4 1 Month Later

    During that 1 month, Ciel had astonished the sins as he started to walk this was extremely rare and probably not done before but Ceil was not a normal child.

    Growing up he started to get taller his pale skin started to get paler, his black hair stayed the same and his eyes kept on going lighter it seemed his body would change again soon.

    Everything has been the same after Ciel came to the Kingdom normally the sins would have missions, drink a lot but doesn't forget to spend time with him.

    A few people in the sins was suspicious of Ciel including Merlin who would keep watch on him this made him nervous the other pain was Gowther she was very hard to read.

    Ciel did enjoy books he read them to gain knowledge on this world but he did need 1 thing and that was his system to help him get stronger after all being a helpless child he could do nothing but watch as he needed help even with simple things.

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    A week had gone past and Ciel had gone for a walk he walked for around 5 minutes and stopped he could see many beautiful flowers with all different colors at this moment he felt happiness for the first time he did feel grateful for being raised by the sins but not happy.

    He sat down next to a light blue flower it was the same color as his eyes he reached out to touch it as soon as he touched it suddenly disappeared right in front of him to making him wonder what he did out of nowhere he heard a deafening ringing sound in his head.

    [Hello Host I will be your system through your adventure in the seven deadly sins world if you need anything ask me]
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