4 Incident & Good nigh

    Being inside of the nothingness has dulled his emotions considerably but not completely. When he felt the power that is coursing through his body he was excited beyond words releasing a terrifying aura that began to shake the world. Any being that was within one-hundred kilometers either instantly died, or fainted. Everyone else fell on their knees from the pressure; Samuru controlled himself when he noticed that the trees that surrounded him were no longer there.

    "Sigh, I might have overdone it a bit," thought Samuru as he simply willed for things to return to normal. The trees have regrown, the dead have revived, and those that have fainted had awoken. He also retracted his aura which made everything appear as if it was a horrible dream. This was only the mindset of the mortals; the Gods, on the other hand, knew what was has transpired.

    "God of War Zara and God of Peace, I demand your presence," commanded Samuru amateurishly as he used his magic to carry his voice through the world. Samuru found it easy to use his power for his intended purpose, but he could not control the amount of power he used. Within moment two females figures appeared in his vicinity. They were beautiful twin sisters and they both worn clothes similar to him, but they both gave off a completely different aura. One was bloody which he guess was Zara while the other, Kara, was peaceful.

    "Greetings, I am Samuru Toshiro the God of Creation, Destruction, and surprisingly also Magic. I want one of you to tell me about the planet," said Samuru expecting a reply, but all he had received was complete silence and they were staring at his face. "Hmmm; is either one of able to understand what I am saying?"

    This time he has received a reply from Zara.

    "Sorry for not replying, but your body and face is just so captivating that we could not help but stare," said Zara embarrassing which was uncharacteristic for a War God. "This world is called as Beyria; there are only five races on this planet: Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, Beastmens, and Beasts. There is this new energy that surrounds us, but I am going to guess that's magic. Before you have arrived there were only my sister and me as Gods. That has all changed now that you have brought the magic to this universe."

    "I did not think I was that attractive; thanks for telling me," said Samuru as he willed his robe to form a hood to hide his face. "I have an idea to help things progress!"

    First Samuru willed Magic to be accessible to everyone.

    "That was easy," said Samuru. Zara and Kara were surprised at the sudden change. Their once limited access to the energy has been removed. "Now for the final change! A RPG system!"

    Once he willed the RPG System into existence he immediately felt unbearable exhaust assault him.

    "Good night," said Samuru as he laid down, curled into a ball, and smoothly transitioned to wonderland.

    *RPG System Installed*
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