Chapter Four

    Chapter Four

    As soon as we hit the bedroom he set the stuff down and pushed me down on the bed, taking in the sight of me in front of him. It has been so long since we've done this and my blood was coursing in anticipation for it.

    "Give me boundaries, Brylee." His voice was strained and it looked like it took a lot for him to keep his hands off at this point. This was who he is and he hasn't got to be this guy in a month, I really needed to watch myself because any punishment he would give me would probably be pretty intense.

    "You know my boundaries; I'll give you the safe word if I need to." I highly doubted that would be needed. He would ever push me that far and by now he knew what my limits were.

    He pulled me up and slid the shirt over my head before pulling my panties down leaving me completely naked to him.

    "Lay in the middle of the bed." He said as he turned and walked to one of the bags he brought. I watched him shuffle through is and my heart started beating rapidly when he came back with rope.

    I watched as he maneuvered it and tied it around one leg, around a post and then did the same to my other one. I didn't know he was so crafty with rope.

    "Wrist." He held out his hand and without hesitation I gave it to him as he tied it tightly to the bed before doing the other. This wasn't like any other time where I had room to move around, my legs were completely open, and I couldn't move them to close them and my wrists had about an inch of wiggle room, maybe.

    I was completely exposed to him and I don't know if I was antsy or excited, maybe a lot of both.

    He moved back to the bag and came back with something to tie over my eyes and when the darkness settled in my breathing got more ragged

    "Are you okay?" he asked me and I nodded

    "I'm fine." I was, I was just now getting impatient and I had no idea what he was going to do to me now.

    "If anything starts to hurt you tell me immediately, I don't need the circulation being cut off, do you understand me?" he asked


    "Yes what?" He asked and I could practically see the smirk on his face

    "Yes Sir." I told him

    "Good girl." So it was going to be one of those kinds of nights? I loved this side of him and I knew when I had to call him that I was completely at his mercy, he was in total control of me.

    "Where to start." He said and I could her him smack something before I felt contact on my stomach, nothing hard but enough to feel a tiny sting to my skin, next I felt it up and down my thighs and I groaned before crying out or moaning in pleasure when it made contact with my core.

    I tried to pull at the rope and felt the slight burn of it against my skin, a reminder not to do that.

    "Do you like that?" he asked as I felt it on one breast and then the other

    "Yes Sir." I remembered to call him and he rewarded me by continuing. I have no idea what this was but I was not complaining, well not yet.

    He kept going and it was driving me insane with need and want. I just wanted him inside me, I needed contact and friction there and he was barley giving me that. It felt like hours he continued until one second it just stopped.

    I was breathing hard in anticipation of what was coming next and I got my answer when his tongue slid down my neck and he climbed over me and continued in between my breasts. As his tongue made it's was down my stomach my muscles kept tightening in pleasure. It dipped into my belly button and he moved down and slid his tongue down my right thigh all the way down to my ankle.

    I barley registered the moans escaping my lips as he kissed his way back up my left side.

    "Do you like that, slut?" he asked and I moaned just at the name. I know most people would find it weird but I loved it, it was a turn on to me.

    "Yes Sir." I answered

    Now, I wouldn't tolerate being called that by anyone else or on any other terms, but there's something so hot about when he calls me dirty names because he's usually nothing but a gentleman and respectful to me. He treats me right, like I'm his world. So if the man wants to call me a slut then I'm not going to object.

    A slut is someone who sleeps around and while I don't do that, I am just fine with being his personal one.

    Next I felt him pour something on me and I could smell a faintness of chocolate in the room. He drizzled it all over the sensitive parts of my body and slowly he started at my thighs so he could lick and suck it all off.

    It was exciting knowing that I knew where he was going to be eventually because I could feel the chocolate still on my body.

    He avoided the two places I wanted most and focused on the other parts of my body that drove me insane, he already knew me so well and he was using it for his full advantage.

    "Are you horny?" he said teasingly in my ear when he finished with the chocolate

    "Fuck, I'm so horny, Sir." I added on

    "Good." He bit my neck and I went to pull my wrists but they stayed firmly where they were.

    Being tied up this tightly amplified every touch and then amplified it again.

    His finger ran over my core and he groaned

    "I love how much you're enjoying this." he said and he got up for a minute before coming back. I didn't know what he was doing I just know that I wanted him inside me, I wanted this horrible ache to go away.

    I cried out and tried to arch my back when he pressed one of my vibrators to my core and held it there. He didn't move it just kept pressure and I wasn't sure if it was uncomfortable or felt good. I wanted it to move and the power behind this one was strong, I felt it all over my body.

    Slowly he began to circle it and I was building fast

    "Do you want to come slut?" he asked me and I cried out as he removed it and flicked hard

    "Yes, yes Sir." I was close to begging right now, if he told me to I would have no problem doing it.

