2 Meeting a Origin

    "Unknown amount of time has passed since that moment. Regrets? What is the use of regrets in a place like this?" Asked Samuru to the whoever, if any, are willing to listen to his story. "Life? Death? Not even Space appears to have stayed. How was that even possible? Sigh, I can only simply exist in this place."

    It was at this moment that a hairline crack appeared in the nothingness a few feet away from him. In a matter of a second, it has grown to a height of 3 meters. Samuru had immediately noticed a change in that area.

    "Change! Finally, there is a change! What will this new event bring?" Asked Samuru.

    Once the crack stopped enlarging a figure stepped through the crack. Samuru could not see the features of the figure, but he could tell that it had a humanoid body type. Once through the figure turned his attention to him.

    "Wow, I find it surprising that a mortal can survive for a few billion years inside this nothingness," spoke the unknown figure. "There must be something special about you, nevertheless, I believe you should be rewarded for such a feat."

    "A few billion years I have been here!" Shouted Samuru but he had quickly regained his composure. "Wait that is not important. Who are you? What are you? And what is the reward?"

    The figure was astonished by Samuru instantaneous acceptance of what is going on.

    "I will answer your questions in order; I have long forgotten my name, but I go by the name of Origin. I am a cultivator that has transcended the realms of Godhood. As for your reward, I will turn you into a Main God. The domain or domains in which you govern will be your choice," answered Origin as he pays attention to Samuru.

    Without skipping a beat Samuru had immediately replied, "I choose the domains of Creation and Destruction!"

    "Excellent! Wonderful choice of domains!" Shouted Origin which caused the nothingness to quiver in fear of this figure. Samuru remains unaffected as Origin has prevented him from harm. "Now on to the next item. Would you like me to choose a universe for you, or you would like to find one yourself?"

    After having heard such an important question it took him a few minutes before he could ask, "Origin, I am wondering if I could make a few conditions to the type of planet that I will be moved to?"

    "Of course," simply replied Origin.

    "Wonder, I would like to be transported to a relatively new universe and I would be the only God," said Samuru.

    Origin pondered on this for a moment before saying, "this can be easily accomplished. If that is everything thing then be on your way."

    Samuru vanished from the nothingness to a place where his true starts begin.

    "That boy is going to lead to a huge change... Sigh, I will need his help in the near future, so I might as well make him even more valuable by adding the domain of Magic," said Origin to himself as he vanishes as well leaving the nothingness truly with nothing.
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