Chapter Eight

    Chapter Eight - Chase's Pov

    I was seriously worried about her when I took her home but I didn't know what to do. She was so **ing stubborn all the damn time and I didn't know how to get through to her.

    She was killing herself slowly and that was about to stop.

    I don't care if she hates me for it but she was going to relax on all of this, she would be home every **ing night and she will eat. What she was doing to herself was unacceptable and I wouldn't stand by any longer and watch it.

    She slept almost the whole next day and she needed it, without make up she had dark circles under her eyes and she looked paler than usual and she's definitely lost a noticeable amount of weight.

    I called Monica over to stay with Brylee while I went to work and that was hard, I didn't want to leave her but in order to keep up so she stopped freaking out I had to.

    It was the worst damn day ever; I just wanted to call and made sure she was okay.

    "How is she?" Riley came in and I shrugged

    "Not good really." I sighed and he nodded

    "I'm sorry for screwing it all up; she shouldn't have had to fix it." he sat in the chair across from me

    "You weren't the only one. I should have been focused more on it, I knew what was going on and I should have been watching harder and it's not like I focused on it much either, it was my job too." I mumbled. I should have worked it with him, and I didn't.

    "I guess we both **ed up." He sighed

    "And Brylee paid for it, again." I swallowed hard at the last time she paid for one of our stupid mistakes.

    "You guys are going to be great parents one day." He looked away from me

    "It wasn't your fault you know, the doctor said that with or without that she would have lost the baby."

    "We don't know that though." The guilt he felt was eating him up inside

    "How about we focus on what we can do to help her now. Brylee and I will have a baby when we're ready and I for one am willing to put in the effort to practice." I said and he threw a notebook at me ad I dodged to the side laughing

    "Dude, that's my sister, I don't want to hear that **."

    "I'm surprised you can't hear it at night anyway." He threw another one at me and this one got me in the chest and I laughed harder

    "Prick." He mumbled and I shrugged

    "I'm just messing with you." Brylee and I hadn't had sex in a long ass time, nothing for him to hear; especially when she isn't even home. He left moping and we rushed to finish up so I could get home to her and when I did she was sleeping.

    "She woke up for about a half hour before and has been sleeping since." Monica came in and I nodded

    "Thank you for staying with her."

    "Of course, she's my sister." She rested her hand on her swollen stomach and I wished that Brylee could have that with them.

    "I know. Now you go relax, take care of that little one." I gestured to her stomach and her smile was amazing when she thought about the little baby growing inside her.

    "I know it's hard for you two." She put a hand on my shoulder when I looked away.

    "Yeah." I didn't know what else to say

    "What's meant to be will, give it time." she kissed my cheek and left so I stripped out of my work clothes and curled up in bed with her just needing to be near her.

    I just needed her to let me help her, I needed her to just let me in instead of shutting me out, I've been very patient with her but enough is enough. It may be her life but she's my fiancé and will be my wife soon and I can't let her keep doing this to herself.

    I held her for a couple more hours before she woke up and groaned as she held her head

    "Doctor said a headache is common." I said softly and handed her some medicine and water.

    "I'm hungry." She mumbled and looked me over "You should be at work." She leaned back against me

    "It's eight at night baby."

    "What!" she yelled and then winced

    "Relax baby. I'll order some Chinese and you can come curl up with me on the couch, how about that?" I asked and she nodded

    "I need a shower first." She stumbled when she got up and I grabbed her before she toppled over.

    "Sit." I told her and she waved me off

    "I'm fine." She went to leave but I wasn't doing this.

    "I said sit down Brylee." I pulled her back and gently pushed her back on the bed. Her eyes widened as she looked at me

    "What the hell?" she asked angrily

    "I'm tired of this, If you won't take care of yourself I sure as hell will make sure you do." she scoffed and went to stand up when I pushed her back down.

    "Let me go take a shower."

    "Sit your ass down, I'm not playing game. I'll call and then we'll take a shower." She looked angry and confused

    "Stay there or I'm not going to be happy." I sent her a look telling her not to argue and went to the living room to get my phone and when I came back she was sitting there with her arms crossed

    "You can't just sit there and tell me what to do." she snapped at me

    "Want to bet?" I asked as I dialed the number and ordered food, which would be here I about a half an hour.

    "Excuse me." she stood up and wobbled a little again and I picked her up and brought her into the bathroom, I pulled her cloths and mine off before turning the water on and bringing her in with me. She wasn't happy as I washed her hair because she couldn't hold her arms up long enough and she was even angrier when she got out of the shower; yanking on her clothes.

    "You have no right." She spun around and I reached my hands out to steady her.

    "I told you I'm not playing game anymore. You're taking a few days off and you will be home every night so I can keep an eye on you."

    "I'm not a **ing child." She yelled at me

    "Yeah, well then stop **ing acting like one!" I yelled at her, I hated yelling at her but **.

    "Excuse me?" she asked angrily.

    "You're acting like a child Brylee, you're so **ing selfish." I was seething

    "I'm selfish, why am I the one constantly fixing your mistakes, if you two would have done your **ing jobs in the first place!" we were escalating to a yelling match.

    "Don't **ing go there, sure we messed up but you were the one who shut us out and wouldn't let us help, you were the one who took on this self-sacrificing bull**."

    "fixing you're-"

    "No! By you being stubborn and not letting anyone help you. By **ing starving yourself!" I told her annoyed. And she opened her mouth to speak when there was a knock at the door. "Go sit on the couch and I don't want to hear a **ing word about it" I gritted through my teeth and walked to the door. I put on a pleasant face for the guy and brought the food to the living room.

