Chapter Three

    Chapter Three

    Riley started to take more responsibility on at work that week and by the weekend I was still stressing about leaving, but it wasn't like I really had a choice in the matter. Chase packed our bags and loading them in the car so that we could leave after work on Friday, I guess going home to change was taking too long.

    He never told me where we were going but we drove for a couple hours before finally pulling up to a hotel. He opened my door and we checked in and headed up to a suit. It was beautiful out here and the balcony overlooked the ocean.

    "Do you like it?" he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

    "It's beautiful." I said

    "Now it's time to relax. I'll order up some dinner and wine. You go start a bath and I'll just have them leave it when they come up." He kissed my neck and stepped away from me. I walked into the room and was grateful to have my heels off. I tied my hair up and took in the massive bath in here.

    It was a Jacuzzi tub and it would take a while to fill so I turned it on and felt until it was not too cold but not too hot and walked back into the bedroom. I put my hand on the zipper of my pencil skirt and Chase's large hands covered mine and he stood behind me again as he slowly slid the zipped down and let it fall to my feet before turning me so he could slowly unbutton my shirt.

    It's been a while since we had this intimate of a moment and my heart was racing like it was the first time we were together. When his hands slid across my shoulders to push my shirt down and he took in the sight of me in front of him.

    I knew we were leaving so I took the time to pick out some undergarments that would be pleasing to him and he groaned in approval.

    He kissed my neck once and I had a sharp intake of breath and my body hummed with desire for him. I ran my hands up his now untucked shirt and he groaned when I lightly scratched down his chest and abs. He let me undo his shirt and pants until we were both standing there barley clothed.

    He unhooked my bra and I stepped out of my panties when he pushed them down my legs before he pushed his off too. He scooped me up and brought me into the bathroom where I saw the bath was over half full.

    "I want you to relax." He nibbled on my neck and I moaned when his hands covered my breasts and rubbed them.

    He stepped into the bath and held out a hand for me when I was in he pulled me to him and gripped my knee to wrap it up by his waist so I could feel him pressing against me. His mouth was demanding on mine and I opened to his so his tongue could take the lead. I felt the water raising higher and higher and we had to part for him to shut the water off and then he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him as he positioned himself at my entrance but didn't press in, I just felt the pressure of him being so close but so far away.

    "Please." I whispered and finally sunk into me seconds before we sunk down into the water. I was in his lap and the contact nearly at the same time as the hot water covering my skin had me crying out in instant pleasure.

    We haven't has sex in a month and his mouth was everywhere it could reach as I rocked against him creating the friction we both desperately needed. It didn't take long for me to be calling his name as my body found a release and he found his in me.

    I was panting for breath as I rested my head against his and he kept my body close to his.

    "I've missed that." He told me and I nodded in agreement.

    "I've missed it too, I'm sorry we've been so busy." I felt bad because our relationship has been starting to suffer and that's the last thing I want. Someone called out that they were here and then we heard the door shut.

    "Want some wine?" he asked and I nodded. He stood up and went to go grab it and game back with an open bottle and two glasses. We relaxed in the bath and after we drank the whole bottle I felt the effects that were amplified by the heat.

    "How about we take this to the bed." I suggested and he smiled

    "We will, love; patience." He grabbed my left hand and looked down at the band he had given me.

    "Are you happy?" I asked him and he looked up at me instantly

    "Of course I am." He said confused

    "Are you ready to spend the rest of your life with me?" I asked him and he nodded

    "I've been waiting for years for you to be my wife and I'm just glad it's less than a year away. This time next year you'll be Mrs. Rodriquez." He said and I set my empty glass down and snuggled into him.

    "I can't wait." I told him and for the first time in a long time I just relaxed in the bath. I wasn't rushing to be somewhere and I wasn't worrying about everything. I was enjoying time with my fiancé.

    "I ordered steak, I hope you don't mind." He told me and I shook my head

    "Not at all, steak sounds delicious." My stomach rumbled and I realized it's been a while since I ate.

    "Hungry?" he asked

    "Oh yeah, time to get out." I stood up and he took in my naked body before standing up too. He wrapped a towel around me and them himself and I dried off and went for my bag, and now I have no idea what he packed.

    I saw a bunch of fun things in there but not many clothes

    "Where are all my clothes?" I asked

    "There's an outfit for dinner tomorrow and one to go home." He told me and I looked at him confused

    "Why not more?" I asked

    "Because I have an uninterrupted weekend with you and I plan on spending all the time I can with you being naked." He winked and I rolled my eyes before grabbing the shirt I had just removed from him and putting it on, leaving the top couple buttons undone.

    "Dinner time." I kissed his lips and he pulled on some boxers and followed me to the dining table. he put out the food and there were still a couple trays left which had me wondering what was under those lids

    I took a bite of steak and it was delicious, he ordered it just right and I had my A1, which was the most delicious thing ever.

    We ate and I wasn't sure what the no go topics were so I let him bring something up.

    "I love you." he told me

    "I love you too."

    "I brought some things for the bedroom, and you can chose what you want to use or not." He brought it right back to sex, and a sex filled weekend seemed just what we needed.

    "How about for the rest of the night we keep the vibe of the bath and tomorrow you can do all the things you want to me." I leaned in and gave him a better view down his shirt.

    "Be careful what you ask for." His eyes flashed a dangerous shade, one that I remembered well and missed greatly.

    "I don't want careful." I said in what I hoped was a seductive voice.

    "Baby, if you let me I could do some dirty and over the top things to you." he leaned in too and I slid my foot into his lap and rubbed him through his boxers

    "Good." I liked the slow of the bathtub but by the time we left here I wanted whatever he had to offer me, because I knew it would be good.

    "Are you done?" he gestured to my plate and I nodded

    "Are you?" I asked

    "Yeah, I think it's time to take this to the bedroom." I agreed and he grabbed the rest of the things off the cart and brought them into the room with us, I was pretty happy with where this night was going.
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