Chapter Five

    Chapter Five

    The weekend was going great so far, we slept in the next day and ordered room service because we couldn't keep our hands off each other. I don't know why it suddenly changed but neither of us was complaining.

    It was like we finally found the spark again after everything that had happened. Last night was great with how **ing sexy he is when he's in control but I loved today just as much when he did nothing but be gentle with me.

    When we woke up he wasted no time pushing his body between my thighs and kissing me, I felt his morning hardness press against my core and it put me in the mood instantly and he suddenly started pushing into me slowly.

    I let myself just enjoy the sensation and my head fell back as I groaned at the feeling of being stretched by him. His body blanketed mine and he pressed his chest to mine as he moved. Feeling how his body moved while he gave me the pleasure had me building so much faster and as he nibbled and sucked on my chest I tangled my fingers in his hair and held him there as he gave me my release.

    He groaned out my name as he spilled inside of me and then pulled back to look down at me with a big smile on his face.

    "I've missed that, I love being inside of you first thing in the morning." He kissed my neck and I laughed as his stubble brushed against my sensitive skin.

    I felt so happy and content in this moment. I wasn't stressing or thinking of events in the past; I was just enjoying life and him; enjoying us again.

    I took in the moment and released a sigh of relief. Riley knew and gave his blessing to our relationship. We were doing okay and I was planning my wedding. I wished now that I would have made the engagement longer to have more time but it would be my wedding and I needed to be happy with just that fact when I planned things.

    "What are you thinking?" he asked me and I smiled over at him

    "How happy I am having you as my fiancé."

    "Well that makes two of us." I climbed over him so I could straddle him and pressed my wetness against his semi hard member.

    "Again?" he asked and wiggled his eye brows and I smirked

    "And again," I leaned closer "And again," I ran my tongue up his neck "And again." I told him again, feeling him harden beneath me. When he was budging again I pushed down on him and slid him inside me once more.

    It was like we were when we first started sleeping together, pretty much jumping each other every chance we got.

    "Shit." He cursed as he gripped my hips

    "You like that baby?" I asked him loving the control I had over him right now

    "Fuck, yes." He held me and thrust up into me hard breaking the slow rhythm I had started

    "Oh, you want it faster?" I asked him and he thrust up into me again making me moan louder, I knew he wanted me to ride him hard so I slowed down teasingly and he growled out his dissatisfaction. He pushed my body from his and pulled me up so I was on my hands and knees.

    "Let's mix it up." He said as he leaned over my body

    "What do you have in mind?" I asked

    "Don't **ing move." He told me and the heat from his body was gone. I watched him grab more things from the bag and wasn't exactly sure what it was.

    "I bought this for this weekend." Was all he told me and when he squeezed lube over my ass I knew where this was headed.

    He started off slow with one finger and pushed it past tightened muscles and they squeezed around the foreign object.

    "Relax baby girl" he said and I moaned as he moved it in and out before slowly adding another one.

    "What did you get for this weekend?" I asked breathlessly and he chuckled. His fingers were removed and he moved around before I felt something bigger pressing at my rear entrance. I shifted uncomfortably not knowing what it was

    "It's okay just relax. I promise it will feel good." He encouraged in my ear and I did just that. He pressed what I'm assuming to be the plug in slowly so that it wouldn't hurt and when it as all the way in I yelled in surprise when I felt it vibrating.

    "Chase." I moaned and looked back at him, the big smirk on his face told me he got the reaction he wanted.

    "One of these days I'm going to tie you up, turn this on and ** that tight pussy of yours because I **ing love it when you scream." He told me and he changed the setting so it started pulsing.

    He put me back on my back and set the remote down.

    "Don't move." He warned and disappeared for a minute and came back wiping his hands off

    He didn't play around when he thrust two fingers deep into my channel and pressed against my walls and I almost came right then and there. The vibrations were so strong and it felt so damn good.

    "Please don't stop." I begged

    "Until then I'm going to have to settle for **ing you while you dig those nails into my back and wrap your legs around me." he said and he removed his hands and looked down at me. I was squeezing my thighs together trying to get some pressure when he roughly pried my legs apart and thrust into me. His hand went to the plug and he kept pushing on it creating a near thrusting motion.

    I did as he had said I would and hooked my leg around him as I was panting in pleasure. The new position made it easier for him to play with the plug which had me at his mercy, just waiting for him to let me finish.

