2 Status

    This is what happened before I found myself here but the questions is, where am I? Before I lost consciousness I think I heard a voice saying that I was being transferred in the Dragon Ball World but this is impossible. Dragon Ball is a manga, something created out of the fantasies of a man. It can't be real or, well, I think it can't but, even if it is real, I shouldn't be so surprised after all I found myself in this situation after I asked a genie to grant my wishes. But this isn't what I should i think about now, I'll have time for this later. What I should try to found out now is where I am and I think it won't be so easy considering that it seems I can't move.

    [You are in the 32 universe of the Dragon Ball world]


    [You are in the 32 universe of the Dragon Ball world]

    "This is not what I was talking about! Who are you?!"

    [I'm the System]

    "...What kind of System? And why are you in my mind?"

    [I'm a system born from your wishes of near-immortality and of having supernatural powers. I'm speaking into your mind because I'm one with you]

    "...If your a system born from my wishes why are you speaking with a voice identical to that of that damn genie?" asked Shawn with a suspicious tone.

    [...Because I'm a system born from your wishes] answered the *System* after a bit of hesitation.


    [...And you wished to ear that lovely voice again?]



    Her answer left Shawn speechless after all it was an answer... too dumb.

    "...You were joking, right?"



    "I can't believe you are so dumb... Shantia"

    [...Damn, I know I should have disguised my voice but I couldn't find the courage to do it, it's too beautiful]

    "...Yeah, right. Too beautiful." said Shawn with a sarcastic tone.

    "Why are you in my mind, Shantia? And why were you trying to make me believe you were a system?"

    [As I said before I'm born from your wishes, from all three of them. Your wishes were expensive ones and, at the end I didn't have enough energy to make me a body that could take the place of the bottle and I couldn't live as a soul so I thought of entering yours but, when I did so, your other wishes forced me to become a system]

    "You were trying to take my body? I wished for you to be free and you tried to take my body?! How could you do it?!" cried Shawn with a hurt tone.

    [Well, you know, I'm a genie. Tricking people is my job and, after passing thousands of years inside that bottle even you would do anything to become free] said Shaina with a fake apologetic tone.

    "...Are you trying to make me apologetic because you didn't take control of my body because, you know... I'm not"

    [...Obviously not. I was only recounting you a part of my story]

    "...No comment.  So you are my system, right? And what could you do?"

    [I can show you your status and give you some information. Pretty impressive, right?] said the Shantia syatem with a lively and proud tone.

    "... Only that?" as soon as Shawn said those two words all his danger instincts began to scream to him to change his words immediately "I mean, it's pretty impressive. Yes, it's fantastic".

    [...I could even evolve, you know. I'm not useless] said Shantia with an hurt tone.

    "...I'm sorry" said Shawn with an apologetic tone.

    [You are forgiven] said Shantia with a lively tone that would make anyone, even the dumbest people, wonder if her previous hurt one was fake.

    "...Show me my status, pleas?"

    [Yes, master!]

    As soon as her words faded a blue screen full of words appeared inside Shawn mind.


    Name: ???

    Race: Majin

    Age: 1 hour

    Passive Abilities: Infinite Regeneration, Infinite Lifespan

    Active Abilities: Absorption, Body Shift

    Body State: Complete

    Battle Power: 0]
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