6 Ciels Power

    [Hello I am your system if you have any questions ask me]

    Ciel was very happy as he thought it would take much longer to get his system but now he has it he can be over powered.

    System why did that beautiful flower disappear in front of me? : Ciel

    [Host has awakened his first power 'ALL FICTION']

    Ciel remembers that 'ALL FICTION' is used by kummagawa misogi and is a simple ability as it erases ANYTHING the user wants.

    But Why did that flower disappear? :Ciel

    [My theory is that the host (Ciel) was imaging the flower as himself and wanting to be erased]

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    Ciel looked down at the floor the system was right he didn't want to be alive but it was better than being dead.

    [Host should go back to the palace as the sins will be worried that you have gone as it is getting late]

    Ciel didn't answer the system back instead he just kept walking to the palace still looking down as he didn't have a answer.
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