    My nails were embedded so hard into his back I would have been afraid I would make him bleed if I cared about that right now.

    "Come now slut and you better **ing come hard." He told me and I did. My body tensed as I cried out in release and it just didn't stop, it felt like it went on forever.

    When I was done he put me back on my hands and knees and eased the plug out before replacing it with his still hardened member. He was wet with me fresh juices and he eased in and once he got all the way in he stilled.

    "I know I said gentle today, but I just can't help it." he told me before he pulled out and slammed back into me causing me to nearly fall forward with the force before he stilled again.

    "Please." I pleaded with him

    "What do you want baby?" he asked me as he reached forward and stroked my sensitive bundle of nerves.

    "I want you to ** my ass and ** it good; please Chase." I said, and like I thought the first time he did this, I can't believe I was begging for this. Never in my dirtiest dreams would I have though I would want him anywhere near where he was.

    He pulled back and pushed back into me groaning

    "So tight." He said and I pushed my ass back into him thrusting back on him as he thrust into me. His fingers furiously stroked me and then grabbed something else and thrust it into my channel and I nearly lost my breath from the pleasure. He turned it on and this time he and the vibrations switched but it had the same type of effect.

    Being stimulated in both places had my toes curling and my nails tearing at the sheets as my screaming got louder. I'm actually surprised we haven't had anyone complaining about noise.

    "Fuck, Chase! Faster, ** me faster!" I wasn't shy with him, I wanted what I wanted and I wanted him to give it to me.

    "Come one Bry, come for me." he spanked me and I cried out when my body clenched him harder and he kept raining down smacks, not hard enough to really hurt but hard enough to have my channel squeezing him but not being able to find the release I need.

    He yanked my hair back with his other hand and pulled my neck back so I could look at him

    "I told you to **ing come." He hissed through his teeth and I groaned. He let me go and reached around, pinching my nipples hard and the final scream tore from my throat and I came as I felt the pulsing of his length as he found his too.

    "Fucking hell, you're going to kill me. So **ing tight." His voice was strained and my arms collapsed as I fell onto the bed and he went down with me.

    We were sweating and I couldn't catch a breath

    "You certainly know how to keep a girl satisfied." I told him and he smiled against my neck and placed a soft kiss

    "You're satisfaction is guaranteed and always the priority." He told me "I'm going to pull out." I groaned but nodded. That was the worst part about this, how tight I was and the friction of when he pulled out.

    "Well aren't you just the gentleman." I giggled when he flopped down beside me.

    "Of course I am." He winked

    "Well a gentleman wouldn't want his lady all sweaty, he would get her cleaned up and feed her" he smiled at me; not a smirk but an actual smile.

    "I love you." he lightly ran a hand across my cheek and kissed me softly

    "I love you too."

    "How about we get cleaned up, I'll order food and then we can curl up for the rest of the day."

    "Sounds perfect." I said finally catching my breath. The sex was amazing but sometimes cuddling was just what you needed.

    He sat up and pulled me into the shower and we played around and I would point the nozzle at his face and he would tickle me, once we ended up on the floor laughing.

    "I've missed your laugh. It's the most beautiful sound." We laid side by side on the shower floor with the water splashing down on us.

    "I've missed laughing." I admitted. This weekend was perfect and just what I needed, what we needed. Not just for ourselves but as a couple.

    "I'm glad you made me come." I told him and he smirked

    "A few times actually" I shook my head and smacked his chest

    "Perv." I mumbled

    "You love it."

    "I do." he jumped up and reached a hand down for me. We finished our shower and I put on whatever he packed for me which was underwear and a big t-shirt and as I dried my hair he ordered entirely too much food from room service and when it came we brought it all to the room and turned on NCIS reruns and cuddled as we ate the food throughout the night.

    "You're going to make me fat so I don't fit into my dress." I complained later that night when I felt bloated from all the food.

    "You'll look beautiful regardless." He said and I rolled my eyes and then looked up at him.

    "Of course you would say that. I ordered it and if I don't fit into it when it gets ordered in I'm going to strangle you." I pointed at him and he smirked

    "I could maybe get into that" he winked ad I shook my head and relaxed again and looked at the TV

    The next day we actually ventured out of the room and went to the beach. We had a hard time keeping our hands off each other again and so when I was starting to get red we headed back in and showered off the ocean before getting sweaty and wet all over again.

    We got out all the pent up energy and connected again and I think this was probably the best weekend ever.
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