Chapter Two

    Chapter Two

    We all headed out into the city for the weekend and Rochelle was grumpy as usual. She was cursing herself for not going shopping earlier she's five months pregnant now, and she's started showing now.

    "Why do I do this to myself?" she asks annoyed and I smiled

    "You'll have a few months to get back into shape after the baby. I hear breast feeding helps because your body has to work harder." Both pregnant woman collapsed onto the bed and groaned.

    "Why did I do this to myself again?" Monica asked and put her hand on her slightly bigger stomach.

    "At least it's one baby this time." I tried to boost her mood a little

    "Oh thank god, I love Lina and Mia but those two were monsters. It didn't help I was sixteen. I mean, sixteen and pregnant with twins!" she exclaimed. Sometimes I don't think she realizes how young she really is; sometimes I don't think most of us really do.

    We're all only twenty-three or twenty-four and running this huge company with such a demanding job. Riley and Monica have seven year olds and have been married coming up on seven years this year. I just think we lost track of it all and maybe push ourselves a little too hard sometimes.

    "I think we need to just relax this weekend and have some fun. We're picking out our wedding dresses for goodness sake, we should be happy." I nudged Rochelle.

    "Hey, I was pregnant when I went shopping the first time too, but I was not only seven months but I also had twins. It sucked but my dressed looked amazing on my wedding day, right?" she asked and I had to agree, she looked absolutely perfect on her wedding day.

    Mom and dad had no problem agreeing to them getting married, Riley would have liked to marry her sooner; he wanted to be married when the babies were born. Even at barley seventeen he was in love with her and wanted to not only do what's right for the twins but what felt right for them too.

    Her parents and mine agreed that they should wait a couple months after Lina and Mia were born to see how they handled being parents together first, and they were solid as parents but Monica did get her dress when she was still pregnant. He proposed her sophomore year and they were married her junior year, out senior.

    It was a little weird at first but after time it just made sense.

    "Can you believe you were engaged as a sophomore?" I asked her

    "No, I can't. I can honestly say that wasn't how I always saw my high school years going. I was so scared, I at one point just wanted to run away. My whole life was now being planned and I was going to be a mother and wife in high school. It took a while to realize that Riley would do anything to still give me the early years I always planned on." They were sickly sweet sometimes

    "Like living in the dorms?" I asked and she nodded she didn't get to live in the dorms all four years, but she did the first couple until our parents died. Riley needed her and we were a mess, she raised the twins almost alone for a few months until Riley could really deal with it.

    "I agree with Bry, this should be fun. I know I'm pregnant, but it's not like Scott planned that. We're having a baby and getting married. I should be happy and not complaining." She smiled

    "And I'm getting married too. I love Chase and my brother gave his blessing on it."

    "I'm shocked." Rochelle said and I was too. I didn't think my brother would ever agree to it, but his blessing meant so much to me since my parents couldn't give theirs.

    "Chase and I are going away next weekend, he told me I wasn't allowed to talk about anything stressful."

    "I think that's a good plan. And you do know you're getting married first, we need to plan your wedding too, Bry. You need to focus on yourself sometimes." Monica looked over at me since I laid in the middle of those two.

    "I know, I just have so much to take care of."

    "Your brother is an adult and can pull his own weight, stop babying him. I know I'm not." Monica told me and I groaned

    "Chase said the same thing."

    "He's right; he needs to learn to balance his life and get things together."

    "I know."

    "So what kind of dress do you want?" Rochelle asked changing the subject back to me.

    "I don't know. It's an April wedding and I still don't have a freaking venue." I groaned

    "I thought you were doing gardens."

    "We are."

    "Then you know the kind of dress you need. What do you want though."

    "I've always wanted to get married in a big ball gown with lace and tool and just huge. But I can't be in that all night. I'll die." I don't know what I want

    "Why not get two?" Monica asked

    "Because two dresses is insane."

    "Or you could do one of those dresses that the big skirt can be removed." Rochelle suggested

    "Do they make those?" I asked and she nodded

    "Get it custom made then, look for what you like and see what designers can make one like that."

