27 Find the children

    \"Hello Mother Minerva, I'm back.\"

    \"Perfect timing,\" mother Minerva said with a smile. \"And I see that you brought a friend?\"

    Kaori waved her hand and smiled. \"Hello mother Minerva, I'm Kaori. I've helped Seojoon with the donations one time, DONT you remember?\"

    Mother Minerva shrugged. \"I'm sorry but I don't. Anyways, Seojoon, I am terribly sorry to ask you for another favor after all that you've done for me and the children-\"

    \"Not at all,\" Seojoon said with a grin. \"I just wanted to help, no need to feel grateful.\"

    \"You are a modest one, but in all due seriousness, I need your help. And you helping me could get you killed. Are you sure you still want to help me?\"

    Seojoon was about to say yes when a quest screen popped in front of him.

    [Mother Minerva's Concerns (Main Story Quest)

    Homeless children disappear all the time, it is the sad truth. But lately, mother Minerva has begun to notice that the frequency where familiar children never come back is increasing. Go out and find out if these disappearances are of a natural cause or the result of something more sinister. Failure may lead to death.

    Completion Requirements: find out who is responsible for the disappearances.

    Reward: 1000 Exp and mother Minerva's gratitude.]

    \".... is it about the recent increasing frequency of disappearing children?\"

    Mother Minerva gave Seojoon a nod. \"Indeed, it is as you have guessed. It happens to often to be an accident or a natural cause. Please find out what is behind all of this and report back to me.\"

    Seojoon frowned. \"Don't you want me to take care of the problem as well? I don't mind.\"

    Mother Minerva furiously shook her head. \"You mustn't. If things take a really wrong turn and the culprit behind this is who I think it is, then we have to be extremely careful. A single mistake and your head could be sent flying.\"

    Seojoon's frown became even deeper. If the culprit had the power to execute them and create enough fear in mother Minerva to tell him to proceed with caution, then it could only be one group of people. The nobles.

    Seojoon nodded grimly and grabbed his sword. \"I will get it done to my very last breath.\"

    \"Don't. All you need to do is come back alive.\"

    Kaori elbowed Seojoon in the side and pulled him close before whispering, \"hey, you just received a main story quest right?\"

    Seojoon hesitated for a moment before nodded his head slightly causing her to pout. \"Hey, that's not fair. I want one too. Mother Minerva, May I assist Seojoon in the task of finding the disappearing children?\"

    Mother Minerva shrugged. \"Do whatever you want.\"


    Mother Minerva gave Kaori a weird look before whispering to Seojoon, \"is that friend of yours okay? She seems a bit... disoriented in the mind.\"

    Seojoon sighed. \"Don't worry mother Minerva, its a trait that most outsiders have. I assure you it's perfectly normal.\"

    \"I see... well then good luck to you. May the goddess bless you with her fortune.\"

    \"May the goddess bless us all.\"

    Seojoon grabbed the ecstatic Kaori and dragged her out of the church.

    \"Seojoon, look at this, I get a thousand exp for completing this quest!\"


    \"Do you know how many wolves I would have to kill for that? 100! A hundred wolves for a thousand exp!\"

    \"You could always go hunt goblins or kobolds.\"

    Kaori gave Seojoon a derisive look. \"Goblins? Who would wanna waste their lives killing goblins? All they do is act like a pain in the ass as they stick in a group. They don't even provide that much exp as well, only giving about five per kill. As for kobolds... they are basically wolves but with weapons. I can't hunt them unless I'm in a party.\"

    Kaori suddenly froze and stopped Seojoon from moving forward. \"Hey Seojoon, since we have the same quest, do you wanna party? It'll make things easier and it'll be more fun! Send party invite to Seojoon.\"

    [User Kaori has sent you a party request. Will you accept?]


    [You have declined User Kaori's party request.]

    \"Hey, why did you decline? Just accept it already. Send party invite to Seojoon.\"

    [User Kaori has sent you a party request. Will you accept?]

    \"Stop sending new invites. Decline.\"

    [You have declined User Kaori's party request.]

    \"But why? It's the most logical thing to do? We both have the same quest so why not party together? You don't have a solid reason to decline me you know!  Send party invite to Seojoon.\"

    [User Kaori has sent you a party request. Will you accept?]

    \".... are you going to keep this up forever?\"

    \"Do not underestimate my stubbornness.\"

    \"....whatever. I don't really care anyways. Accept.\"

    [You have accepted User Kaori's party request.]

    [Party Members

    Kaori (Leader)

    Lvl: 17

    Health: 410/410

    Stamina: 205/205  Mana: 170/170


    Lvl: 10

    Health: 300/300

    Stamina: 150/150  Mana: 210/210]

    \"Wow,\" said Kaori. \"You are only level 10? I thought you would be level 15 at least.\"

    \"Shut up you leveling freak. Unlike you, I came to enjoy the story of the the world instead of grinding experience like you do.\"

    \"Ewwww, you are one of those story gamers? Disgusting.\"

    \"Party leave.\"

    [Are you sure that you want to leave your party?]

    \"Wait, no. I'm sorry, don't leave.\"
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