    "You're being a dick." She told me

    "And you're being a bitch, I guess we're even. Now eat." I took the food out of the bag.

    "I'm not hungry." She looked away from the food and I held out some orange chicken to her and she pushed it away.

    "Brylee you need to eat." I told her and she shook her head and then rushed to the bathroom to throw up. I held her hair as she heaved since she didn't actually have anything to throw up.

    "Happy?" she asked

    "Oh ecstatic, I just **ing love watching my fiancé not be able to throw anything up because she can't even look at food let alone hold it down."

    "You're sarcasm isn't appreciated." She complained

    "Yeah well neither is yours." I wrapped my arms around her and she buried her face in my neck as she held onto me.

    "I'm sorry." She sighed

    "I know; me too baby but I need you to eat. I don't want to fight but I'm so worried about you." I picked her up and brought her back to the couch and she sighed as she held her hands out for the food again. She didn't eat a lot but she ate and kept it down and all I can ask from her is to try and she did.

    I had her curled up into my side on the couch.

    "I'm staying home with you until you're feeling better and we can both go back to work."

    "I can't take more work off!" she protested

    "Too damn bad, I'm working from home and you are relaxing." That was none negotiable. I don't care if she gets pissed off, I'm taking care of her is she likes it or not.

    "Chase stop."

    "Brylee, accept it." she went to pull away and I held tighter to her so she stayed put beside me.

    "I'm not-"

    "If you aren't going to take care of yourself you can be damn sure that I will. I love you and I already told you that I wasn't playing games. This is your life you're **ing with."

    "I'm not, I'm fine." She protested again

    "Really? Stand up." I pulled away from her and she glared as she got up and wobbled a little bit and she looked dazed before I brought her into our room, which of course she also protested.

    "You aren't fine Brylee, you aren't fine!" I wanted to **ing shake some sense into her and I was so **ing angry with her so I took a few steps back to try to regain some control over myself.

    "I'm fine." She said again

    "Fine, if you want to **ing kill yourself go right ahead." I snapped at her and I just walked out of the room because we weren't getting anywhere. I slammed the door pissed when I walked out the door and paced around the yard.

    I knew I had to go back inside but I just couldn't right now, I needed to calm down before I went in there. I kept walking around and I just couldn't bring myself to and I didn't think I was in the wrong here.

    Maybe I was demanding but not being like that was getting us nowhere either and if it got her to eat and sleep and take care of herself I didn't care right now, she was mine and I would make sure she was taken care of. I'd rather she be okay and pissed than what she's been doing.

    I stood still and took deep breaths before I decided I should go and talk to her.

    When I went in she was sitting at the edge of the bed, I know she knew I was here but she didn't say anything.

    "I'm not going to apologize for trying to take care of you." I told her and she sighed and looked up at me.

    "I know and I don't expect you too." she looked so torn right now

    "Then what do you expect?" I asked her and she gave me a small smile

    "To be a pain in my ass."

    "That can be arranged." I winked at her and she rolled her eyes

    "I know who you are Chase. I've known you my whole life. I know who you are as a friend, how protective of me you've always been and I know how you were as a boyfriend. I know exactly who I'm marrying and I expect just what I got." She told me and she stood up and wrapped her arms around me.

    "I love you." I told her in case I didn't say it enough.

    "I know and this is what I expect to you. You've always taken care of me Chase, through the break-ups, my parents, the baby and just everything. You always take care of me and I don't deserve it."

    "Don't say that baby." I ran my thumb over her cheek and she shook her head sadly.

    "I haven't been thinking about you like I should have. When we started sleeping together I blamed it on you and I was trying to do the right thing by Riley but I was also scared. When we lost the baby I yelled at you because I was hurt and I'm so sorry I took things out on you."

    "I can take it." I told her because I could. Losing that baby hurt me too, It hurts all fathers but not in the ways it hurts a mother. I'm not saying it's less, it's just different.

    "But you shouldn't have to. You aren't my emotional punching bag Chase, you shouldn't have to take it, I should have just told you how I was feeling and let you help me and I didn't." I hated seeing her upset, I always have and this was just killing me right now. I hated this topic.

    "You were hurting."

    "And so were you." she argued and I laid down in bed with her and she curled up with me. it was easier for her to talk when she could look away, she was never great with emotions and I just appreciate her trying.

    "Yeah well we'll figure it out."

    "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to not eat or not sleep it just happened and the mistake was your fault but I shouldn't have blamed you for my decisions." I loved this side of her, the vulnerability.

    "I let it go before because you were stressing out and I didn't want to make it worse but you can be damn sure I'm not going to let that happened again, I'm not making that mistake twice." I wasn't going to budge on that.

    "Okay. I'll be home every night." She agreed and I nodded

    "Thank you, I just need to know you're safe." I held tighter to her

    "I know. I'm sorry, I love you."

    "I love you too baby but you need to sleep more because I'm not kidding, you aren't going to work tomorrow." She huffed in frustration but she didn't argue with me this time and I was glad because I didn't want to argue with her anymore.

    It shouldn't be like this and I was tired of fighting with her, I just wanted her to be happy and us to be happy. She thankfully fell asleep easily even though she's been sleeping all day and I went to bed to because she was going to fight me in the morning to go to work and I was too damn tired.

    So how many of you out there have been waiting for him to say something about her childish at times behavior and for her to admit she was wrong from the last book?
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