1 Backstory of Ciel

    Before dying and being reincarnated a backstory should always be told and this all starts with a 14-year-old boy named Ciel he was an ordinary kid nothing special about his features or talent the only good thing he had in his life was anime it was the only special thing he had and as he watched more and more.

    You may be wondering why that was the only special thing was because apart from anime he had nothing no family and friends he did once but when he got older it seems everyone who got close to him all died.

    After people at school and people in the town knew about these events they didn't go near him they thought he was a curse on this world making Ciel lonely and hatred started to grow.

    A few years passed and he couldn't handle this anymore it felt like torture for him that night he bought an AK 47 with stacks of ammunition and headed into the town he killed half of the town's population that night in a few hours.

    He could have killed more possible wiping the town's population of the map but it seemed a swat team was heading his way to capture or kill Ciel on site.

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    Ciel had known about this after all he had heard a woman speaking on the phone begging for help before he had killed her.

    15 minutes later the swat team arrived and told Ciel to drop his weapon on the ground and put his hands up Ciel didn't listen he smiled letting out a tear then put the gun to his head 1 shot could be heard in the building Ciel's body dropped to the floor with blood gushing out of his head after committing suicide.

    This is where the real story begins.
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