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    Inside of the multiverse, there is a world that confused that focus purely on the way of cultivating one's body and mind. Cultivation is defying the laws of the Heavens and creating one own path to follow. This act of defiance raises their lifespan, soul, and body far beyond the reach of Heaven's control. Allowing them to create life, destroy planets and stars with a thought, and creating their own universes, but no all possess such power.

    The ancient cultivators of the world named it Dao because of the fact that the source of all things in the universe seems to originate from the planet. The world existed before any other with only six stars in the sky representing their own Dao: Space, Time, Life, Death, Yin, and Yang. As time progressed, life appeared on the planet, causing a spark of Daos to be created, in which, caused many stars to appear in the sky. The earth itself seemed to be excited by such aspects, therefore, gifting the inhabitants the present of Qi in the atmosphere along with the idea of cultivating. As time passed, cultivator reached a level of power that allowed them to create planets and realms, so that is what they did.

    The lead cultivator in the expansion and creation of realms and planets was Duan Ling. The Duan Clan is the number one clan in the universe; therefore, nothing goes without at least informing the Duan Clan of their next action out of respect. The founder of the family has long since transcended from a Half-God to a full God. With this amount of power, the multiverse is his plaything, and nothing went on without his knowledge... until today.

    Outside of the confines of the multiverse is the void. Many immortals and above has enough power to destroy their surrounding space to glance at the void, but none have ever survived in the vacuum. In the Void, there is a throne of inimaginable proportion made of unidentified material that radiated and oozed absolute power that covered every inch of the void. On the throne is a figure that comfortably and perfect fit the throne dimensions. The character is humanoid, but the only that could be distinguished is that it was male, one half of the body is white as if filled with everything positive in existence, and the other side was the complete opposite. Though it appears that cultivators can do as they please, but that is not far from the truth. The being that goes by the name, Author, has simply allowed them to do as they wanted. He created multiple multiverses for his entertainment, and the newest one intrigues him the most. Unlike the other multiverses that focused on a genre, for example, Cultivations, Anime, Novels, Horror, and etc. He combined all their aspects in one, which, resulted in the multiverse known to Duan Lin.

    "Dull," said Author, but that word contained the very essence of existence and nothingness. The void trembled for a near-infinite amount of time, but what is time when you are in a place where there is no such thing. The void stopped, and a female humanoid made of complete nothingness appeared in front of Author. The figure seemed to be insignificant in term of power and size when compared to Author, but he noticed her appearance immediately as if expecting such a thing to occur... in fact, he knew that it would.

    "Father! I've been with you since when you've created me, Void! I'm so happy to finally be able to come into being and see you!" Exclaimed Void as she tried to rush to hug her father, but hugely underestimated his size, therefore, the distance to reach him.

    Seeing her struggle, Author said another word in response, "daughter." She stopped unvoluntary because of the sheer amount of power that has been added to hers. Her sized reached the point that she was the same size as her father, Author, but that does not mean she possessed the same amount of power. With a tap of his finger on his throne, two similar thrones appeared; one on his right and the other on his left. Void understood that one of the thrones was for her, but she did not understand the purpose of the other until she heard her father speak his third word, "creation." There cannot be destruction without creation; therefore, someone completely opposite of her appeared. A male humanoid figure that represents the entirety of life and he was given the name Creation. Void and Creation power level was the exact same in all aspects, so if one were two weaken or strengthen, so would the other.

    'You guys are now my family as you were once a part of me,' transmitted Author directly to their souls as it would not cause changes to those who have a soul strong enough to withstand his power. 'Time to get the show started.'

    Author tapped his finger for the second time, that is when all the multiverses have changed like never before. Many universes, realms, and worlds were destroyed and created within minutes; countless lives were lost, but they were not ignored or forgotten. Author has foreseen that such a catastrophe would occur, so he created a system that would gather all the souls and place them in a paradise or returned them back to their respective world if they wished.

    The old monsters that believe they have reached the apex in their respective world, the universe, and/or multi-universe discovered that they were far some it. War broke out between the formerly apex powerhouses, and countless have decided. This has continued on for numerous years; battles many occurred in the realms of Immortals, Divines, and Gods. Those that believe that they were immortal or a god, therefore, eternal discovered that to not be the case.

    Author and his family watch as they slaughtered, sheltered, conquered, and saved those that were considered weak. The Duan Clan is still considered number one because of their power and their way to adapt to the ever-growing Dao. Duan Ling has long since moved the planet Dao into a realm of his own creation and has lived a relatively safe life, but that changed when the top powers cooperated to assault him and his family. Wave after wave of powerhouses attacked him, and he slaughtered them to buy time for his family and friends to escape. Pushing himself far beyond the limits of his prowess.

    Duan Ling is currently sitting on down a planet the size of Jupiter, which is littered with corpses stacked to the sky. Ling gaze lands on the numerous amount of fighters and space ships in the air bloating out the sun. The last of his family and friends had just escaped into a mysterious portal that appeared when the attack started. Duan Ling and everyone did not have time to verify the intention of the person that has created the portal, so he simply sent them through.

    A smile appeared on his face, and he spoke his last words before dying of exhaustion, "Ha... Ha.. we will rise again, and we will have our revenge!"

    In the group, no one did not doubt his words, so sweat dripped down their backs, and many even regretted their decision in joining the attack. Those that were irrational shoot toward Duan Ling body in the hope that they could destroy his soul along with his body, but something that they would never forget accorded instead.

    Author did not have to speak or transmit them a word for them to understand his intentions since they were once apart of him. Void and Creation both tapped their finger on their thrones, copying the habits of their father, to send an incarnation of themselves.

    The two incarnations appeared in front of the body of Duan Ling instantaneously, and the group attacks have frozen in space as if their very existence demanded respect. Everything bowed in respect; everything. The true Gods that represented the elements and daos appeared and bowed. In fact, the true Gods did not participate in the wars; they did not have enough power to manifest until today.

    Void and Creation did not even give them recognition and simply place on hand on each of Duan Ling shoulders; power followed through his body, and he was revived with power far beyond the one he had before. He immediately noticed the two figures that had a hand on his shoulder and wanted to speak but was unable to.

    "Our father has been watching you since the beginning and requesting your presence. You should be honored that he has taken an interest in someone with such low power," said Creation. His words were no filled with arrogance, but the truth. Void and Creation knew that Ling was interested without him having to say anything, so they both nodded their head in acknowledgment.

    It was Void turn to speak, so she turned toward the group that has been bowing since the time that they have arrived and said, "our father has enjoyed watching the conflict but has now grown bored of it, so he declared that it is time to stop."

    With those words, the three left without a trace. The attacks vanished without a trace, and the group was finally in control of their own body. They were all terrified about the beings that have just appeared and disappeared as they pleased. The God of Space did not even notice how they have appeared or disappeared. With no other choice, but to head back home and pray that nothing extreme occur in the future; they knew that it was pointless, but they did it nevertheless in the hope of leniency.
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