3 Seven Deadly Sins

    Returning from a mission and walking back to the kingdom were 7 people dressed up in suits of armor these people was known through the kingdom as the 7 deadly sins.

    Before reaching the Kingdom they could hear a baby crying very loud as it was trying to get anyone's attention if anyone was nearby as it was on its own the one that heard the baby was Meliodas.

    Leaving the sins behind Meliodas rushed off in the direction of the baby crying Melidoas got closer now he could see a baby inside a basket the baby had blue hair, pale skin, and light blue innocent eyes.

    Meliodas could sense something familiar about this child as its presence was very close to Zeldorisis his younger brother but that wasn't all he could also sense some vampire inside the child.

    This has got to be Zeldorisis and Geldas baby: Meliodas

    Meliodas picked up the babies basket and went back to the sins with this child they were all confused on whose baby it was and why he had brought it back with him.

    Why did you bring a baby back with you Cap'n?: Ban

    Is it yours?: Diane

    I am going to raise the baby: Meliodas

    Meliodas laughs and then the sins walk on back to the kingdom to work things out as they thought that Meliodas could never raise a child as he couldn't cook.

    When they got back to the kingdom they all sat down inside one of the bedrooms in the palace as they were staying there little Ciel could understand everything as only his body was a baby but for some reason, he could not interact with the system who sent him here.

    Inside the bedroom, Melodias talked to everyone about the babies parents as he knew them and how he would raise the baby as if it was his own.

    Walking up to the baby as it was still in the basket Meliodas carefully pulled it out underneath the baby was a note that said name this baby Ciel Meliodas saw this note and decided to name him Ciel.

    Whilst in the air after getting picked up Baby Ciel had his eyes wide open staring at Meliodas as Ciel was thinking he was very lucky for finding the sins as he wouldn't need to do it in the future but couldn't believe who his new parents were.
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