3 Letter from Origin

    As Samuru looked around, he came to understand that he was in a forest that appeared to be untouched by man. When he looked at himself, he discovered that he was no longer naked but garnered a pure white robe, line with gold which glowed with a divine aura. Along with that, he wore sandals made of straw. As he looked at his feet, he has found a letter that was labeled, "To Samuru." He reached down slowly to pick it up, opened it, and it read:

    "Hey, Samuru,

    I have forgotten to tell you that there is only one God of Magic, Creation, and Destruction in this Universe. Since there cannot be destruction without creation and vice versa, there wasn't a God of Destruction or Creation until you came. I have created and sped up the time of this universe by a few billion years a moment before I have placed you there. I have also given you the domain of magic. Now that you are here magic is being pumped into the universe, so Gods that need magic and Mythical creatures are being born. [Beyria] is no longer the only habitable planet in the universe anymore.

    Okay, now I will get into the God realms: Lower, Middle, High, and Main. Five tiers separate each realm. The difference between the realms Lower and High are like an ant against a Dragon God. The main realm is incomparable. The Gods of Magic, Creation, and Destruction are the only main Gods, so you're automatically Main rank, First Tier, and Immortal. Though you are in that realm, you do not have full control of your power, so you're only able to use a fraction of a fraction of your true power. It will take time for you to become accustomed to your new profound power. Do not underestimate that power. You are still stronger than any High Realm Gods. Just to let you know there aren't any High Realm Gods in that universe since it's new. The highest Gods are Mid-realm: Zara (War) and Kara (Peace). Yes, they are sisters.

    Finally, I would like to write, Magic is whatever you make it since you're the God of Creation. I have dropped you in the middle of an ancient forest called Maraki, so you do not have to worry about being interrupted.



    P.S. I have ignored your condition and created a few Gods to help run the universe will you're busy. "

    "Awesome, I was beginning to have questions before, but it seems that I have received the answers to them already," he said to myself and chuckled.
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