32 Hiatus

    Honestly, I struggled with this decision. This was my first real attempt at a LitRPG and I really found it to be enjoying. But the more I tried to develop the plot, the more I fell into this deep dark hole of not knowing where to go and how to continue.

    It then came to me realizing that I just never had it in me to become a LitRPG writer.

    This genre is not my style. I would often debate on whether or not I wanted my story to be dark or light hearted, it was a comedy but I wanted a real reason for why Seojoon would wish to play games. In the end, what happened was a disoriented novel where the **ty author can't determine what the **ing plot is going to be.

    It might be a good read to you readers, or it might not, but in my eyes, this novel is a failure. Instead of being motivated to write, all I do is feel bland and bored.

    So, I'm dropping this book, along with a few other books that I hadn't placed on hiatus and will solely pour my entire efforts into a single original book, something that I dearly wished to complete but could never finish. Anyways, this book will go on a hiatus, I really don't know if I want to continue this or not.

    Thank you for reading this book of mine. Remember, there are better writers out there who are more suited for litRPG's than I am.

    Sorry, goodbye, and thank you.
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