that we aren't any of those.\"

    Mother Minerva sighed. \"I wonder why so many people are donating money to us all the sudden.... it's as if our god is pitying us and providing us aid.\"

    \"Ahaha.... yes indeed. I feel like it is all due to the power of advertising.\"

    \"Did you say something, my dear?\"

    \"Nope, nothing at all.\"

    Seojoon picked up the bag of money and slung it over his shoulder. \"I'll be off Mother Minerva, I'll hurry up and buy some groceries and deposit the money and come back to help you with cooking breakfast.\"

    \"Oh no, dear, you don't need to do so much-\"

    \"Helping the church is a personal joy of mine, don't feel so bad about it. Bye~\"

    Mother Minerva watched the receding figure of Seojoon with thankful eyes before sighing. \"I wonder if it isn't too presumptuous of me ask him for a favor... I've already received too much help... but I can't ignore how the children are disappearing one after the other...\"

    Mother Minerva sighed.

    \"I guess I will have to rely on Seojoon one more time today...\"


    Seojoon quickly deposited the money and bought the food out from his own pocket, like usual. He never told Mother Minerva that he would always pay for the meals himself and that he would always add at least fifty percent of his earnings into the pile of coins they received every day as he knew that it would make her feel bad.

    Just as Seojoon carried the many bags of food back home, a girl suddenly appeared right in front of him stopping him in his tracks. \"Hello Seojoon sama~\"

    Seojoon gave the girl a distasteful look before reluctantly greeting the girl. \".... good morning Kaori.\"

    Kaori gave Seojoon a teasing smile. \"Are you still angry at the fact that I posted the video of you providing me a quest? Didn't I already apologize for it? I even helped you with donations for a day! I even helped you spread it to every player in the empire!\"

    Seojoon sighed. \"You have a point there, I guess I'll have to thank you for that at least.\"

    \"Anything you want Seojoon sama.\"

    \"Drop the sama. It's hella cringe. I'm not some sort of deity or lord you know?\"

    Kaori let out a loud laugh. \"Do you not know what is going on in social media right now? People are already calling you the Luck god of Rising Worlds.\"

    Dumbfounded, Seojoon gave Kaori a blank stare. \"Why the hell would they call me that?\"

    \"Well firstly,\" said Kaori while putting up a finger. \"Your fan club has become so large that even major acting companies such as Hollywood are desperate to gain control of your face for revenue. Don't you get calls from companies all the time?\"

    Seojoon averted his gaze as his phone had went into permanent quarantine in one of his drawers. He received so many calls a day that he didn't even bother answering them at all.

    Kaori gave Seojoon a suspicious look before shrugging. \"Well, the second reason why you are treated as a god is because some players received a second main story quest after donating to the church. One player was given a hidden class while another gained a nobility title.\"

    Seojoon frowned. \"All from helping homeless children?\"

    Kaori shrugged. \"One of the players got approached by a secret organization called the Dark Light after being seen donating to the church. The organization gave him a quest and he completed it and slowly moved into the ranks of nobility. He is a baron currently I think.\"

    \"I see... what about the other guy, the one who received a hidden class called the Night Ranger. The player was helping a homeless girl when the father of the girl appeared and took her back. The father then gave the player a hidden class as thanks.\"


    Seojoon was starting to believe that he really was a god of luck in the world of Rising Worlds.
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