1 Prologue

    In the void, there is a mortal who is currently being ripped apart by the nothingness that surrounds him, but every time it seems as if he was going to die, his body would restore and repeat. He has been there for who knows how long. The pain stopped processing in his mind after an undeterminable amount of time. This mortal name is Samuru Toshiro, and before everything, he was only a mere nineteen years old in college.

    "Ha-ha, Death, why have you not allowed me to enter your embrace? Or, is it possible that you yourself have also left this universe?" Questioned Samuru to whatever being is willing to listen. He closed his eyes while processing such a dilemma for an unknown time before continuing saying, "I do not know how long has proceeded, but I remember that day as if it was yesterday."

    An unknown amount of time ago, December 27th, 2016, on a planet known as Earth in a college classroom there laid Samuru Toshiro sleeping on his desk. While he was sleeping someone approached him, grabbed his arm, and shook him to awake him. He slowly awakens from his sleep to see who was awakening him and to his surprise, it was his professor DeMarco.

    "Mr. Toshiro, I know this is your senior year but can please refrain from sleeping during my class? Also, I have been calling you for a while now," said Professor DeMarco.

    "Oh, I sorry about that professor; it is just that I have been restless recently," said Samuru as he corrected his self in his seat.

    "Try to get some sleep tonight, anyway, I was informed that there is someone waiting-," said the Professor before being interrupted by a voice that seemed to have appeared in everyone mind.

    "You have ten seconds to make a choice that will change your life forever. Would you like to transfer to a universe that is perfect for you, or continue to stay here? Keep in mind that nothing comes without danger; time starts now!" Resounded the voice in our head. It has only taken Samuru six seconds before he came up with his choice, 'no.' With the last four seconds, he looked around the classroom looking those with face with doubt and excitement.

    "Times up! Those that have chosen 'yes' will be sent to their perfect universe now. Others will remain here," resound the voice once more before everything vanished, except Samuru.

    "Aaaaagh!" Screamed Samuru as he began to be ripped apart by the nothingness. This is how it all began.
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