1 Monkey D. Silver

    "Where am I?"

    A youth lying in a forest stood up and staggered around. He tried keeping himself upright by holding onto a tree next to him. But from the outside he looked like hugging a small tree.

    "Arrgh" he screams when suddenly his head hurt and it felt like a mental torture to even trained assassins.

    [Host found...

    establish connection...

    stable frequency found...

    multiple fractures found...

    follow given instructions...

    forceful shut down...

    permission given by ;'$/"=!?$]

    ' Wtf ' was the last thing he thought before he collapsed again.

    "Brat , where are you? " an old man shouted walking through the forest. He was searching someone until one of his glances discovered a 16-year-old boy lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood.

    "not again. " he exclaimed. He picked him up and walked back to his house and place him on his bed. He took a pen and wrote a note before leaving.

    "We'll see us in a few months , brat."

    The sun was rising outside when a silver-haired boy was waking up and stretching himself only to fall back into the bed with all his muscles aching.

    "What happened ?" he asked himself confused but after looking around he started to panic.

    This clearly wasn't his bedroom and all the random memories in his head didn't make it better. He stood up , dragged himself to a mirror on the other side of his bedroom. After seeing his reflection.

    He wanted to scream but a weird sensation forcefully calmed him down.

    [I recommend host to stay calm to keep his sanity.]

    "Who is there? Where am I? Why am I here." he asked but this time rather calm instead of his state a few seconds ago.

    [I am the system , gods decided to give you. One piece , Marione headquarter , forest , Monkey D. Garp and Monkey D. Silver's house.

    Checking exact coordinates.... none found.

    After host miserable death , gods decided to make you to their entertainment and reincarnated you in this body which was on the verge of dying.]

    "One Piece. One Piece? Why the hack am I in One Piece?" he exclaimed loudly.

    "Whatever I don't care so if you are my system are atleast useful."

    [Yes ,certainly. I will be able to assist you in not only helping you train but certainly in most of the things. I can display you your stats. Give you quests and a inventory with nearly unlimited space. But god decided that any magic or other given things will be removed due to magic not existing in this dimension. But he decided to give you a weapon with a grade of  {'$/"=!?$}.]

    The youth sat on the edge of the bed which he suppose was his now. He tried to remember what happened. But the only thing he could remember were knowledge about One Piece and the memories about the previous owner of this body.

    His name is Monkey D. Silver. Adopted son of the marine hero Monkey D. Garp. Garp found him when pirats raided his island and killed everyone. He met a lot of famous people of the world and was able to watch fights between the legends of the sea. But everything other about Silver was probably below average. He was a marine in training and he was bullied by other recruits to the point where they left him die in a forest. But with the help of his system he can probably do something out this weak body.

    "Stats" he thought in his mind when a screen popped up before him.

    Strength: +0

    Dexterity. +0

    Intelligence: +0

    Will: +10




    -1 Gacha ticket


    "Explain." he simply said and the system began.

    [These are your stats. God decided to not make it a game system but something near it. Through certain actions your stats will increase. Talents are passiv like cooking or hand-to-hand combat. They can be aquired to multiple of these actions. Each of them has 10 levels with experience that increases while performin an action which has something to do with the talent. After reaching the level 10 you will breakthrough to the next realm of the talent. The realms are low , low-mid , intermediate , high-mid , high , peak , perfection and godhood.

    Inventory is where your things can be placed. Items are distinguished between common , uncommen , rare , epic , legendary and god tier. For example the gifted sword Muramasa had god tier.

    Quest will be given randomly in certain situation and you can aquire gacha tickets or other items.

    Gacha tickets can only be aquired through quests and will give you a random stat boost , random talent or random item.]

    He started to understand everything and slowly remembered everthing from the anime , manga , wikipedia and fanfictions. But he couldn't remember anything other about his past life. He shrugged and decided to make a plan. Because of the memories he knew he had to participate in a test in only two months. He wanted to first train his physique and than go into the direction of sword play because he was gifted a sword with god tier.

    [Because of planning for future events:

    Intelligence: +1

    Will: +1

    So that was what it meant with actions. He stood up and did a few push-ups only to break down because the body was not healed yet.

    [Because of training even though your body was hurting:

    Strength: +1

    Will: +1

    He lay down on the floor and said.

    "Use the ticket"

    He could hear a wheel spinning and than a loud noise.

    [Reward was deleted....

    ;'$/"=!?$ replaced reward with:

    "Talent   Tier:  ;'$/"=!?$

    Level: ;'$/"=!?$

    'I guess he really wants me to entertain him' Silver thought and looked into what it does.

    Talent    Tier:  ;'$/"=!?$

    Level:  ;'$/"=!?$

    Increase the chance of aquiring Talents and experience and stats.

