Chapter Seven

    Chapter Seven

    Riley did everything he could to take the stress off of me but I was seriously annoyed with him at this point and ready to kick his ass. He screwed us on this and now I had to do damage control on top of everything else and they're giving us a limited time frame to fix everything.

    He kept apologizing but I just shut him out.

    I had a month to do this project and I would do it without them because I obviously couldn't trust my fiancé or brother to do ** right. I spent a lot of the next month at Rochelle's house and once again mine and Chase's relationship had to take a backseat to work because we just couldn't afford not to get it done.

    Chase wasn't happy but he understood I think he was more concerned. I went to work and worked hard and then would stay late to get things done before going to Rochelle's and she would help a little and we would do some wedding stuff, I would either crash there or drag myself home at night and then get up and do it all again.

    I knew he was holding his tongue because I was stubborn but there were times where he probably rightfully felt he needed to step in. I was barley sleeping and I wasn't really eating either because I just didn't have the time.

    By the end of the month I had it done barley on time and had to fix a couple other minor things. I went through everything from the past couple years and it seems that Riley only started getting careless the past six months or so.

    It only took another two weeks to get everything back on track, papers organized correctly and I went through the boy's e-mails and organized those files and made it easier for them to do ** right.

    And people thought they were the brains behind everything and I was just there.

    "Hey." Riley came in and I sighed, I had barley talked to him in six weeks.

    "Yes?" I asked and he looked down

    "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to screw it up and I'm sorry that you've been killing yourself to fix my **ups."

    "It's not just you, Chase should have been paying attention because you two work closely together on everything and he knew what was going on with you."

    "Don't blame him, it was my fault."

    "Riley I blame both of you. You two were careless and irresponsible with the company mom and dad built. You guys told me not to worry and pushed me to take time off when I really shouldn't have." I put my head on my desk exhausted

    "When was the last time you slept?" he asked

    "I think I slept this morning." I reached for my coffee

    "How long?" he asked me

    "Like an hour or something, I'm fine." I finished it off and called for someone to please bring me more.

    "Bry, when was the last time you actually slept?"

    "What is your definition of actual sleep?" I talked as I worked

    "Eight hours."

    "That would be when Chase and I went away for the weekend." I filed that one and moved on.

    "Okay, at least four hours." He compromised

    "Uh when did we have that meeting with Mr. Tobison, I think I slept for like five hours not the night before that, but the one before that." He put his hand over mine as I moved to my computer to go through e-mails again.

    "Brylee." He snapped

    "What? I'm working Riley, I have things to do. Where the hell is my coffee?" I yelled

    "No one else is here, everyone went home over an hour ago." I snatched my hand away and went back to rapidly typing.

    "Brylee stop!" he yelled and literally had to pull me away from the computer

    "Don't touch me." I pulled away

    "What's going on?" Chase came in and looked between us, looking for any signs that I wasn't okay

    "I'm fine." I snapped at him too

    "No you're not. When was the last time you ate actual food?" he asked

    "Chase and I had dinner a couple days ago." I glared at him and Chase's face grew in concern.

    "Baby you haven't been home for dinner in almost two weeks."

    "I'm fine." I was growing more annoyed.

    "Don't take that tone with us, we're worried about you." Riley stressed worry and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath because I was trying to stay calm and failing.

    "I am fine." I said slowly

    "No you aren't, you're working yourself too hard."

    "Yeah well I haven't had a choice." I glared at him and his concerned face went back to guilt and I felt bad about that, I didn't want him to feel bad I just wanted him to do his **ing job, I wanted them both to do their jobs right the first time.

    Ever since we were little I was the one who always did damage control when they **ed up; from not doing homework, crazy ex-girlfriends, Monica getting pregnant, and covering when they snuck out.

    When they did something stupid I had to be the one to calm people down and try to get them out of it.

    "I'm sorry." He said again and I ran my hands down my face

    "Just don't."

    "Don't come into work tomorrow." Riley told me and I rolled my eyes

    "Right." I said sarcastically

    "I'm serious." He crossed his arms and I mimicked him

    "Really?" I asked

    "Brylee." He was getting pissed off

    "Riley." I said back and I knew I was being a bitch right now but I really didn't care.

    "I'm trying to look out for you." he said exasperated

    "And I'm telling you that I'm fine."

    "But you aren't Bry, and it's my job to tell you that. It's my job to tell you the truth even if it pisses you off. I'm trying to take care of my baby sister."

    "I'm older."

    "That doesn't matter, you will always be the biggest part of my life because you're my twin and I need you to take better care of yourself. I need you to sleep, I need you to eat and I need you to be healthy."

