Chapter Six

    Chapter Six

    I remembered not wanting to go away for the weekend but as the next month and a half passed I wanted to scream cry and yank all my hair out in frustration. Planning two weddings with a pregnant sister-in-law and a pregnant best friend was seriously driving me crazy.

    It would be me going for mine and then for her and then work and I felt terrible because Chase and I went back to not having much time for each other though we slept together more, it wasn't very often but it was more often than it was before.

    I was sitting in my office after a stressful meeting hunched over my desk with my head in my hands when Chase came in and started rubbing my shoulders and leaned over to kiss my neck

    "Relax baby." He tried to sooth me but I wasn't in the mood

    "Relax, how can I relax!" I shouted and stood up to face him.

    "Because you need to." he told me

    "We're behind, I have a ** ton to go through to fix things Riley screwed up, some of which you were supposed to be working too. I just don't need this right now." I threw my hands up annoyed.

    I knew I shouldn't have pulled back and if someone would have told me he had a drinking problem I would have taken a better look at him and his accounts he worked on.

    "We'll figure it out." He kissed me and I pushed him away to tell him that this was serious when he yanked my mouth back to his and when I pushed against him he pushed me back against the wall so I was trapped there and I had no choice but to give in.

    I let him kiss me hard and lift me up onto my desk.

    He stepped back to lock all doors and came back to me

    "I'm going to have you right here, right now." He whispered

    "Chase no, we can't." I pulled back and he wasn't having that so he pushed me down on my back.

    "I don't **ing care." he said slowly

    "Riley could-" he put a hand over my mouth, the lust and dominance shining in his eyes had my mouth run dry and all that pool lower

    "I don't care. I'm going to ** you right here, hard and quick. I suggest you keep your pretty mouth shut if you don't want to get caught." He ran his hands up my legs under my skirt and I shivered at the contact.

    "Chase." I groaned and he raised me up and tilted my chin up to look at him

    "Are you going to be a good girl?" he asked me and I bit my lip and shrugged which made him frown "Let me rephrase that, be a good girl or else." he said and my eyes widened in excitement at the threat

    "What if I'm not?" I asked quietly.

    "I'll ** you now and I'll tie you up later and even if you beg I won't give it to you. I'll make you wait days or even weeks." He said and I groaned.

    "Why not just tease me and ** me?" I asked and he smirked

    "Because you like it too much, it's not exactly a punishment, is it?" he asked

    "I'll be good." I told him and his smirk grew

    "That's a good girl now lay back and raise your hips." He said and I did so he could slide my panties down my legs. "Now relax." He smiled at me and kneeled at the end of the desk. When I raised up to look at him he tisked

    "Lay back down." He told me and since I was being good I did as he said. His hands ran up my thighs and he honed straight in on my core. I put a hand over my mouth to keep from moaning as he ran his tongue over me, tasting the wetness that was pooling for him.

    "So sweet." He said and my face flamed at the comment as I laid there and just let sensation after sensation wash over me and with my body still sensitive he plunged into me and I bit down on the flesh of my wrist so I didn't scream in pleasure as my body sored higher and higher with no end in sight.

    He finished inside of me and only after his member stopped throbbing did I finally be able to start to come down from the sweet pleasure I had been drowning in.

    He rested his forehead against mine and pulled out and I sucked in a breath from the sudden movement.

    "I've missed this." I told him and he smiled down at me

    "Me too baby."

    "What's happened to us? We used to not be able to keep our hand off each other, now it's like we never touch." I ran my hand down his tie

    "Believe me when I say I never want to take my hands off you." he ran his hand up my thigh and I giggled because my skin was sensitive and the tough was so light.

    "We're young and we shouldn't be acting like we're too old to even do anything anymore." I told him. we weren't even twenty-five and we should be having fun and having sex a lot, we're newly engaged and we're not taking advantage of any of that.

    "I know." He stood up and I pulled my skirt down while he fixed his pants and tucked his shirt back in, going to unlock in case my brother came in, we weren't doing anything now.

    He wrapped his arms around me and I sighed

    "I know we said we would try more after that weekend but it's just been stressful." I told him and he nodded

    "I know, and I wish I could do more to help."

    "You do enough." I told him and he shook his head

    "I just want you to relax and enjoy this wedding and you're not." He said sadly "Maybe we should have waited longer." He ran his fingers through my hair and I shook my head now.

    "No, it's just Riley's addiction, our wedding, Rochelle's wedding and their **ing pregnant and emotional and moody and I'm going to end up killing her before she walks down the aisle."

    "It's going to be okay baby." He assured me and I nodded.

    "I know."

    "And this time I would watch out because expect a lot more off this." he whispered in my ear as he ran a hand down my arm and I shivered.

    "Oh really?" I asked and he nodded

    "Really, so I would be a good girl if I were you." he whispered lowly in my ear.

    "And if I'm not." I smiled and was getting excited

    "I can be persuasive and maybe I need to find new ways to punish you."

    "There's always google." I smirked and he chuckled

    "I may have to keep that in mind."

    "You do that."

    "You laughing at me he asked when I giggled and I shook my head and I buried my face in his chest."

    "You don't think I can find new ways to punish you?" he asked and I did nothing, Chase was kind of set in his routine and likes, I hoped that we could try something new but I think both of us were at a loss as to how to spice it up more.

    Suddenly he started tickling me and I squirmed away and when I went to go run to his office he grabbed me from behind and I burst out in laugher. He was relentless and as I squirmed he pushed my back against the wall and rested his forearms on either side as he leaned in to kiss me, a big smile on his face and mine.

    "Well I'm glad to see your clothes on." We both turned to see Riley leaning in the doorway looking a little apprehensive and I bit my lip so I wouldn't laugh some more because five minutes ago they weren't.

    "Yup." Was all I could say and he rolled his eyes. Chase winked at me and left to drag Riley to his office so they could talk about what we were doing now. The client was a long term one and we're hoping that he'll drop the law suit and work it out quietly.
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