    Silver looked quite dumbfounded to be gifted this but he just let the screen dissapear again. He spent the rest of the day resting , thinking and training. He also went down to the basement and found an old katana which was still quite good. Certainly Muramasa was better but if he only trained with such a sword , his swordsmanship will be sluggish. That's why he used the one he found. After cleaning and maintaining it , you could see it was only slightly better than the normal swords for the marines.

    He stood up and swung it vertically from the top to the bottom and after that horizontally. He repeated this action for another hour until he a notice from the system.

    [Through repeatedly usage of a sword

    Basic Swordsmanship (One-Sword-Style) Tier: low

    Level: 1

    He guess it just displays my swordsmanship.

    'Probably It will be a lot easier with the system making me seem like a natural talent in the sword.' he thought. ' and from what I guess it seemed like there are different Swordsmanship and Styles.'

    [New Quest...

    Accessing menu...

    Display Quest...

    Reach {Swordsmanship Tier: high} in only two years and surprise not only your bullies but gain the attention of the admirals.

    Rewards: "Ouroboros" Sword infusion , Infinite Snakes Sword Style

    Time limit: 2 years

    He guessed he was right with his thought.

    'Ouroboros. I remember seeing pictures of it. It was either a snake or a eastern dragon forming the symbol of infinity while eating their own tails. Because they are eating eat it will display with their position the infinity. And from the style it means it will be a snake here. And a snake style? Seems interesting but it will take quite some time to reach there.'

    Of course , Silver wanted to have the reward , but he new he was too weak or rather this body is too weak. He used his sword and cut down several fruits eating them and continued his training. Because in the moment his strength in comparison to the admirals or yonko , he's like a small bug in front a giant lion.

    [End of the day recap of rewards:

    Strength: +3

    Dexterity: +1

    Intelligence: +2

    Will: +3

    Basic Swordsmanship (One-Sword-Style) Tier: low

    Level: 1

    Talent    Tier:  ;'$/"=!?$

    Level:  ;'$/"=!?$

    He woke up in the next morning. At first he was in a panic state but then he remembered the events of the day before. He wanted to stand up but he simply collapsed again. He also remembered training till he fell asleep of exhaustion. What troublesome events.

    He was lying the next few minutes in the sun like he was doing photosynthesis in the middle of the road. He stood up with bright-blue eyes and stood walked to the cliff.

    "Here in this place , at this moment , I , Monkey D. Silver " he started. " will reach the top and stand on top of all beings in this world."

    He shouted the last few words out. Birds were flying up in the sky because of the sudden loud noise.

    The next week not much has changed. He kept training but on the fourth day , he started using swords and after each level up he felt how cleaner his cut are beginning to be. Even though they were still pretty bad , but he didn't look like holding a sword for the first time in his hand anymore.

    [Rewards recap: (1 week)

    Strength: +12

    Dexterity: +11

    Intelligence: +3

    Will: +4

    Basic Swordsmanship (One-Sword-Style) Tier: low

    Level: 6

    He started each day with a jog through the whole forest while being hunted by all kinds of overgrown animals to increase his Dexterity. After that a set of push-ups and sit-ups for his strength and until evening Swordsmanship with a sword which he found. It weight more than the double weight for a normal katana. Through continues swinging his swings become more stable but while practicing his strength and dexterity increased.

    His intelligence increased when he thought of plans how to survive monstrous beast in the forest. And his will just increased while all of this. Probably because he pushed himself to his very limit every time.

    But the outcome was not normal. The youth who barely had any meat on him the week before , had now muscles like an athlete all over his body. You can only see it if you pay a lot of attention.

    Of course , his swordsmanship is not bad. He asked the system to compare him to other swordsman from his memories. The system answered that the normal marine was on first Level , low-mid tier. Mihawk , the world strongest swordsman , was on probably Level 9 , perfection.

    The system said , that it's nearly impossible for Mihawk to reach godhood. Because to reach godhood in his swordsmanship means , you need to break free from the shackles called Human Limit. On the contrary he hadn't such a problem. It will only take a bit more time to level up than normal in the higher tiers. He wouldn't meet something like a bottleneck in his talents.

    He also started cooking real food hoping to get the talent for cooking. He also hoped to get hand-to-hand combat or martial arts talent. It would be very helpful in the long run.

    He spent the rest of his day doing the same routine and he went back and started to cook.

    But suddenly:

    "Where are you!"



    Hello dear readers,

    this is the first chapter of this series.

    Well , I won't update reguraly so don't expect too much okay?

    But I still hope you keep going.

    I decided this mc to become a marine.

    Why marine? Because there not many good one piece marine stories.

    That's why I have to go back and "inspire" of the thigns from the chinese novel "God of Soul System"

    So that was is for now.

    Have fun!
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