    "Maybe. I guess we'll see tomorrow." We went to sleep early since tomorrow would be tiring. When we made the appointments we made two for each of us since we knew that one wouldn't be long enough, especially with Rochelle being pregnant. She was picky.

    We went in for our first one and tried dresses on, we each had someone attending to us and they pulled dress after dress in while and I felt dizzy with the color after a while.

    I tried on all types from ball gowns to mermaid to corset dresses and I totally fell in love with having a ball gown dress.

    Rochelle only got to see a glimpse of what she would look like, but we needed to order them now so they would be ready in time. Rochelle and Scott were doing a garden wedding too and she wanted a sweet and romantic lace dress or a huge over the top beaded and blinged out one.

    We told her to go with the over the top if she wanted it because well, she'll be twenty-four and she's a crazy, loud and over the top person. She didn't have the money like we did but we told the consultant not to worry about it, She's been my best friend all my life and I would make sure she had the wedding dress she wants. She gave a four thousand budget but I blew that off and gave her an unlimited one.

    At the end of the day I talked to the lady about a custom one and she said that it wouldn't be a problem. They had a designer in the store the next day and she was one who did it, so I could really sit down with her. Rochelle was about to freak out because she was frustrated and so we left and relaxed while we calmed her down for the next day.

    We all went swimming, got out nails done before going to get a massage and facials, nothing held back on them and for the rest of the day the girls were less sore and feeling much better. Rochelle's feet weren't killing her and her back also wasn't so sore.

    The next day we focused on finding Rochelle a dress and when she came out in this would be corset dress with a completely jeweled out top and a tool skirt with an overlay of lace, she cried and not in frustration this time. it was beautiful and dramatic and she loved it.

    The consultant told her the price of the dress and her face fell but I just gave her my card to get it. I know I was extremely lucky to live the lifestyle I did, and I never took that for granted so it was nice to be able to buy it for her. She protested of course and they ordered it a couple sizes bigger than her normal size so it could be taken in and we would come for a fitting a little after she has the baby.

    When we were done with her I had my dress made to be a corset dress too with beading and jewels, a lot less than Rochelle's and underneath would tier down with tool and lace while the top was huge and puffy and would be beautiful with pick-ups and stuff in it.

    I loved it and with that out of the way and us on a high, it was time to head down to another department and get brides maid dresses, which I would help pay for too if needed since I wanted what I wanted and I wouldn't compromise that for anything.

    It was just us three here, but Monica is both our matron of honor, and I'll be Rochelle's maid of honor while she'll be mine, we can come back another time with the other girls that will be in the bridal party, and we can figure out dresses for them.

    Chase's cousin would be one of them, and then Rochelle and I would have Lina and Mia as flower girls. Mine and Rochelle's weddings were starting off very similar but we didn't' really care.

    Since we were doing three wedding colors, Monica would be in a deep purple, and Rochelle was going to be wearing almost a mint green, but more green than that. With them here I could match the shades right. They would be short and lace. The purple would go perfectly with the colors and then it was our turn to go.

    Rochelle wanted us in short dresses too, we both wore purple and her other dresses would be blue. Ours were one sleeved and one sleeve would have jewels on it.

    We left satisfied but very tired, this was a lot of mental work, and trying on clothes like that got exhausting. The whole weekend they tried to distract me but that night I couldn't hold it back anymore and I cried.

    My mother was supposed to be there and give me her approval on my wedding dress and my dad was supposed to look at me like his little girl that wasn't allowed to grow up. It was so much harder than I thought it would be without them here.

    I couldn't bring myself to being Chase's mom and I think she understood because she didn't even ask to come, if I couldn't have my mom I had a hard time having his there. Maybe that was selfish, but It just was what it was now.

    The girls always found a way to cheer me up and the whole next week I had hired a wedding planned for both of us so we could really get a move on with all of this and I threw myself into work which worried Chase.

    He kept trying to get me to talk and I kept putting it off, but I knew come Friday, I couldn't avoid it anymore.

    Next chapter, Chase and Brylee's weekend away ;)

    Rochelle's dress on the side :)
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