31 Unnamed

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    \"Oi, boss,\" Said the man with three scratches on his neck, \"a couple of people are searching for the children. What should we do?\"

    The man who was referred to as boss let out a chuckle. \"Let them do what they want. I presume that you weren't foolish enough to lead them straight to us, yes?\"

    Three Scratches let out a smug grin. \"Of course not, they didn't even suspect that I had a play in the children kidnappings. I even made sure to point them in the complete opposite side of our hideout.\"

    \"Near the old tree?\"

    \"Yep! I even made sure that the two of them headed over in that direction before coming.\"

    \"Good. That should deter them from inspecting this area for quite some time. Speed up the operations by at least two hundred percent.\"

    Three Scratches let out a frown. \"Won't that risk our operation getting discovered and shut down?\"

    Boss sighed. \"Since they are already looking for suspicious people, it means that they have already caught on... how did the two people who were asking look?\"

    Three Scratches furrowed his brows deep in thought. \"Well... one for them was a girl with blue hair I think. Although she looked pretty, the way she spoke sorta annoyed me. The other person was a boy, he seemed pretty smart and kind. He was handsome as well and was wearing armor that belongs to the city guards.\"

    \"That means that the empire is on to us. We will speed up operations to three hundred percent and we will leave tomorrow morning.\"

    Three scratches let out a sigh. \"Aren't there a lot of kids left? Can't we stay for an extra day?\"

    Boss let out a scowl. \"And risk getting caught? We'll just come back at a later time. For now, we'll move our operations to a different city.\"

    \"But what if they children die... we'll lose-\"

    \"Shut it,\" snapped Boss with an annoyed tone. \"Do you think we can capture every homeless child in the world? My decision is final. We will head out tomorrow morning. And hide that scratch of yours. What if people see it and start to suspect?\"

    Three Scratches scoffed. \"And when they do, I'll they'll them that it was from a cat. You are being to paranoid. What kind of overanalyzing idiot would relate a scratch to a series of disappearances?\"

    \"... you have a solid point there,\" said boss with a sigh. \"Just be careful, alright? If we get caught, both of our heads will be sent flying.\"

    \"Got it boss. Will you be heading down to check on the children?\"

    \"Of course... make sure to stand guard here while I do. We need to be on maximum security for the next twelve hours.\"

    \"Got is boss.\"

    Suddenly the door opened with a loud bang and a girl with blue hair came in with an excited look. \"FBI OPEN UP! PUT YOUR HANDS UP IN THE AIR!\"

    \"Did you really have to barge in like that?\"

    \"I wanted my entrance to be dramatic you know.\"

    A man with black hair and a handsome face sighed and also entered the building. \"Hello, we are here to inspect the premises for any kidnapped children. Please comply and do not resist.\"
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