    "Good girl." He told me and put it back against my body. He slowly began to circle it and I felt the pressure building up in my stomach

    "Please, please, please, don't stop Sir, please don't stop." I don't know what I would do if he did

    "You're being a good little slut tonight." He commented and I nodded

    "I'll be good, I promise Sir, but please let me come." I was so close he picked up the pace and I felt my thighs quivering. I tried to pull them together but it was no use, the rope pulled at me skin and caused slight pain and I was close to screaming for more.

    "If you're a good girl, then you will come when I tell you to, and if you don't then I guess you don't want it bad enough and I'll stop." He kept going and I was pulling harder now trying to arch my back and not giving a damn at the bruises it would leave later.

    "Come, Now." He commanded and a scream tore from my throat as I did just as he told me to, he didn't let up with the toy and my body convulsed and I was borderline screaming his name over and over again and when it finally completely washed over me he still didn't let up.

    "It's too much" I tried to pull away from it. my body was fresh from an orgasm and I was wanting to cry in something when he kept going

    "You will be done when I say you're done. Do you **ing understand me." he growled out and pushed harder.

    I was yelling out and I couldn't place the exactly feeling, it was uncomfortable and then suddenly the pleasure washed over me again and It was more powerful than the last and he still didn't stop.

    "Please Sir, stop, I can't." I couldn't finish that sentence

    "You promised to be a good girl, so shut your **ing mouth. The only thing I want to hear from you are moans, my name and if I directly speak to you, do you understand?" he pulled it away briefly and the sharp pain shot up my body when he flicked me again.

    He kept it going and I was in tears as he forced two more and thankfully this time he stopped. I only got a few seconds of nothingness before he plunged himself deep inside of me and I screamed again.

    "Tell me to ** you." he said as he paused inside of me, my body still clenched tight in the aftermath of so much pleasure. "Fuck, you're so tight." He groaned

    "Fuck me Sir, please." I said and even though I was sensitive and needed a break I would gladly take this over before and I didn't want to know the consequences of not doing what he said tonight.

    He moved back and thrust into me each time getting harder and faster. His hands trailed over my body, tweaking and pinching my nipples.

    "You better come soon." He warned and I had a feeling he was close.

    His hands were everywhere trying to cause as much pleasure as possible so I would fall over the edge first and any tiny touch felt like so much more because my body was beyond sensitive.

    "Come now you **ing dirty little slut or I'll grab that vibrator and make you come so many **ing times without stopping you'll really be begging me to stop." He bit down on one breast and his name fell from my lips as I came yet again sucking the juices straight from him as he spilled into me too.

    As we laid there panting and covered with sweat he kissed my forehead

    "Such a good girl." HI winced when he pulled out and then he untied me. I rubbed the raw looking skin and he laid down beside me to recover and for like ten minutes we said nothing until he broke the silence.

    "You're so sexy when you scream my name." he told me and I rolled my eyes

    "I'm so sore and sensitive." I told him

    "Well I'm not finished with you." he said as he pulled out of bed and sat on the edge of it.

    "What?" I asked

    "Suck me off, you said you had no limits, I want you to suck me until I'm close and then pull back, you got it?" he asked

    "Yes Sir." I got down on my knees and did what he requested.

    I took him in my mouth and sucked on the tip, took him all, grazed my teeth against him. I did everything I knew drove him crazy, just like he did to me until I could hear his breaths and I knew he was close

    "Fucking hell." Me moaned "Now stop." He ordered and I pulled back curiously as his hand wrapped around himself and he stroked furiously before his jaw tensed and he came, shooting himself all over the flesh of my chest.

    He's never done that before, hell I've never even thought about it.

    He looked over me and smirked seeming pleased with himself and I wasn't sure what to do, I was pretty much shocked at this point that he did that, not angry, just shocked.

    "What was that?" I asked

    "You know it's kind of hot seeing me all over you. Now let's get you cleaned up." He pulled me up and to the shower and wouldn't let me do anything as he cleaned me up.

    I had him all over me and I had me all over me too on top of the chocolate, saliva and sweat.

    When we were all clean he wrapped a towel around me and dried my hair before pulled me to bed. He held my still sensitive naked body against his and sighed in content.

    "I missed you." he told me

    "I missed you too."

    "There are so many other things I want to do to you, ways to tie you up."

    "We'll make time for those." I promised. I enjoyed being tied up even if I did have angry looking bruises from it.

    "Promise?" he asked and I nodded

    "We need to make more time for each other. I mean, we use to have sex multiple times a day, even if it was just a quicky. I miss that, the thrill of being caught and knowing we only have minutes before we need to be somewhere."

    "You would like that?" he asked


    "Well be careful what you wish for." He smirked and I could see the wheels turning in his head and the same for me, I was thinking of all the places we could sneak in a good romp  here and there. I think this will be good for us.
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