    "I'll eat tomorrow and I'll go home and sleep."

    "Baby you've lost a lot of weight, Riley's right." Chase said gently and put a hand on my arm but I pulled away.

    "So now you both are ganging up on me?" I was getting a little light headed with the stress

    "No, we're concerned about you and you aren't seeing it." Riley's voice sounded far away and I blinked a few times when there was two of them.

    "Brylee?" someone asked

    "What?" I mumbled

    "Are you okay?" the voice asked

    "Down, sit, I need to sit." Someone touched me and then I was looking at Chase

    "Baby?" he looked into my eyes and his eyes roamed my face. He grabbed onto my when my legs collapsed

    "Brylee?" Riley was freaking out

    "I'm fine I just need to sit down for a minute." I waved my hand in dismissal

    "You aren't fine." Riley sounded annoyed and everything was clear again and I quickly stood back up stumbling a little bit.

    "She needs a doctor."

    "No I don't." I glared at Chase and he was torn between what do to

    "Fine if you're not going to do it, I am." Riley said and he grabbed my arm and yanked me out of my office to my protests.

    "Don't hurt her." Chase yelled after us and he looked sad, I don't like when he's sad.

    "Grab her stuff, meet us there." Riley yelled back as he pulled me into the elevator

    "What is your problem!" I pushed him away from me and he shrugged as he pressed the button for the lobby. When we were there the security guard looked alarmed with my yelling at my brother and he relaxed when he realized it was us. He shoved my in his car and got in.

    I wasn't going to run away from his car because that would be stupid.

    I was pissed when he pulled up to the hospital

    "What the hell?" I asked and he pulled me out of the car again and into the surprisingly empty looking emergency room.

    Riley told them what was going on and convinced them to examine me. I was left fuming in a room in a stupid hospital gown when I could have been working.

    Chase came in later but I wouldn't look at him. Forcibly dragging me from the office, shoving me in a car and dragging me into here was unnecessary and I hated being man handled.

    "I'm Dr. Hollis." The doctor came in and I tried to smile at him.


    "May we talk in private?" he asked eying Chase

    "This is Chase Rodriguez, my fiancé. Whatever is fine in front of him."

    "We recommend keeping you over night or at least a few hours to start an IV. You're severely dehydrated and it appears as if you haven't been eating. Have you been under any stress?" he asked and I couldn't help it, I laughed

    "Yes, yes I have." I couldn't stop laughing

    "It sounds like she's lost her mind." Riley came in

    "And you are?" He asked Riley

    "Her brother, is she okay?" he asked and the doctor nodded and looked at me

    "He's fine to, nosy jackass will just hassle Chase anyway."

    "Love you too." He smiled at me and I flipped him off. Poor doctor I thought, but he just laughed

    "Have you been sleeping?" he asked

    "No she hasn't" Riley answered for me

    "Explains why she's so irritable." He looked at the paper

    "No, she's like this all the time."

    "I am not."

    "Maybe to you." Chase defended and Riley smiled

    "You caught us up, now take the week off." Riley told me as the doctor went to get the IV

    "No way in hell, a lot can go wrong in a week."

    "You haven't taken a single day off in six weeks, which means you should take twelve."

    "Not happening." The doctor came back and I winced and looked away as they started it, I didn't like these. Shots I could do but needles and ** poking around in my veins made me sick. Chase quickly handed me a trash and I threw up, **ing hospitals.

    "It will be over soon." He rubbed my back and I groaned dizzy again.

    Riley went home so I didn't **ing kill him and Chase stayed with me, rubbing my bad as I lay on my side trying not to throw up again. it was painful since, as they pointed out, I hadn't really eaten in a while.

    I was here for like four hours when they came back in and pulled the IV out, letting me go home thankfully. They really wanted me to stay overnight but I couldn't handle that thing any longer.

    Chase carried me in the bedroom and stripped me down to get me dressed for bed. The doctors gave me something at the hospital to help me sleep and said it would be normal to sleep all day the next day so Riley got what he wanted, he kept me from working for tomorrow.

    Chase came in after me and wrapped his arms around me, spooning me.

    "I love you baby and it's killing me seeing you like this. I should have paid closer attention." His voice was clogged with emotions

    "I'm fine." I tried telling him again

    "No you really aren't and I need you home every night please. I need to know you're okay and eating and sleeping. I need you to start thinking of yourself and your health."

    "I'll try." I yawned not being able to keep my eyes open anymore.

    "Sleep baby girl." He rubbed my head and that always put me right to sleep.
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